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  1. Looking for any pressing... Just love the album. Pm me with any offers
  2. Willing to trade or sell. good prices, pm me with offers or any questions. 7 inches Strike Anywhere- live at the montage music hall /500 Soul control- silent reality EP (clear) /300 Rust Belt Lights- Long Gone...(blue) Spraynard- exton square (black) /780 LP's International superheroes of hard core- takin it ova (green,purple splatter) /1000 Mother Of Mercy- symptoms of existence (black,grey,blue swirl) /700 DYS- more than a fashion: live from the gallery east reunion (yellow /700 New Found Glory- Not Without A Fight (gray) /1200 Also i have some wants that im willing to buy or trade. Crime in Stereo- ...is dead Coheed and Cambria- second stage turbine blade Hold Tight- anything Tigers Jaw- Two Worlds Metallica- anything Converge-anything Comeback Kid- turn it around