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  1. Would anyone have a copy of Up they are looking to move? I have lots of mondo stuff to trade if anyone is interested.
  2. Damn did not expect this. Now we need an actual Channel Orange pressing.
  3. Wow very surprised that the Emery record sold out. Guess that makes the decision easier on not pulling the trigger
  4. Might spring for ISSWS. I don’t love either variant but it’d be nice to have.
  5. I was just talking about this with buds the other day. Glad they are doing a deluxe with both eps because I never grabbed either. They’ve always been great about getting their fans the stuff they want and pressing music for all to have a chance at.
  6. This is a major disappointment unfortunately. Not surprised after the first 2 singles that came out. Strongest tracks are at the very back end of the album and even they arent amazing. Very uninspired to me.
  7. Wow, um that’s a song for sure. There seems to be a lot of good stuff happening but it just feels thrown together and it’s not working for me.
  8. Yeah…vocals are so weird here. It doesn’t even sound like Ben to me. Guitar work is great though. Probably waiting to order for this one unfortunately
  9. Good god that song is so good. I’ll rewind the intro to hear it again on most new episodes. Not spending on vinyl atm unfortunately.
  10. That pressing is amazing. Too bad the album is just okay 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Wow. Never ever thought this would get pressed! In for a coke bottle. put the album on for this occasion and I’m always blown away by that opener.
  12. Happy I’m not alone in this. I know it’s silly to complain about. I don’t care that bands curse, I also curse. It’s just a weird thing in a decent song and it just breaks the immersion of what’s happening. At least change it up a bit and do a quick “fuck” or a shit or a damn. Idk just stop using fucking every other song and using it 3-4 times in one song. It’s just annoying me.
  13. Making up for all those non explicit albums they released 😆
  14. Album is decent. Better than erase me (which isn’t hard to do). The heavy parts are so good. The experimental/post rock elements are really well done too. I’ve always said UO would be a great instrumental band. Always love that side of things. What’s up with their fascination with saying “fucking” on this record. Like we get it, you aren’t a Christian band anymore. I just find it really annoying and juvenile.
  15. Remember folks, they did this with the last album. Had the cd deluxe up but no vinyl deluxe for a bit. Not sure if why they are doing it that way..
  16. Is that the actual album art? I’m not liking that at all. Looks like a bad movie poster.
  17. Damn, twist sold out before I woke up. Sad about it. Got the splatter.

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