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  1. Howdy, all-- I am in the process of buying a home, so I am thinning the herd a bit to help with expenses and what not...I don't have any mailers yet but just wanted to post this to gauge overall interest. Similarly, I will post the rest of the pressing specifics once I get home tonight but most are "standard" releases. Let's start with offers for now, will probably post prices eventually. Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon (2nd Pressing, Black) Brand New - Deja Entendu Brand New - The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me (3rd Pressing, Clear 180 g) Brand New - Daisy (1st Pressing, Black 180 g) Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams Death Cab for Cutie ft. Magik*Magik Orchestra - Live 2012 PENDING The Sword - Warp Riders Tool - Opiate Tool - Undertow The Postal Service - Give Up PENDING Deftones - Koi No Yokan The Horrible Crowes - Elsie (1st Pressing, Blood Red) Eddie Vedder - Into the Wild (Import, Green Marble) Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends Evergreen Terrace - Wolfbiker Queens of the Stone Age - Villains Give me a shout if you have any questions. Thank you.
  2. Take off I Want it All and replace it with either So Dark or Stop the World and the album gains a point or two in my eyes. Also, Snap Out of It is fine enough on the album but I'm not a fan of it live.
  3. Yeah, I snagged QotSA's Villains for $5.99 at my local last night.
  4. It seems as though if you partake in this deal https://www.deepdiscount.com/promotions/movie-specials?az=77-9524 10% gets taken off your entire cart.
  5. Been waiting for one too. I'll let you know if find out about any.
  6. If anyone is looking for Gremlins, Merchandise Outlet have three in stock currently and they are running 20% off with the code SANTA20. http://merchandiseoutlet.com/gremlins-film-soundtrack-vinyl/
  7. They have since "corrected" the pricing as well but it was similarly priced; $3 less shipped.
  8. Decided to pull the trigger on Good Kid...No regrets. Sounds great. Definitely worth the 10 bones.
  9. Damn (no pun intended), I know that Good Kid pressing is supposed to be pretty bad but I feel like I can't pass it up for $10.03 shipped. Anyone strongly disagree?