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  1. but you didn't spend $20. she did. it was a gift. one she was probably nervous about buying because she's worried you never like anything she gets for you. good luck with christmas.
  2. This sold out fast the first round… here's the second chance... http://www.mellomusicgroup.com/collections/frontpage/products/lorange-stik-figa-the-city-under-the-city-lp-v2o Product: LP (Limited Edition Orange Drop - Only 300 Pressed ) Artist: L'Orange & Stik Figa Album: The City Under The City Release Date: October 15, 2013 Album Description: You turn down a dark alley, seeking refuge from the sweltering heat of the factories that line the city streets. As you wind through a maze of alleyways, darkness falls and the sky glows a toxic orange. You hear music coming from behin
  3. Step 2: Change status of a few $10 albums that have not sold in years, yet supply is available, as "Backordered 1-2 weeks". Step 3: Clear out aging inventory.
  4. stateside... http://www.groovedis.com/shop/Mos-Def-Talib-Kweli-BLACK-STAR-DLP-p-802258.html
  5. the bootleg section 80: the quality of the jacket and albums are very much like the boot version of Watch the Throne and House of Balloons. not too bad, not too great. the jacket is a bit light, almost flimsy. looks good sitting on the shelf in a blake sleeve. there are little dimples visible throughout both albums. my copy of Watch the Throne had the same thing. it did not cause any noticeable audible issues. just an observation. makes me think that this is common trait for the output from this manufacturer. sound on the copy I received is poor. it's loud. static loud. th
  6. there is a definite correlation between Best Buy's online pricing/availability and Amazon's. perhaps it is just a result of BBY's aggressive attempt to price match. it probably works well for most consumer electronic products, but they get caught when it comes to the vinyl market. the theory of "they must have found one in the corner of the warehouse" never sounded right to me. yet somehow BBY will ship a few titles after weeks and weeks of backorders. I happily received a ship notification for an album after several repeat orders had been cancelled. it arrived in the standard BBY
  7. item backordered on best buy. item backordered on amazon, but amazon lists other sellers with a comparable price to the one listed on best buy. item will eventually ship on best buy. item backordered on best buy. item backordered on amazon, but amazon lists other sellers with a much higher price as the one listed on best buy, or no other options at all. item will never ship on best buy. they outsource their active backlog.
  8. thx. it has a great sound and minimalist look to it. I got a good deal on it from Audiogon.
  9. could be static. the sound on my copy is solid. there is one pop that is noticeable.
  10. Acoustic Research AR4's. Marantz 2275 Grant Fidelity Tube Dac-11 Marantz TT-15S1 Here's a closer shot

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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