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  1. Mine arrived tonight, sounds and looks great, thanks again for the recommendation! There are still copies available on bandcamp $25. I assume it's open for people who didn't fund the campaign as well.
  2. Still available! $25. My copy arrived today and sounds great - so stoked to have this.
  3. Tether is probably my favorite EP of theirs; have both on cassette. This is the perfect situation for a 12". I think this is my only pending vinyl pre-order, which is nice to have that list whittled down.
  4. In my DM's with the Man. And when he offers unsolicited information, you know it's going to happen, and you don't ask when. Even if it's 7 years in the making, I can wait. We used to email back before I was on Instagram ?ca. 2012. Genuinely nice person and very passionate about beautiful noise, tapes and recording innovation. PS: do you happen to have d/l for Flyying Colours to share back since getting your vinyl?
  5. Anti-hero lyrics are brilliant. For any in a relationship/family/co-worker with covert narcissistic personality, they can so so so relate. The chances of TS being a self-aware narc are a million times less likely than her having been the victim / gaslighted by someone(s).
  6. Friday night doldrums, brain dead from the week is only explanation as to why I watched the two videos. But really even though I won't buy this, if my kids were playing it on a road trip, I'd enjoy the listen for what it is. 2nd one reminded me of some early Metric for some reason, uptempo of course.
  7. Was hoping for *shels, but will take this, in the meantime. Stars Showers is a stellar album - and the bone /purple-pink splatter is one of my favorite pressings for eye appeal.
  8. Twin Drugs album is great. First time for a vinyl release, and I don't think it could have been engineered/produced any better (noisey gaze). I got the Clear. Super quiet in between tracks. They are ear bleeding live, and the vocals get a bit overpowered - still a great band to catch in the RVA area, usually opening for bands like Slow Crush, Grivo and Shy, Low - for the postrock fans here.
  9. They've got "More" as well, if you didn't get one of the 9 repressings
  10. Unfortunately never. 😑 I did get Near Miss from Amazon.uk and shipping was only $4.50. Didn't see vinyl for this one.... yet. If it sells quickly, AC30 often has a "2nd press" all ready to go. Norman records used to get a box or 2 and shipping is at least 1/2 that of Club AC30 (which has the highest shipping ever!) but I don't see any there yet either. Norman still might though? Keep checking back. That's how I got most of my Ringo Deathstarr. Struck out at Banquet, Rough Trade and Piccadilly, too. Stickfiguredistro on discogs sometimes gets some AC30 releases.
  11. Formentera 7" singles box set /500 Gold - 5 total, 4 previously released, and one new single: "Paths In The Sky." Only $75. Metric - Formentera Singles Box Set /500 Gold
  12. I had this one and Lost in Kiev on my list to check out, but not made time for them, so thanks for post Owen! It does have glory days Yndi on one track that is more more string heavy and melancholic, one sounds like pg.lost Key era with light strings, the next to last track is completely Sigur Ros + Bjork vocals, and the others like I would expect Ef after 5 year hiatus. A nice listen while doing 'paperwork.'
  13. Not at all, dead quiet in between tracks and the portions not "noise."
  14. I'm really struggling. $50 for 75 minutes of sonic bliss. Hand packed and mailed by Scott himself. I splurged on the Astrobrite cassettes at $12 a pop. The inflation is real, and I know the man does have to eat. Confession: If it were /300 signed by him and Melissa like bloweyelashwish, I probably would have pulled the trigger already. Just checked discogs on that one, and I should probably be handling with white gloves every time I spin it lol!!
  15. Goodness gracious, Bliss Fields: Slowly, Forever from Acrobat Unstable showed up today! 11 months from order date, but it made it. Almost through with side B and no issues, sounds decent for clear with splatter. edit: 20% off use "SLOWLYFOREVER" on orders. Also, love the search tag "cough syrup" on bandcamp 🤣
  16. Easy buy. Was an expensive night after the SR ( ) boxset, too.
  17. Sucks from UK, oh well. Another gift for my daughter's box set SR collection + blankets, etc. Maybe here by Christmas, but hopefully at least her birthday (February). I guess Takk is next. Start saving now.
  18. 4th single out today, AOTY contender for me just on these tracks. Man I love this band. Sorry RC and HF, love your albums,... but this is just moving beyond words.
  19. After folks get through their 10th listen to Gnosis, look forward to hearing your thoughts, including the vinyl quality.

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