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  1. Hopefully there's a VOD or something planned down the line because it was too good to have disappear after a couple weeks.
  2. Totally agree. I'll probably only keep my ETRs because the jackets on those are way nicer.
  3. Yeah I got my red/black/white & pink/black in the other day. Honestly I think the former doesn't look great, and the latter is more white than pink. However they both sound great when compared to my 2 ETR copies. The instruments on the new pressings have much more punch and I was hearing bass lines I don't think I've heard before even on digital.
  4. Feels empty? Idk. Great outro, though. But overall I don't hear the depth and layers that made me love Sunbather and OCHL. Guess we'll see.
  5. This was asked to Geoff during his zoom session a couple of weeks ago. Didn't get a straight answer, so I'm assuming it's not just going to be each album back to back.
  6. Got around to spinning the new violet splatter today. The pressing itself looks really good and is miles quieter than my US first press. The sound itself is about the same, though, and I wish they did some adjustments to the mix to better suit the format. I am slightly disappointed in the packaging. The first pressing had this neat gloss and matte divide on the jacket, and this retains none of that. Also my printed sleeves had seam splits, of course, whereas the first pressing came with black sleeves and printed inserts.
  7. It's been up for a couple of days, but Dissociation on blue marble /500. Looks like 273 are left. https://merchconnectioninc.com/products/dillinger-escape-plan-dissociation-vinyl-lp-blue?_pos=29&_sid=53fcd822f&_ss=r
  8. I guess now's the time to ask, so if anyone who has a Deloused MOV pressing and is getting the box set, but wants to offload their MOV for anything less than an arm and a leg, shoot me a PM.
  9. Has anyone with a badly warped record tried reaching out for a replacement? I can practically eat soup out of my copy of LITSOS.
  10. Even though I missed out on this colorway (and every colored BTBAM remaster), it would've been cool to have the instrumental version on this too.
  11. Went for the splatter as well. I really dig these songs. They're a bit of a throwback to Doppelganger/self-titled in terms of production and sound.
  12. were there any good pressings of Tunnel Blanket? it's my favorite album of theirs and have been reluctant to pick up a copy.
  13. Just getting around to play my orange variant. Man what a disappointment.
  14. Has anyone received shipping info or anything yet?
  15. Would like to hear some comments on the remastered audio before I decide to pull the trigger on this.
  16. Finally! went with the translucent. that tricolor didn't really do it for me.

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