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  1. Yep, and both are indeed C/D. Went ahead and filled out a customer support form, but I'm not holding my breath for any good news. I guess we'll see.
  2. Just opened my copy to find 2 copies of C/D. What a shitshow.
  3. It's decent. Like FC Live, there's a ton of crowd noise and banter (not a fan of this). The performances themselves are alright. Their sound is solid and punchy, but you can tell that they're losing their slowly losing their touch, especially vocally. Geoff and the other guy are skipping more and more lines. I get that they're getting older, but go listen to Kill the House Lights and then this, and you'll see.
  4. if anything, the color of the wax itself is way off on the yellow. but whatever.
  5. Not to get my hopes too up, but these Locust and Some Girls releases have me crossing fingers for some Blood Brothers reissues
  6. Yep, it was definitely there. So maybe it was just a quick restock? I only assumed that it was a new run because the pressing numbers listed were different than I recall.
  7. Brother, Sister collector's is back up. Looks like a new run, but same variants as before. Shipping "later this year". https://mewithoutyou.com/collections/featured/products/brother-sister-collectors-edition
  8. Good thing I subbed when the initial order dropped, got my copy of De-loused (which had 0 problems btw), and promptly cancelled that shit right after.
  9. Hopefully there's a VOD or something planned down the line because it was too good to have disappear after a couple weeks.
  10. Totally agree. I'll probably only keep my ETRs because the jackets on those are way nicer.

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