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  1. A copy of Chamberlain Waits popped up on Discogs for $30 if anyone is still searching for that. https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1168941546
  2. @runforcover please tell me some leftover copies of that tri color will be going up eventually. So sad I slept on this release. 😕
  3. That's cool. I dont really care if its delayed. It sounds like there may have been an entire batch of these that were dropped off, scanned in and then put aside until later.
  4. This is exactly the same status I have on my shipment. Same description and dates. I emailed the Second City Prints customer service to see if they have any clue what might be going on.
  5. You can get that clear version from udiscover for $24 shipped with code COMEBACK and free shipping. Great deal
  6. You can get this for $15 shipped from udiscover right now. 25% off site wide and an extra 20% with discount code COMEBACK. Her other recent reissues and demo albums are also available if someone has been holding out.
  7. 2xLP remastered and expanded edition of No Need to Argue is coming out. It doesn't appear to be a Plain Recordings pressing either which is a plus. You can still pick up the limited clear version from udiscover. It comes to like $24 for the record if you use code COMEBACK....and free shipping. https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/products/the-cranberries-no-need-to-argue-limited-edition-2lp Here's the description.... Expanded reissue of No Need to Argue – the second studio album by Irish alternative rock band The Cranberries. Originally released in 1994, the album was the band’s highest-selling shifting over 17 million copies worldwide and contains the band’s most successful single Zombie. The expanded 2LP features the remastered album plus three b-sides, Yesterday’s Gone and the band’s cover of the Carpenters (They long to Be) Close to You. The 2LP also includes a 5,000-word sleevenote on the history of the album written by the band’s archivist Eoin Devereux who wrote the sleevenote to the reissue of their debut album.
  8. VMP available now https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/bright-eyes-down-in-the-weeds-where-the-world-once-was?variant=32084447723610
  9. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34589347/bright-eyes-down-in-the-weeds-where-the-world-once-was-2-lp-transparent-red-transparent-orange Bullmoose is up. So the indie exclusive looks to be the same transparent red/orange variant.
  10. The VMP version is now available for non-members to purchase. I don't know if that mock-up color is incorrect but that definitely does not resemble seafoam green.
  11. Thirty Something Records, the German label that just pressed the Applessed Cast reissue, just teased several other releases. One of them is En Garde! Yes, finally!
  12. Bad Timing is pretty good about repressing stuff. I'm sure a 2nd press will come along eventually.