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  1. Pre-Order is up, only $17.99 (no word on to what this is limited to yet) http://www.kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/view/?id=6768&cid=19
  2. My local store has these, but you need to pre order the regular version. They didn't have any info on the deluxe. It's $22.99 + tax if anyone is interested, they had 6 left today.
  3. My store has 10 guardians cassettes. $12 plus tax plus shipping. They close in an hour. Hit me up if interested.
  4. My store has 10 of these right now. $12 + tax. They close in am hour. If you want one hit me up I'll pick it up at cost + shipping
  5. My buddy ordered 2 extra and is selling these at cost. He has his in already. $33 + shipping. If anyone is interested hit me up.
  6. My local store just got one in. They are asking $100. It's in NM condition. They put it on hold for me until end of day tomorrow. OK with tax and shipping this would be $115. PM me if you want this.
  7. Everywhere I see, it includes the cd. So i doubt it's a boot
  8. This is available almost everywhere. From about $22-$26 depending where you go to buy it.
  9. I got that Danger Doom for $5 last yearFound MBV - Loveless for $5 a few months ago And recently got Passion Pit - Manners for $10
  10. Urban presses usually between 500-1000 of each release from what I know of. The Lana Del Rey may have been more.
  11. Good luck. I finally found one at a local store for $20, but the cover was a bit worn.

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