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  1. Ah the good ol Hot Topic clearance says. I remember getting The Bled and La Dispute albums for super cheap back then. What a time to be alive haha.
  2. Cool cool. For some reason with this album every time it's gotten rereleased I've missed it and then I look on discogs and I'm like uhhhhh.
  3. If anyone is getting this and wants to sell the EYEWTKAS or even wants to sell an old version of the record and wants to sell for less than discogs lemme know!
  4. Both songs are so good. I really hope My Fictions has plans to put the last EP olor next release on wax, I can only do so much with a cassette lol. But yeah, I've heard Dreamwell has been killing it on this most recent tour in promotion of the new album. I just got put onto them last month and I was able to nab both albums and it's all I've been spinning lately.
  5. Do we even know if these are on hand or preorders? Also on the same label, check out Dreamwell. My AOTY.
  6. Got a Mars variant, but gotta admit that Wormhole looks cool too.
  7. Ah ok neat. I've missed the OG pressings and was super impressed by the livestream of IOaM so I'll check this out. Thanks!
  8. Are these live albums like with audience noise etc or just like the livestream they did of I'm Only a Man?
  9. Thanks for that, I decided to do the same. I also added another album (Capsize) and it didn't do the promo. Weird.
  10. Yeah I'll take a vomit off your hands if the new one is more your fancy when you recieve that!
  11. Girl wrote a whole damn paragraph. Sheesh, it's like people just order these to just look at the colors. Ever hear of ........actually listening to the album?

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