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  1. Am I the first one to get mine? I was worried about what the white/red would look like but it's stunning. It also came with a hand written note from Dustin which I thought was a nice touch.
  2. I'd love to see Swimming by French Kicks get pressed. Criminally under rated LP.
  3. Just saw this on their Facebook. im still not sure if that means there will be a black variant but it sounds like no.
  4. I mentioned this to a few friends on here but I figured I'd try this too. I had no idea this title would be so hard to get. Please help if you can and thanks in advance!
  5. Preorders up finally! Some pricy bundle options available which I obviously went for. https://www.secretlystore.com/slowdive-slowdive
  6. Hey y'all. I always have the worst luck trying to score CC merch through Heartworm. They sold out before I could buy tickets when they came through my city too so I couldn't check out what they had for sale. If anyone has some sold out shirts in XL they'd be willing to sell PM me! I really dig the new red shirt with black text/square but I must have just missed it.
  7. I can absolutely do that. Those are by far my favorite CT albums, I'd hate to miss out.
  8. Called a few of my local stores to see if they could get the Cocteau Twins LPs in and the general consensus was basically "no". Does anyone know if any UK stores or distros sell leftover RSD stock online the day/week after? I seem to recall Banquet doing that but I can't remember for sure. That seems to be my only chance unless a friendly person on here is willing to try to snag them for me <3
  9. Revisited fab.ca and found listings for some Television Personalities represses. Not sure if that's been mentioned already but that's exciting news.
  10. What's the source on this/can you link me? If this is true I might actually faint.
  11. This release has always intrigued me and now I can finally say I own it.
  12. I'll never forget growing up, my dad would do most of the driving but sometimes when he was away my mom would drive. One time she showed me her secret stash of Prince CDs. She said "Your dad doesn't care for Prince much but when he's away we can listen to him all we want". So it became a tradition that whenever we'd go somewhere we played her Prince CDs. That left a lasting impression on myself and my taste in music. I tell her she created a monster but I thank her all the time for introducing me to him. This is super heart breaking. RIP to a legend.