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  1. Looking for this records: Jeff Rosenstock - Summer 7" Classics Of Love - Walking in Shadows EP (any color) BTMI / The Slackers - Ska is Dead 7" Rick Johnson / BTMI - Presidents Day
  2. I was watching if Bruce Lee Band 7" was still up and I find this!!! Ordered so fast that I already forgot which variant I choosed.
  3. Star Fucking Hipsters, Morning Glory, Capdown, The 241ers.. http://www.ebay.com/usr/83demis555
  4. Great! Slackers will be here next month and I'd love to get IWC signed by them.
  5. given that you are waiting just the toasters, the other records have already been shipped?
  6. Has anyone won anything on ebay from "orsomethingnow"? He listed a few records last week, everything got sold but he has still 0 feedback. I won a 7" and it's 10 days I'm waiting for a shipping quote.
  7. They added two new rewards. The Whatevski grab bag is pretty yummy, I wish I had all that money.
  8. I don't get the simplicity to download online images when you have a camera in your hands.
  9. Yeah, it's in Jay's package. It's weird but it costs $2 more than if you buy the records separately, at least they should have put the colored Wasted Days in. I didn't buy the 12" EP just because it was too much money in one shot, I hope I can get it on their Europe tour.
  10. Am I the only who ordered the 7"? When I pledged it said 46 of 50 left but now it looks like only one has been ordered.

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