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  1. These already shipped/shipping? I just placed an order for a copy.
  2. I've seen some variants receive shipping notification already. Nothing for the black tho...
  3. Yeah it came straight from the bands (Maddie's) mouth so it's 100% a sure thing. It was from an early August interview so maybe sometime this year? No definite date was given. Super excited to finally have that!
  4. Yeah. I dunno why it needs a remaster, I thought it sounded perfect. It'll be interesting to see how this sounds.
  5. Also, I heard on a podcast that the first album is getting a new third pressing soon™
  6. I think it's maybe because I didn't have Prime that month. Cuz I too, ordered March 30 but Estimated Delivery says Nov 13th-Nov 14 with free shipping. But still, that's a fuckin week long difference between mine and yours sheesh.
  7. My OG preorder thru them......is set to arrive on the 14th. Hmm. I went ahead and placed another with this new update and I'm curious to see if this one is set to arrive sooner.
  8. I LOVE YOU if I could press the like button multiple multiple times I would
  9. "In hand and ready to ship" Getting PTSD of the original release......
  10. Right??? Like the first song off this new EP was great but this NEW song is spectacular. Ugh if this was 5 or 6 songs I'd justify paying the price.......it might have to take hearing the third song to decide whether or not this is really worth the price tag. We shall see.
  11. Songs fucking good as expected but still can't justify the price of three songs for $30
  12. I think I saw a Instagram? FB? post just right before they announced the breakup saying 3/4 of their albums were on vinyl and posed the question "if maybe someday, would anyone want?" 😞
  13. Do any of the covers align with As Cities Burn? Hoping more stuff starts to release or leak before the show.
  14. I can only imagine scalper prices if past box sets are anything to go by. Still bummed I missed out on the DGD and Alesana box sets....

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