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  1. do you guys have any of the hellogoodbye eps left over? slept on them like an idiot
  2. i cancelled my membership in august but before that i never had a customs fee, there wasn't even a value on the sticker on the front of the parcel. i believe they pay the customs on your behalf and factor that into the price of the membership. i don't know if that's changed though
  3. just added 1 to cart from POS and indie vinyl den and the shipping to UK is $28 and $33 respectively. this sounds super high for a 7", has shipping gone up over there recently?
  4. tegan and sara - con x: covers £6.18 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sara-Tegan-Con-X-Covers-New-Vinyl-LP/132439010835?epid=7010673394&hash=item1ed5faee13:g:ms4AAOSwi4laXRD- jamie t - trick £6.23 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jamie-T-Trick-New-Vinyl-LP-UK-Import/133079543181?epid=1677604195&hash=item1efc28ad8d:g:9aAAAOSwgwFc~qoz its also buy 3 get 15% off at All Your Music so if you can find another around that price (i got an extra t & s for a prezzie) it comes out about £5.25 each * i think theres 20% off music magpie as well using code PLENTIFUL, but ive not tried that yet ** and its 2 for £25 on selected vinyl in store at HMV
  5. I think there’s multiple places in the US that have this. Barnes and noble, merchar etc
  6. I voted but the test press bundle came to something like £136 to the UK (not including customs fees) so I couldn’t do it. I love relient k so much but it’s so hard to get any of their records over here
  7. they're right to be fair. they're voting with their wallets because they don't want to support the label
  8. says in the description "not demo track listing" so confusion continues
  9. ive got a pre-order from 2 places just in case one falls through so if i get both ill be up for this

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