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  1. I voted but the test press bundle came to something like £136 to the UK (not including customs fees) so I couldn’t do it. I love relient k so much but it’s so hard to get any of their records over here
  2. they're right to be fair. they're voting with their wallets because they don't want to support the label
  3. says in the description "not demo track listing" so confusion continues
  4. ive got a pre-order from 2 places just in case one falls through so if i get both ill be up for this
  5. Wow that’ll be the end of international shipping then. I actually just gave up on an order from fatbeats as the shipping for 3 lps came to like $70 so looks like some retailers are already adjusting
  6. Just watched Taylor’s live on insta... album is called Lover and is romance themed. Gonna be good!! I think she said it was out August 23rd and there’s a new song out at midnight ET tonight
  7. urgh i saw bon iver at manchester arena a few years back. they brought the stage a bit closer but it was absolutely shit
  8. hi! would you be prepared to ship to the UK and if so, how much for both the city and colour flexis? thanks
  9. i discovered fates got a driver from a random comment on this board and its one of my favourite albums so whoever needs to hear this: listen to fates got a driver!
  10. Man I’m pissed about that signed CD situation. I was about 10 mins too late but some ass has 10 available for £100 each on eBay. Cost him $30 and he’s made £1000. That and shortly after I made an order there was a 25% discount has super bummed me out.