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  1. not moving as fast as those box sets (iirc <10 minutes), so should be no complaints
  2. Minority views are respected here lol, it's always a subjective, strawberry vs chocolate preference. Yes, going to have to road trip to DC for Caspian + ASIWYFA (3 hrs + gnarliest traffic / parking) since they are skipping docile Richmond and squeaky clean Raleigh, going to Charlotte (5+ hrs) instead. But DC has some mighty fine exotic cuisine offerings that we don't have here in the boonies.
  3. drds89


    From 2014 at the time of RSD EP's from the Big Cartel page. Condition is new, smoke-free home. Guitar pick set, 6, still sealed
  4. If any Gifts From Enola fans here also with a tape deck, Zegema Beach Records from BC, Canada did a small run of their 4 full albums 2006-2013 on cassette. There were /25 swirl and /5 TP gone before I even got word, but /45 more 'regular' sets. I bought from bandcamp and paid $15 shipping, which also quickly sold out, but clicking around today, I found they still have some on their website for $32.50 + $6 shipping to US. Gifts From Enola - 2006 - 2013 4 CS boxset
  5. Slowdive cursetheknife Sigur Ros Gel - Only Constant "LP" totally outside my wheelhouse, listened to this and watched more recordings of live shows on YT than I can recall. Short, intense set helped the time and attention factor (Also several titles going to vinyl for the first time, I thought would never happen)
  6. Exactly lol. Glad I didn't get that extra. Graveface Record Club used to do this alot.
  7. It's not like Jakob has a single weak song in their entire catalog, but that set list is pure lust
  8. @abovetheearth gifted me the lone 3 digital tracks years ago from Ozean. The world is not yet full enough of this type of ethereal dreamy pop for me, but somehow I missed Moon Sounds Records vinyl treatment in 2017. It appears that the 12" (/150 Black /150 Blue) are going for moon money on discogs, with a 55 have to 555 want ratio for this unknown, teenage ephemeral band. Numero records has picked up their 'catalog' and says a 12" will be forthcoming in 2024. I will try to not to miss out this time. Ozean digital tracks on bandcamp Numero records digital release of 2 tracks + likely place for PO next year
  9. Golevka /EP is up at A1KA 2 variants, $38. I went with the 2nd Finally got to use some of my 1200 points for free shipping. Really nice this finally happened 🙂
  10. Hey y'all remember The Evpatoria Report? EP, Golevka, Maar... I thought Sly Vinyl was going to get them the vinyl treatment back in the day, but alas, it was not to be. Well, now it is! Golevka is first, which will include the EP tracks (yippee!) /600 from New Noise China, however, shipping is $49 if you order now off bandcamp for FOMO. Comments on FB are repeatedly replied to that EU and US distribution will be happening and only 50 units were put on the bandcamp site. As much as I love this music, I couldn't justify $85+ price tag and will wait for US distribution announcement. Shipping November 2024 as well lol, well at least they are being honest. Facebook The Evpatoria Report announce Vinyl Treatment for Golevka (including EP tracks) FOMO bandcamp order now $49 shipping to US, 3 remaining
  11. Finally on vinyl, but shipping from Italy hurts (if any of the band members sell more on discogs, I'll post here, it was $40 ppd vs $50 and they'll sign if you ask, super nice guys). I never tire of this album, but understand the naysayers for nugaze that sound too much like _______ fill in the blank. Several tracks keep that Loveless sound going that you don't want to end, but like Ringo Deathstarr, they also manage to put their own stamp on the music. Yes, I have their CD too La Casa Al Mare - This Astro .... finally on vinyl, almost 10 years later
  12. Congrats! That's a big one down. I had a copy from the 2013 Fundraiser that GF had, and a more diehard Jakob fan than me from AUS wanted it BAD, so I ended up selling it to him less than a month later. Glad to see you are still on the GF mission. Did he ever get you the custom-made box with all the Freddy Points you racked up?
  13. Absolutely sublime, and I can tell (for me) it's only going to get better with subsequent listens.
  14. AB, ( ), Takk is a tough run to beat. Valtari was a bit of a let down first listen, (the shock of mellow/ambient), but it was a grower that only took 4 or 5 listens to really gel -- it's sublime in the best possible way. Saw them live on the massive Kveikur tour. With old Kjartan back, I'm very optimistic - he is an absolutely brilliant song writer. Down for the Clear. No vinyl orders for many months, now this, cursetheknife... and new Slowdive coming soon. $$$ budget kaboom.
  15. I had no problems with the S/T vinyl (Black) or cassette. Really stoked for new Slowdive and hope they will tour it here and come close again! Drove 4 hrs each way last time, but 3-4 hrs is the norm unless bands stop in RVA. Usually it's DC or Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, sometimes Asheville. Rarely does anyone come to Norfolk/VA Beach except The Appleseed Cast.
  16. My oldest son is a credit card "churner." He's put some hours in learning the system, and it yields almost like a 2nd job after what I call tuition money in time on the learning curve. Not my cuppa, but he enjoys it. Always has enjoyed a challenge, but also will camp out over night for special bourbon releases, and trades those, too. Never camped out for concert tickets, or got in line for RSD. I'm just happy running everything I can through my Blue Cash card, and it pays for Christmas. But........ on topic, Jakob are the only band on my bucket list for bands to see live. Will fly to the west coast US, but not to NZ.
  17. This version of "Bees" in the Basement set is by far my foat. If such a thing as "in the pocket" exists, Stella and Jen are definitely there on this track. But aren't they always?
  18. Just in case you didn't already know...it's been 7 years I Inside The Old Year Dying Read about it here

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