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  1. Thanks Vega. Grabbed a copy of this. Many Thanks 🙏
  2. Taking the piss with all the variants really aren't they.
  3. Loved Beat The Champs, Goths is okay, In League With Dragons good, Songs For Pierre Chuvin very good imo.
  4. Recordstore.co.UK has less than100 copies of the clear. Ordering one puts you in draw to win test press.
  5. UK BE site has the 7" available solo, and the same bundles as US site without the big delivery charges 😄 https://brighteyes.ochre.store/release/194669-bright-eyes-persona-non-grata-flirted-with-you-all-my-life?format=570141
  6. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Down-in-the-Weeds-Where-the-World-Once-Was-Limited-Edition-Transparent-Orange-Red-Double-Vinyl-2LP-Cassette-Exclusive-Signed-Print/6KIH0000000
  7. Came here to post about the recordstore. Co. UK signed bundle. The USA colored, the cassette and a signed print for £29? Yes!
  8. Still not many. 102 is a tiny run! Kind of wish I'd went for 2 now especially with each hand pour being unique/diff colour. Maybe on the next E6 reissue. I'd be up for some Ladybug Transistor, Sunshine Fix and Beulah reissues. And the Major Organ LP & dvd.
  9. Sounds like this is just the start for E6 reissues so hopefully a lot more to come. Already have both Lps by The Gerbils so happy to kick a few extra quid their way to support the band and E6. The 'wacky' colours are a nice option in scenarios like this. Surprised there weren't more takers for it to be honest.