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  1. daaaaaaaaang my copy of the first pressing just showed up today out of nowhere. no shipping confirmation or anything. it came with a free slip mat with the skeleton head print on it. at least there was something extra I didn’t expect, that was a cool surprise. haven’t spun it yet, but everything looks good.
  2. The Classic Symptoms Of A Broken Spirit / out October 21t, 2022 on Epitaph Records Tracklist: 1. deep fake 2. tear gas 3. spit the bone 4. burn down my house 5. living is killing us 6. when we were young 7. doomscrolling 8. born again pessimist 9. a new moral low ground 10. all the love in the world 11. be very afraid US: clear w/ red smoke (500) clear w/ yellow & purple splatter (1000) clear (500) - revolver / brooklyn vegan / the hard times black UK/EU: purple & pink galaxy (1000) blue & white galaxy (1000) blue & pink galaxy (1000) clear & black galaxy (500) eco mix - banquet records / rough trade / resident music black - banquet records / rough trade / resident music / impericon / EMP AU: eco mix - jb hi-fi / artist first black - jb hi-fi / artist first clear w/ yellow & purple splatter
  3. the order confirmation page said you would get an email from paypal for the transaction, then they will send another email once it ships. no email confirmation from people of punk rock directly.
  4. disagreed, but to each their own. stoked to finally have these on vinyl.
  5. It's all up. That was super easy - went with a splatter combo!
  6. yeah, there is definitely autotune on his voice. they didn't utilize it back in the day, so that is why it is sounding different. the penny black record is a perfect example - regardless, I do dig the song as a whole and am looking forward to hearing more!
  7. Thoroughly enjoyed this while I was working today. I feel like they chose some great songs to reimagine.