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  1. Pleased to see that the retail copy of We Must Become.. I picked up yesterday is yellow.
  2. Seems like a lot of these are coming out warped. I might just say fuck it and get a clamp.
  3. Got my copy in from Turntable Lab and it's really fucking warped. Anyone know how good TTL is at sending replacements or exchanges?
  4. birdturbo

    PO: Norma Jean - Redeemer

    am i the only one who's hankering for a Meridional repress
  5. idk i kinda like it
  6. got a link to that Q&A and the documentary?
  7. Yeah i'm glad i didn't preorder this one, some cool moments but mostly forgettable
  8. picked up all 3. looks like i'm skipping meals this month.
  9. i'm just happy to see that there's a repress coming. interested to see how the new album will turn out too, i'm surprised to see it so soon.
  10. would've liked seen this pressed on some colors, but this will do
  11. January is almost over. Have the new silver/red mix copies begun shipping yet? Also waiting for the new You Fail Me variant to ship.