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  1. 3pm games aren't televised in the UK, so technically you haven't ever been
  2. 5 pts for utd and 3 for city and Arsenal and the top four is locked in unless spurs and liverpool make up a 20+ GD advantage. 2nd and the FA cup would make for a very successful season if you ask me.
  3. They had some great young players, Southampton is probably the closest to Dortmund in that respect. By "money" i mean clubs who are backed by investors i.e Man City, Chelsea, though - clubs without patience, basically. I think Guardiola is all that, granted he inherited the majority of that incredible Barca team but the way they played was down to him, 2009-2011 they were the best team i've ever watched and probably the best team most people alive now will ever see. You should read his auto-biography, i think it'll change your mind. Also it's worth noting that some managers since him have done very poorly in comparison with a relatively similar squad and further, if you're managing one of the best teams to ever play football, you're clearly going to go to a top-end team afterwards - Bayern. I would love to see him at Arsenal, still an elite team but certainly lesser then the pervious two, i think he'd be great, if he recreated what Wenger did when he joined Guardiola would have to go down as one of the best managers ever.
  4. Don't think he'll go to City, he's not an idiot, you can win the league there and get sacked. He's said in the past that teams with money like that don't interest him. Arsenal will get Guardiola.
  5. haha yeah luckily we can just wonder. Brendan Rodgers is a total fraud, got lucky off Suarez last season and completely fucked it up this season in almost every aspect, poor buys, poor man management and really poor tactics - Henderson at wing back in 3-5-2, couldn't believe our luck when they started out like that on sat.
  6. Liverpool were so shit today. Best match at the emirates this season, loved almost every minute
  7. Chelsea FC - Est 2003 Premier League teams need a winter break, it'd make a huge difference.
  8. of course they will, pretty sure this band exists to troll anyone and everyone they possibly can
  9. leaked, band have put it up for streaming on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL55Jv4fGPIb8hSZhdtiM9ceSQx--BK9cY&v=j-c-zfOWmys#t=46
  10. surprised we knocked them out out, nine years side we won't at OT! Cannot wait for work in the morning to see all the londoner utd fans i work with.
  11. make sure you're watching at 0:18 and ask yourself how they did that...
  12. I was so confident of humiliation today that i backed Aguero as my FF captain. So fucking glad i put a jinx on that. Not gonna get too carried away, though. This is where we go on a run, finish fourth and start the cycle of frustration once more. Not signing who we need yet again, not coming higher than third, yet again. It will happen, i want nothing more than for Arsene Wenger to blow some serious cash on exactly what we need and wipe the floor with everyone in the league next year before fucking Jose Mourinho's wife and setting fire to his car.
  13. Nice one, Rob! My goal last year was 600km, i've kinda eased off on the distance these days and i'm sticking to intervals instead so that was made up of somewhere in the region of 100 5km runs and some slightly longer ones, all the 5kms were usually around the 21-22 min mark. I do enjoy running but slogging out longer distances wasn't for me this year, i do it to stay in shape to play football and cutting down to shorter intense runs has made a massive difference, i've never been in better shape, my body fat was 12% over the summer - and as someone who was a fatty until the age of 20, that was something i never thought i'd manage!
  14. That finale was terrible, i seem to be the only one not to think the penultimate episode was good, either. The crash SFX... lol! Did they give that to a fucking studio intern to do to save some cash?