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  1. How long after they said they would send you a replacement, did it show up in your account? They said this to me 5 days ago, but I didn't even get a confirmation, so I just followed up with them. They didn't say anything about returning the pink they sent me either, so I'm not sure what's going on with that...
  2. Ordered a teal right when the pre-order went up and they sent me a pink. Has anybody ever dealt with exchanges through the FBR store? I'm hoping they kept a few back in case of errors or damages.
  3. I'm not going to go too crazy with buying records, but I plan on taking a few mailers along just in case I have some great finds. Thanks for all of the suggestions!
  4. Banquet is definitely a must! I will put Rough Trade on the list as well. I appreciate the suggestions!
  5. I'll be in the U.K. from November 13th through the 19th. My roommate and I are coming over for the Into It. Over It. discography shows. We will be at the St. Pancras show as well as both shows at The Lexington. I wanted to see if anyone in that area has suggestions on food, record stores, or places for great beer. I'm also thinking about getting tattooed when I'm there and would love to get any tattoo shop recommendations!
  6. I purchased the Keep In Touch postcard flexi subscription in order to obtain the Into It. Over It. one. I still have the following flexis: Ava Luna - Rain Big Ups - WIDIGDOTI Mutual Benefit - Slow March TOPS - Driverless Passenger Ricky Eat Acid - Two Beautiful Ways Of Moving Your Hands I'm asking $10 each, to include PayPal fee, shipping, and the cost of mailers and supplies. PM me if interested.
  7. If anyone subscribed and doesn't want their IIOI flexi, I'm also looking for one.
  8. Anybody know where I can pick up the red variant?
  9. They also just announced a tour with Lydia and Restorations.
  10. A friend and I were talking about how it's kind of like a sequel cover to The Room's Too Cold, having the girl on the front and all.
  11. It's up on Merchnow. Lots of bundles to choose from. It looks like there's a blue variant /300 and a transparent yellow one. Also, the new song is so good, but I may be biased!
  12. At the Philly show they had shirts that had all of the cities where they played final shows. I was bummed they didn't have the tour cover for Die On Stage, though.
  13. So I didn't know which was the /29 for The Mother, The Mechanic, and The Path and didn't order it before it was gone because I never received a response to my e-mails. It's the only one I need to complete my variant collection. If someone for any reason wants to get rid of their copy, please sell or trade it to me!
  14. I missed out on buying a ticket and would really like to go to this show. If anyone has an extra ticket, I'd gladly take it off your hands for a little more than what you paid.
  15. YouVandal

    WTB List

    I have the ADTR on baby blue and NFG on white w/ red and blue splatter. PM me an offer.