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  1. Birds picked up yet another duck this morning.
  2. Yeah they're swapping first round picks and philly get a conditional pick as well. I also read that the jets have interest in Bradford so it seems like a stepping stone trade to then move Bradford and 10th (and likely something else) to the jets for that 6th pick. But who knows what the hell is going on here in Philly honestly
  3. Saw this guy at the golden tea house (RIP) in Philly. He's FANTASTIC live. I need to see him again soon
  4. Hey guys. Wish I was more knowledgeable about the sensor/scanner talk above ^ I had an Epson scanner at one point and tried scanning my negatives but it wasn't working for me. So I still just let my local photo shop do my scans. Anyway, I got some film developed from one of my recent explores at an abandoned brewery. I'm really into abandoned spaces. Particularly for the lighting. Shot these on my Pentax K1000 my dad gave me.
  5. Thank you all! This double exposure is really sweet. Need to look into learning about this
  6. Long time lurker in this thread. Recently went to an abandoned power plant on a really foggy day. I found it challenging to shoot but I'm still just learning. happy with my results though. Any critiques/suggestions are welcome.
  7. I had the same items in my order. Also only received one joyride in the package. Paid for two, got one. Gonna email them later. Ugh
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Will make a nice gift for the holidays.