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  1. markok

    Any fix for this damage?

    Judging by the picture - you cant fix this, sorry.
  2. Ryan Adams - 1989 https://www.amazon.com/1989-Ryan-Adams/dp/B015YRMZ2Y/ref=sr_1_4_twi_lp__1?ie=UTF8&qid=1513955920&sr=8-4&keywords=ryan+adams+vinyl 12,59 USD. Lowest it has ever been, I think.
  3. markok

    PO: Boris - Dear

    Akuma No Uta repress would be great indeed.
  4. You guys do understand that most probably you are not paying for the manufacturing but for the re-working of the album? They are not touring for this thing, so how do they get their "investment" back?
  5. Which press are you exactly talking about (discogs link)? I have the EU press and its very decent.
  6. I think must be temporary since this is their old way of packaging - my first records ordered from amazon arrived like this and that was 10 years ago.
  7. Are we still waiting for the reissues? My local record store is supposedly getting Broken, TDS, The Fragile and the new EP this friday.
  8. Great news, hopefully all of these are pressed at Pallas or at least MPO in the EU. And hopefully Year Zero is 45RPM and on all four sides. Cant find the European store. Anyone care to help?
  9. I havent done any comparisons but the mp3-s I have right now seem a lot more brickwalled than the previous two youtube videos - dont know why did they go through the trouble recording it live when it still sounds like crap with this kind of mastering. Im afraid the vinyl wont be any improvement, since I think NB hasnt done special vinyl masterings for any of their recent releases.
  10. UMe is Universal Music Europe? If it is, most of my UMe records are pressed at GZ.
  11. markok

    Mike Patton - "Mondo Cane" vinyl re-issue

    Ok, according to discogs the vinyl is a different cut, but no informatiom on the artwork - die-cut like the first press or not?
  12. markok

    Mike Patton - "Mondo Cane" vinyl re-issue

    Is it exactly the same as the original?
  13. markok

    PO Now: Gojira - Magma

    Bought the EU vinyl today, sounds great, I would even call this audiophile quality.