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  1. Selling my 69 love songs 10" box thing. It's heavy so shipping drove the price up a lil but I'm asking $140ppd in the US. SOLD
  2. Selling a mint condition 2nd pressing (100 made) copy of 'Bored By Heaven'. Includes insert material. $60ppd in the US. Or, for $85ppd in the US I will throw in a signed copy of Wes' zine 'Depressed Skull'. Only 400 of these were ever made. No non-US buyers. Thanks.
  3. Selling three pieces of TMBG vinyl Lincoln The Flood Factory Showroom Would prefer to sell as a lot. All three for $55ppd in the US. Only want one or two? Then make an offer on what you want. No non-US buyers, thanks.
  4. nope didn't get the item back and blocked you because i was advised to do so by a mod on this board.
  5. Excited for this. You can stream two songs over at their bandcamp http://andrewjacksonjihad.bandcamp.com
  6. you are correct. the buyer didn't pay or want to pay for an actual tracking number. to add one on this shipment would have been an extra $17 out of my pocket. I was under the impression that since the customs form # showed up on the USPS tracking site it would be good enough, but it only shows what happens in the US. Once it crosses the border there aren't any more updates. I still have the customs form and the shipping receipt. I also informed the buyer at the time of shipment
  7. My side? I shipped item. Customs info shows it entering Canada. Buyer files PayPal dispute. PayPal tells me customs tracking info isn't good enough to refute his claim. So, I cut to the chase and gave him a refund. Didn't drag anything out or do anything besides resolve it immediately. And yea, small sample size with one of the two negatives I have being this buyer. Now I'm out the $ and the item. I've had plenty more sales than the ones I have feedback for. Unfortunately most casual users don't bother leaving positive feedback. quote name="minor incident" post="1590528" timestamp="1375302949"] (Yes, small sample size and all that, but you know what I'm saying)
  8. yup, have good feedback because i'm not a scammer.
  9. selling a copy of the Urban Outfitters version of the Perks Of Being A Wallflower soundtrack. Never been played. $26ppd in the US. SOLD
  10. So, I've decided to part with my copy of the Patent Pending 7" vinyl to buy a want I've been after for a while. $35ppd in the US. Mint condition. Never played. Ships within 24 hours of payment via USPS with tracking. Let me know if you're interested. SOLD
  11. hey everybody. a good friend of mine named Tim lost his house and his possessions during hurricane sandy. To help him rebuild and get back on his feet we have set up this bandcamp page. the songs were recorded last feb during a taping of the cable access show i was doing at the time. thanks. http://terribletimrepresent.bandcamp.com/

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