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  1. Yeah this would have been an instant buy but the NFT upcharge is bullshit and completely pointless. I'll pass and hope for another pressing down the road.
  2. Noah is definitely something. Something good. Loving all these tracks.
  3. Where has this band been my entire life. New album RIPS and Title Track is getting so much play. I'm ordering the vinyl ASAP!
  4. Delayed til at least January via their instagram
  5. Shit, preordered this the other day and meant to post it here cuz it caught me off guard coming out of nowhere. But I forgot. So thanks for sharing it!
  6. Yeah the actual label closed it (no idea why) but the members created their own version called Board is Life and it feels the same.....yet not. I miss the For Sale/Trade section. As for WHEN it shut down I think it was 2027/18. https://boardislife.proboards.com/
  7. I love message boards and especially this place. After the b9 and DW inc boards shut down, this feels like the only place left.
  8. Hell yeah, this is one I've always hoped would get the vinyl treatment.
  9. DT27 gonna be a thing before we ever get news of 26
  10. Yeah was surprised to see those FATA on sale already lol
  11. Whenever I buy ANYTHING from JP within the past few years it's always DHL and within 2-3 days. It's great.
  12. Sent, and like you i of course notice your name. I haven't done MANY transactions and have been gone from this site for a hot minute and you selling me The Bled - Pass the Flask 8 YEARS ago is still one my recent inbox item 🤣
  13. PM sent. Lol it autocorrected my speckles into SPARKLES
  14. I'd be down for a Clear w/ Grimace Purple sparkles. Let me know when you need the payment!
  15. Just received an email saying it's been shipped, ordered my copy thru the bands store.