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  1. Even though I missed out on this colorway (and every colored BTBAM remaster), it would've been cool to have the instrumental version on this too.
  2. Went for the splatter as well. I really dig these songs. They're a bit of a throwback to Doppelganger/self-titled in terms of production and sound.
  3. were there any good pressings of Tunnel Blanket? it's my favorite album of theirs and have been reluctant to pick up a copy.
  4. Just getting around to play my orange variant. Man what a disappointment.
  5. Has anyone received shipping info or anything yet?
  6. Would like to hear some comments on the remastered audio before I decide to pull the trigger on this.
  7. Finally! went with the translucent. that tricolor didn't really do it for me.
  8. Anybody recall what the sunburst was limited to? I know the merch guy mentioned it at the show, but I can't remember now.
  9. Damn, this is confusing. I thought "OG" meant the copies with the old, non-Marat cover art , and all subsequent variants starting in 2014 came from the same remaster plates. I personally have no complaints with my green copy, but if someone who has multiple variants and can give us their thoughts on sound quality, that'd be dope.
  10. From what I understand, the coke bottle clear is going to be the same as all the other previous pressings. I have the same green press of Deathcon, and I have no plan on getting this. I thought my oxblood w/ red haze copy of Unnatural was pretty noisy and the overall mix is meh, so I grabbed the new splatter.

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