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  1. holy shit this is the first time I've logged in since November '19. time flies, good god

  2. Why in the hell did my username revert back to the one I signed up with? I changed it for a reason, god dammit.

    1. Aych


      All is well with the world.

  3. Aside from taking pills and getting a real job somehow, what's the best way to stop feeling gross and useless?

    1. caninesapien


      go for a run and write a story

  4. I don't even care about the snow, I just want a day off tomorrow but it's probably not gonna happen.

  5. My new year's resolution is to see more stand-up comedy shows in 2015 because they're hella fun.

  6. If anyone in the ATL area is looking for New Junk Aesthetic, Criminal has a copy on black vinyl in the used bins as of yesterday afternoon.

  7. Someone who lives close to me should come look through my collection and then give me money for some of them

    1. tokimedo


      where do you live

    2. Aych


      Like an hour from ATL

  8. This is my last full week of college ever. Beyond psyched.

    1. THE_James_Champ


      congrats! my lady graduates next week too.

    2. abovetheearth


      my brother gave me the best advice years ago that will never leave my memories. he said "stay in college forever."

  9. Next week is the last week-long Thanksgiving break I'll ever get, ever. Gotta make it count.

  10. Spending a lot of money on fun stuff is simultaneously hella fun and terrifying.

  11. I have nine days to watch the first three seasons of Falling Skies in their entirety. How's that for summer homework?

  12. Why do Reese's Puffs taste so good?

    1. bigbruise


      Because you're a fat ass.

    2. Aych


      The truth hurts

  13. There are ten empty Diet Dr Pepper cans on my desk that weren't there three days ago. I'm gonna die of aspartame poisioning

  14. I bought new boxers because my dryer broke and I didn't feel like going somewhere else to do my laundry.

    1. JoToRoBo


      Man, pushed laundry day off too many days, I am down to boxers two sizes too small. It's been a bad day.

  15. Waiting to write my ten-page final paper until the night before it's due was the best idea I've ever had.

    1. Out of Breath Records

      Out of Breath Records

      thats when the inspiration comes

  16. Keep my opinions to yourself

  17. lazylabrador finally made their way to VC. I'm actually totally cool with that, because anything they get involved in is going to be hella fun to read.

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    2. Derek™


      ↑ Never gets old.

    3. Derek™


      Man, that photo. The expression on her face. "I don't know what the fuck these are but people give me a lotta' money for 'em!"

    4. Derek™


      "Loren has ordered more from us than any other person(disclaimer: this is not a prerequisite to be chosen collector of the month). It isn’t uncommon for her to order all 4 colors of a vinyl release or multiple copies of some really rare title" – no shit. You think?

  18. I am completely exhausted. But apparently not exhausted enough to go to bed before 2am

  19. My summer classes start next week. *groans until next week*

  20. Destroy the Mens Rights Movement!

  21. People die, I don't care; you should see the wall of ambivalence I'm building. I got no love for the living.

    1. JoToRoBo


      Thread count - high

      Commissions - high

      Hourly rates - high

      A minute of your time?

      Forget about it

  22. Cooked dinner. Picked up plate. Plate slipped out of hand. Half of dinner spilled onto floor/stovetop.

    1. Fairmount


      I felt the need to apologize. Losing food is one of the worst feelings... All my blessings man. All my blessings.

  23. Bless Mtn Dew for FINALLY bottling Baja Blast.

    1. kamalatapes


      HOLY SHIT hell yes

    2. SpazzyMcGee


      crying tears of joy

  24. 24 hours and one final exam separate me from being done with this semester. That's 24 hours and one final exam too many.

  25. This entire semester has caused me nothing but stress and anxiety. Fuck it, I'm glad it's over.


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