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  1. The VMP variant is available to non membership people now.
  2. Shit, I was worried that might happen but it was worth a shot. Looks like they took the product page down also. You just never know with some of these online storefronts.
  3. In stock at Music Millennium in Portland, OR https://musicmillennium.tuneportals.com/UPC/190759215913 ....And Antone's in Austin https://antonesrecordshop.com/content/product.php?productsku=EPIC592159LP
  4. According to the Flesh and Bone website, this pressing is limited to only /200. https://www.fleshandbonerecords.com/product-page/greet-death-dixieland-cd
  5. Anyone interested in the Tokyo Shoegazer "Crystallize" release from Graveface might want to check out their bandcamp today. Here is Ryan's description below. Only 9 copies left as I write this. The vinyl manufacturer sent us some purple'ish LPs for this record (I didn't order purple) and you can scoop one up today. One thing to note: - a bunch of you lucky humans will receive handmade packaging with custom art by Chloe Manon (the person who did the art for this record) INSTEAD of the standard packaging. She has informed me she's going to do some drawings, some paintings and some with stencils. Some of you will get standard packaging with the OBI and some of you a custom piece of art. Feeling lucky? https://graveface.bandcamp.com/album/crystallize?mc_cid=aab9dbe41b&mc_eid=b234643f78
  6. Cool! Thank you for following up guys. I have some incoming PayPal funds so I'm gonna pull the trigger on the TS album and the new repress of Two Conversations.
  7. Question for anyone who purchased the new Tennis System album from Graveface's bandcamp site. Is the "colored" vinyl version they are advertising the same thing as the clear with red/blue/pink variant? Is that the only variant besides the handpours out there? There is a 3rd vinyl listing on Discogs that doesn't provide any variant info but I think it might be an error.
  8. 13 million year old ghost is the instrumental atmospheric project of Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Head Wound City, 41 Strings). The music for this debut album was written and recorded in the West Texas desert during the summer of 2017. Each of the eight tracks functions together to depict a sonic portrait of this enigmatic 'ghost,' crafted by orchestral qualities of layered synths, guitars and electronic percussion. https://www.chaikinrecords.com/13millionyearoldghost It's a fucking picture disc unfortunately. You can stream the entire album at the link. It's pretty good a nice welcome soundtrack to the month of October.
  9. The Let It Bleed store exclusive is available now. It's the 50th anniversary remastered edition on coke bottle clear vinyl. Numbered out of /2500. https://app.vinylmeplease.com/products/featured-exclusives/the-rolling-stones-let-it-bleed
  10. Finally! Can't wait to see the end result of this thing. Looks like they also had a couple more cancellations. There are a few of the space and splatter variants back in stock.