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  1. How good is deep discount? See you can still preorder there.
  2. Heh I remember ETR pressing that back then.......there's only one on discogs, that really can't be what it's selling at right??
  3. I missed all y'all lovely people too Had me seriously remembering when the OG B9 and deathwish boards went byebye and was like well, poop.
  4. Preorders. Each release's page shows when expected ship date is. March/spring 2023 is earliest anything says.
  5. Hm. I ordered via their Bandcamp but I dunno if it was through them directly or their record label Zegema Beach. I sent an email to whoever the support was through their Bandcamp so maybe whoever will get back to me.
  6. Damn, I still haven't gotten mine yet. Did you ever get a shipping notification or did it just show up.
  7. It's all good! Ever since the new year hit I've been counting down the days til I'm hoping to see Trophy Scars announce they've been received and are shipping! It's been too long lol.
  8. They said they would have them in hand guaranteed on Jan 7. Did you order the new Hidden in Plain View EP Tantrums? I did, and just yesterday got a shipping notification and the info from that shows it's coming from Bayonne.
  9. Can't see shit on dark mode but a giant block of blank space and some emojis. Looks like I dodged something.
  10. Oh wow that really IS great stuff. Ordered with the quickness.
  11. So here's the email I received back when people first reported getting them and I specifically asked them if they were giving updates or notifying when shipped because people were already getting them. "they are shipping as quickly as we are able to. tracking will automatically be emailed to you when your order ships"
  12. This is EXACTLY how mine showed up and we had really bad rain yesterday, and since the envelope is bigger than my mailbox it was left on my porch. Came home and the bottom was soaked, but luckily the actual mailer and actual record were completely dry.
  13. I mean Rich said "for a laundry list of reasons I wanted this artwork" and offered no reasons and then proceeded to pay himself on the back for "serving it back to him". Dude grow thicker skin and realize if you're a public figure and post something for the world to see, all because YOU are stoked about something it doesn't mean everyone feels the same. And all because a random fan shares their opinion doesn't mean you get to go troll their random photos lolol.

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