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  1. towerfalls

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    new Vile Creature song streaming at invisible oranges, LP/Tape pre-order up too! Atmospheric doom from canada! http://www.invisibleoranges.com/vile-creature/
  2. two piece from Hamilton, Ontario. Lush, driving doom metal. First track premiered yesterday and features Chris Colohan from Cursed. You can hear it here: http://www.invisibleoranges.com/vile-creature LP Info: 500 Copies 300 – black 100 – black & gold (UK) 100 – clear & gold (USA) Comes with a 16 page booklet. USA/CANADA via Halo of Flies: tinyurl.com/haloofflies UK/EUROPE via Dry Cough: tinyurl.com/drycoughPO
  3. figured i'd mention that my band, vile creature, just put our cassette out! music grade tapes in a velvet drawstring bag with a zine inside. we made 200 and i am really excited at how they came out! http://vilecreature.bandcamp.com- free download of the record http://vilecreature.bigcartel.com- cassette available here in canada/europe and USA here http://brokenlimbsrecordings.com- cassette available in USA for cheaper shipping here
  4. towerfalls

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    thanks buddy! miss ya a bunch, hope you've been well!
  5. towerfalls

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    we use queer as a means to describe our music because we are apart of the queer community, and the subject matter of the songs pertains to the issues associated with growing up as a queer / trans person. while queer was used as a slur in the 70s-80s, it has almost wholly been reclaimed as a positive term meant to describe sexuality. gay and lesbian largely define as "man attracted to a man" and "woman attracted to a woman", queer encompasses attraction to all genders, including gender-neutral, agendered, and trans persons. mostly, we are a doom band with a political sentiment and a healthy love for thou, mouth of the architect, and a plethora of others. we want to be inclusive of everyone, but find it important to be up front about our political / personal sentiments. hope that cleared any confusion up for you, and mostly, hope you enjoy the tunes!
  6. towerfalls

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    thought i'd post this here, this is my band, vile creature. we put our record on bandcamp for free/donations today and are doing vinyl/cassettes for our tour in may. queer doom/sludge metal. http://vilecreature.bandcamp.com
  7. Canon Rebel XS DSLR - $400 OBO really great DSLR camera, used very gently and in amazing condition. still have the box and all the manuals. included also: - 18-55mm Lens - full fisheye / wide angle lens addon ($100 extra usually) - 32gb SD card ($40 extra) - battery and charger Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens - $100 used twice and kept in box otherwise, this is an amazing lens for low light portraits, where you blur the background but keep the subject in focus./ i am also including a lens hood that cost an extra $30! Sony HDR-CX150 Full HD Video Cam - $350 OBO awesome full 1080p HD video cam, all you do is open the view screen and press record, super great for on the fly recording. i am also including: - wide angle lens ($140 extra usually) - lens filters for UV / etc. - a camera bag
  8. towerfalls

    Minus the Bear Fall Tour

    i will absolutely be at the fort lauderdale show, this is a dream tour for me... i love minus the bear, and cursive is one of those bands i have always loved but never really seen... well... i saw them open for bright eyes in atlanta and they were terrible, so im not counting it and hoping the giant venue and fill in drummer made them play in 1/2 time, so i am considering this my first real time seeing them.
  9. towerfalls

    Introduce Yourself!

    Real name: kylewilliam Favorite Bands: baroness, mewithoutyou, the hold steady What's your Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr etc.?: none Hobbies (outside of record collecting): woodworking, mechanics, sewing, baking Play in a band? Run a record label? Link us!: http://www.steelarrow.org http://thetwofunerals.bandcamp.com Random things you want us to know about you: totally posted here for years, then de-internet'd myself. now i am back. woo!
  10. July 13 - Providence, RI @ Squidamps (w/ weak teeth, email [email protected] for address/directions) July 14 - New Brunswick, NJ @ CLITfest (w/ Screaming Females, Shellshag) July 15 - Allston, MA @ Trouble Ahead (w/ Silver Suffer, Places We Slept, + a Suprise Guest!) July 16 - Connecticut somewhere (if you feel like helping, let a brother know) Boys Club, our one-sided LP, is out on rorshach records now and on sale for 6$! http://rorschachrecords.bandcamp.com/ http://thetwofunerals.bandcamp.com/ http://www.thetwofunerals.com cheers! kw