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  1. Just got this guy in the mail today, and I sold off my collection here a couple of months ago so have no reason to hold on to it. PM me offers! Side A: Desire(Acoustic) Side B: Halloween(New Song) Black 7" vinyl
  2. Thanks for the input guys, I figured I was kinda up shit creek. I got a bite already from someone who's looking to do the exact trade, the police station suggestion is very smart and I'll be doing that for sure.
  3. Hey guys, VC has been my first real person-to-person selling experience, other than a few eBay sales, and if it's not too big of a pain in the ass I could use some advice. I'm looking to trade a brand new iPad 3 [64 GB/White/Wifi] for a Nexus 10 [32 GB/Wifi], but have no idea where the best place to do this is. Does anyone know of a designated electronics trading community, such as VC is for records? I know it's a longshot as electronics aren't quite a traders commodity, but id like to avoid outright selling it if possible. I've already put up the local Craigslist ad and such. Thank you to anyone that can help!
  4. Bumping because my paycheck is 5 days late and that's a bad time!
  5. Bump, all for 130 or best offer. Offers must include 15-20 for shipping.
  6. Test press is now $60 plus $5 shipping. This is the lowest I will go on it.
  7. Bumping, all orders are shipped and all feedback has been given as of today. I dropped the test press to $80, and will do the whole lot for $125 (shipping is on you in this instance)
  8. One more sold, I will do all of these for $150 plus shipping costs if anyone is interested in picking up the lot.
  9. All great/prompt buyers! andylikescats MikeTFish fartsandwich Chobble jonrawks beardxcore kbrannon10 mitchard nancy_raygun Capnzissou mytrainwreck SwiftCat nardes

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