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  1. Got my splatter last week. Sounds great, looks cool.
  2. OPN, Sakamoto, Sandy and Lexapro are some of my fav things so I am very very in.
  3. Some updates about the band/Evan: https://pitchfork.com/features/article/reckoning-with-pinegrove Apparently the new LP comes out on the 28th of September?
  4. If they literally just pressed the leaked demos as they were mastered (or unmastered) I'd buy it in an instant.
  5. erthan


    I wish someone would repress this
  6. erthan

    Rare Vinyl in Poor Condition

    I wouldn’t buy a rare record that didn’t play well, but I’ve bought old jazz/classical records with typical holes punched and corners cut (aka 80s dollar bin rex) for a hell of a lot less than they’d go for on Discogs.
  7. Damn I’m super bummed I missed the test press/screen prints. This is one of my all time favourite albums but idk if I need another standard press of it.
  8. erthan

    intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    Which you paid... And you have no idea what percentage of that was "handling". I'm not saying it isn't a dick move to promise to refund shipping and then not but it's also completely a good-will move for them to do so and I sincerely doubt Paypal is going to side with you just because you -think- you overpaid on shipping fees. Anyway I finally just got my Athletics shipping notification so I'm happy.
  9. erthan

    intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    If you want a refund there are other ways of getting your money back. Demanding a partial refund on shipping because someone thinks shipping cost too much after the fact is so absurd and entitled.
  10. erthan

    intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    That’ll really stick it to this small independent label.
  11. Bummer the alternate artwork doesn’t include the second disc. Not much point in buying it when it seems like the remastered 2LP will see a reasonably wide release.
  12. So based on how many people didn’t get their copies of the Formlessness Redux or KEXP (myself included), it seems like they’re selling records that someone else already purchased and were never sent? Classy.
  13. The new Otto A Totland LP is now up on Sonic Pieces listed as "coming soon".