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  1. Damn, twist sold out before I woke up. Sad about it. Got the splatter.
  2. This is probably going to be the first circa release I don’t blindly preorder. That song was pretty boring. I’ll wait to hear the full EP.
  3. Not sure if it’s because I’m on mobile or not but this isn’t loading at all for me. Anywhere else to see the variant? nvm. Found it on Instagram
  4. Take out the first 3 min and leave the last 4 and it’s a great track. It’s not terrible and could work well as the album closer. I’ll wait for the rest to judge it more. side note. Has anyone else noticed Aaron’s voice change from a few years back that he’s kept? It started with his solo stuff and I can’t stand it. He just sings different on his parts compared to previous UO records. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it bothers the hell out of me. His last solo album was murdered by it.
  5. Y’all saying you couldn’t get into Parallel Lives have me scratching my head. It’s fantastic. This song feels like a great blend of Bloom and Breathe and PL. Instrumentals like B&B and lyrical/voice direction of PL. Song is pretty much perfect and only getting better each time I listen to it. Also, Gates has this really great way of making me feel like their music is a physical representation of my thoughts and feelings. It’s always an emotional experience for me. Hard to describe but maybe some others feel the same.
  6. Dangit. No letterpress variant to match the rest. Maybe the tour variant will have it. new song is great!
  7. Gotta be honest. I did not expect Burred In The Sun to come from this band after their last 2 albums. This rules so far. Edit: Holy shit, Dandelion Wine is *chefs kiss*
  8. Looks like she watched some Kill Bill before she made the movie. I’m diggin it.
  9. Yup, just ordered the half and half. $30 shipped isn’t too bad.
  10. Been waiting very impatiently for this album. Golden Hour is probably too 10 all time album for me. will probably just go with a stand alone record though. $125 is too steep for me right now.
  11. That new song is freaking great! Feels like a combination of all the great SF eras. A little heavy and a little Still Searching.
  12. We made it to another AGBPOL album! This feels like such a long time coming. Jamming it now!
  13. Yup, new song is great. I liked it way more than the first single.
  14. I’m still deciding how I feel about it. Need to listen another 3-4 times. I’ve got an 8 hour drive to Denver today so pretty perfect timing for that. As far as first impressions go I’m leaning towards Bailystok being my favorite track right now. Surprisingly the singles are the stronger songs on the album imo. I wouldn’t say this is up their with Nearer My God or Dealer but it’s probably better than The Albatross. I only say that because of the experience and maturity in song writing. At Least We Found The Floor sounds like their best take on a The National song. I’d say it’s good but not my favorite. It’s not terrible like some were expecting after the singles. Edit: Surprisingly Speak With The Dead is the best song in the context of the album and I DID NOT like that song very much until now. I think I would have enjoyed a whole album in the vein of that song more than this.
  15. Picked up and egg drop and the deluxe. Really wanted some of those tees and a hoodie too but decided to pass.
  16. Ritual 5 and the last one (6) are out. Haven’t really bothered much with the last one yet. #5 was a moon phase puzzle and it unlocked a new song and video on YT but it was all backwards. Diving into #6 soon. Edit: scratch that. #6 hasn’t been released but the “final test” has been. Not sure why but here it is. https://drawdownthemoon.org/moondrawn/
  17. My first thought was that it had a very Disambiguation sound to it. I loved that album too. Someone on YT said this song sounded like all of their albums combined into one and I would heavily agree with that. I think UO is best at their heaviest. Hoping they lean into that more with this album. Edit: I can’t wait for the “this is a Christian band” crowd to come out and be up in arms about how many times Spencer says fuck. Also, I think Tim is a brilliant guitar player.

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