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  1. Yeah. Got to payment, clicked paypal, and the "Checkout" button just disappeared. Frantically typed in my card info but it was too late. Super fun bug, bye bye Ghost print.
  2. How does one go about attaining the Ghost in the Shell print without attending the MondoCon screening? Buddy system?
  3. I'm at about 130 total discs, total spent may be around 1k. That being said I rode the BB horse into the ground and probably even a little further than that, and I haven't made any actual purchases in maybe 5-6 months (full time school atm). Been pretty lucky otherwise and made some considerable money back selling what I don't need. I think right now I'm in a phase of evaluating my progress of about a year of collecting and deciding where to go with it once I find a new job and considering that I may be in a dorm/apartment a year from now.
  4. Would also consider Everything in Transit by Jack's Mannequin. I'm surprised Demon Days got nothing for votes on D though
  5. Tried for a variant, settled for the original w/ green and orange. First print I've ever gotten on a drop!
  6. When I can't listen to the whole album sometimes I'll just play Cul-de-sac and let it transition into Funeral. Definitely is one of my favorite albums this year and the closer is a big reason why.
  7. Sleeping on Trash changed to sold out online and Black Sails in Sunset completely removed from the site. BB has caught up with me at last...
  8. That was my first concert, it was epic and they totally went all out. Had "The Metal" come out and battle the Lich King on stage and they were really cool about everything. Overall the show is super fun getting to beta test all the new content and watch the tournaments. Last time I went was during Halloween too so Disneyland was open all night for like $40 and I went on space mountain for hours
  9. Losing my shit here http://us.battle.net/blizzcon/en/blog/11394660/party-with-blink-182-at-blizzcon%C2%AE-10-31-2013 Any other nerds going? This'll be my second time since 2010 and it's a fucking blast with friends.
  10. + Heimerdinger rework + Blizzcon in a week + $3 Chipotle burritos on Halloween + Ender's Game - UC apps - Car got broken into at a Streetlight Manifesto show