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  1. LPancakes

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Passionately oppose sexual assault/ subsequent victim blaming = SJW smdh
  2. LPancakes

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    damn, i checked the UK store but couldnt find it for some reason so ordered from the US if anyone in the UK happened to get an extra copy of the splatter variant that they dont need anymore please HMU!! got stuff by phoebe bridgers, boygenius, bright eyes etc that i can trade
  3. LPancakes

    UK vinyl deals

    not necessarily a mega deal but this is the pink variant of weezer - the blue album (doesn't say so on the listing but i had a feeling it was and it came in the post today) https://store.hmv.com/music/vinyl/the-blue-album-(1)
  4. LPancakes

    UK vinyl deals

    no worries! yeah i came close to pre ordering at about £55 but like you just couldn't do it
  5. LPancakes

    UK vinyl deals

    https://www.dodax.it/it-it/musica-cd-dvd-vinili/classic-rock/fleet-foxes-first-collection-2006-2009-dp96K75HUHJR3/ i just got this in the post from dodax france and it is infact the vinyl. free shipping in europe, crazy deal
  6. LPancakes

    PO: Alk3 - Goddamnit Picture Disc

    anyone know if any uk/euro distros getting this? i think im in the minority who love picture discs
  7. will buy anything phoebe bridgers
  8. I ordered shortly after seeing your post and got a cancellation as well bummer
  9. LPancakes

    UK vinyl deals

    just got this in the post from amazon germany, the postal service - give up deluxe 10th anniversary 3LP. came to £12.45. its a really nice package, although took a while to get here https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00BB5OJV4?ref_=pe_3044161_248799201_302_E_DDE_dt_1
  10. LPancakes

    FS: Brand New/Thrice/Alk3/Northstar/SoCo/Lydia

    hi, are you based in the UK? and would you be interested in a trade? cheers!
  11. Man that phoebe bridgers song is next level good, plus she actually played it at the end of her Manchester set on Sunday. Absolute quality
  12. i just ordered a colour variant from the UK store, but it doesn't specify if its the tri-colour edit: its been updated to tri-colour
  13. I check this site like 5 times a day how tf did I miss this
  14. my box set arrived in the UK yesterday. also the individual albums have turned up for pre-order at banquet records