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  1. Unfortunate that no one is willing to help out with this issue..
  2. Anyone have or know of any waxwork records discounts?
  3. Yall had me excited for a second but now I'm just laughing. 5 years???
  4. Got the red/white deluxe and the red splatter. Fingers crossed I’m not waiting as long for this order.
  5. I’m down for sure! Got so many records just sitting there and waiting to be played. PM me and I’ll get something together for her.
  6. If those boots weren't $80+ I'd pull the trigger. I had 10,000 Days on a 2xlp Red bootleg and it was one of my best sounding records.
  7. I check emails alot for work when I'm in the field so it's easier for me to read a quick email with a new comment than to get on chrome and see what's going on. It's helped me nab alot of releases I would have missed otherwise.
  8. I've been trying to get this issue fixed for like 2 months now. I'm not getting any emails at all from VC. Tried everything with my Gmail account and the settings with my VC account but no luck. No emails for new content or posts on threads I'm following.
  9. I have a galaxy mix if someone would rather pull the trigger on it.
  10. This album is one of Joey's best. Can't get over how good it is. Thought the green vinyl turned out kind of eh compared to the mock-up but at least it's better than any of the other variants. I'm just not a big fan of half and half.
  11. Didn't preorder due to finances but damn this album is already killer and I'm only on track 3.
  12. Just give me a vinyl release and I'll be happy. It could be a basic 180g black gatefold with no special shit and I'd be over the moon. Album is killer and I just want to play it on my table. Also, got to see them open the tour at Denver and my God was it a special show. First time seeing them and they were amazing.
  13. Nice to see Matt back 😀😀 I'll hold off for a little while until more is announced. Most of my other Caspian records are a splatter variant so I'll probably follow that trend.
  14. Didn't want to post a new topic about this but I'm experiencing the same issue for the past 2-3 weeks. I've tried changing settings and all that but still not getting emails for posts on threads that I am supposed to be notified about.
  15. Anyone miss out on the RFC exclusive and need a copy? $20ppd in the states and it's yours. Got the pinwheel variant and like it much better. Just PM me.
  16. Kind of eating my words on this album. If you can get passed the cringe lyrics this album is actually pretty good. It's short but every time a song comes on my Spotify, I find myself enjoying it a lot more than I expected.
  17. Not in love with it after first listen but it's better than their previous. Still no PV obviously. It's just not much to be excited about. Pretty forgettable.
  18. I gotcha now. That's the actual album cover. The whole album is on Spotify.
  19. It looks like a 7" to me. I could def be wrong though.