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  1. Curious to see if anything different shows up in the Vagrant webstore. Missed the BM option and refuse to order from SRC if I can avoid it.
  2. I just received my coke bottle clear copy in the mail today. Excited to finally have this in hand. This release is well worth the wait and I'm looking forward to spinning it soon.
  3. This is not my post. Looks like these are starting to surface and the numbering is suggesting a minimum of 2K of these.
  4. These are available from Juno now. They typically have pretty cheap overseas shipping to the US. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/doves-some-cities-reissue/729843-01/ https://www.juno.co.uk/products/doves-the-last-broadcast-reissue/729842-01/ https://www.juno.co.uk/products/doves-lost-souls-reissue/729841-01/
  5. I was also a little nervous about Amazon UK but they just charged my credit card earlier this afternoon. They are currently showing a delivery between June 10-14th.
  6. This is the best Filter album IMO and long overdue on vinyl. I will probably pick this up at some point but I want to see if any alternate versions show up first. I wouldn't be surprised to see a color variant pop up at some point. Craft Recordings released a white variant for Short Bus so maybe they'll work up something for this. Solid orange would be cool.
  7. I've bought a couple of their exclusives and they typically give away some hints on social media when they're going live.
  8. Turntable Lab Exclusive on transparent purple limited to 600 coming soon https://www.turntablelab.com/products/beach-house-bloom-colored-vinyl-vinyl-2lp-turntable-lab-exclusive
  9. And they have 15% off online orders right now with APR15 code.
  10. I received my copy of the You Forget it in People VMP exclusive today. Number 213/500. The variant came out as more of a translucent blue with black wisps . Haven't had a chance to listen yet.