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  1. yeah it seems rather dead doesn't it? - I just saw add to cart like when I bought this early on and they had ample supply forever. Tried the ask a question form and "not configured." Will poke around social media.
  2. You can still get vinyl $19 and cassette $8 from Holodeck. Elude is just gloomy perfection. Never thought I would like something like it, but it's very visceral for me. I had the vinyl and picked up a couple cassettes at their show with Slow Crush (and Twin Drugs for @mrewestjeje) right before the pandemic. Buy Grivo Here --->
  3. That's really nice. I never tire of that sound. It can even drift into the doom & metal / psych arena and I'm down for it.
  4. If you weren't lucky enough to score Messa's new one "Close" on Bullmoose for $25, the label is doing a repress. Their previous label, Aural Music has RP Belfry 2xLP D side etched, and still some copies of Feast For Water LP. ( I know, $hipping) Messa: Close bandcamp Close on Svart Records Messa: Belfry RP and Feast For Water LP
  5. Agree. I hardly ever use CC via PayPal, but this is that one instance where you will have recourse for receiving a wrong item or one not as described, and win. That may be why PP sided with the seller (PP does not like you using CC as primary). Since it was "delivered" it's your word against the seller's and there are plenty of scammers out there saying they didn't receive an item or damaged, etc. and getting free records. Good luck.
  6. Will wait for the 12" on this one. I had the 3x10" RSD back in the day and they were cool, but I picked up the LP later and that is what I have listened to since. I don't mind 10" if it's something I will keep in rotation, like Lush's Spooky - just this week.
  7. Grivo scratches that itch of gloom/ doom that comes into my life or resurfaces every now and again. Not an every day band for sure. They're not as downtempo as True Widow....(is any other band, as in s l o w w w w?) but there's some intersection in the music to my ears. Different vocal styles of course.
  8. Do you like Elude at all? Not all gloomgaze clicks with me, but for whatever reason, those Muses never tire of that one on my TT.
  9. 100 emoji. They are the real deal live as well. It looks like on IG post, the brothers are still there (guitar/vocalist and drummer) but bassist has changed. And he was the real friendly one at the show to talk with. Same show with Twin Drugs and Slow Crush right before COVID. I know I have to keep rubbing that in haha. 50 people crammed in like sardines at this kitsch horror dive in RVA. Slow Crush are coming back in April and locals Shy, Low will be playing as well! hoping Twin Drugs can get on and play some of their new material (I have not heard any of it yet).
  10. Mono - Scarlet Holliday /1000 Silver Metallic for $20 + $4 ship in the US 3 tracks
  11. I like the old stuff, start from the beginning and take your time.
  12. Stargazer Lilies is some really nice psychegaze
  13. The only variant I have listened to is Cream, no problems
  14. Constants hardly ever get talked about. At one time during the Sheath pinnacle, I had all 3 pressings of this album, now just the /300 Cream. Will Benoit is one seriously talented individual, multi-instrumentalist and Radar Recording Studio owner. Got to meet him when he was playing bass for Rosetta on the Utopioid tour. Will's vocals (to my ears) sound like 3 different singers for the first 3 albums, and maybe a 4th on Pasiflora. I must confess in a pinch, I will listen to the 3rd record, The Ascension, when I don't have time for the whole album. Probably 6 or 7 times I've done that. Parts 1 and 2 are excellent , but Abraxis I through ...Passage would be my recommendation if you want to check them out but don't have time for a triple LP. Passage may be my favorite track, perfectly placed on the journey. And yes, I would buy Nostalgia on vinyl in a heartbeat!
  15. Ol' boomer gen Z here was miraculously able to snag one, they were gone somewhere between 2 and 3 minutes. Yep, if you weren't russian, or did any Stalin.... ba doom ching
  16. Ooh, completely missed that. 2 awesome tracks, another no brainer for the growing tape collection!
  17. Hope you're doing well, Jon and have great holiday season!
  18. All 3 Nadja/Vampillia collaborations are going to be released on cassette in a box set - $35 + $9 shipping limited to 100. AB said a few would be on their site but recommended ordering from badmoonrising at Bandcamp On mobile today - hope this link works. Imperfection and Perfect World are always in rotation. Nadja/Vampillia Trilogy Box set
  19. Thanks for the recommendation! Kept meaning to check these guys, really enjoy the crunchy guitars. I have gone from like 1 to now 10 pending vinyl/tape orders pending in the last 2 months.
  20. Yes, let Blankenberge keep on doing their thing! (vs PSUB which kinda lost me when they moved to LA) New Fleeting Joys album for PO. Don't know how many they pressed? I wish they would press Occult Radiance. You can still get Despondent Transponder RP as well -- I can't believe those are still around. And the discogs prices for Speeding Away... oy. Fleeting Joys -- All Lost Eyes And Glitter
  21. They can do no wrong with opener selection, but during the tour with Junius in 2013, when they opened with Of Foam And Wave in Chapel Hill NC, I was literally brought to tears. Have had & still have plenty of goosebump /ASMR reactions to music, some tracks every time, but tears... a rare occurrence.

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