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  1. I have Juturna and On Letting Go for sale. I'm in Australia though.
  2. That's fucking horrible. Glad OG press will hold value.
  3. In South Australia. Shipping around Aus is roughly $10-$15. Isles and Glaciers - Hearts Of Lonely People (White) OFFER Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Glow in the dark /500) OFFER Alexisonfire - iTunes Originals $35 Alexisonfire - Mathsheet Demos SEALED $20 Circa Survive - On Letting Go (Purple Marble) SEALED $45 Circa Survive - Juturna (Transparent Red) SEALED $45 Thursday - A City By The Light Divided (HT Press) SEALED $35 Thursday - War All The Time (HT Press) $30 City and Colour - Sometimes (Holiday pressing Red and Green /300) $50 Also have a 1st press Alexisonfire Boxset I might sell.
  4. http://store.flightfacilities.com/collections/frontpage/products/down-to-earth-2lp KEEN!
  5. This shit is fucked up. http://noisey.vice.com/en_uk/blog/banks-fans-are-really-pissed-off-that-waiting-game-is-on-neon-jungles-debut-album?utm_source=noiseyfbanz "People keep asking why I let Neon Jungle put my song "Waiting Game" on their album when my album has yet to come out. The answer is I was never asked. I was as shocked as you to see this song made up of my own heartbeats on their album. A song that was born from my real life, my real heartache, my real fingertips when I was at one of the most confusing times in my life. How strange it is to see it used on someone else's album before it even comes out on mine. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. Like my own thoughts were stolen from me and sold as someone elses. I am a new artist and new to this business and I am told it is legal. But it feels really icky. I guess I can only hope Waiting Game means as much to Neon Jungle as it did to me when I wrote it....... BANKS"
  6. Just finished campaign for Watch Dogs, not sure if it lived up to the hype or not. Still enjoyed it.