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  1. Nobody wants your bullshit auction spam records grandpa, fuck off. Remember when this forum had reasonable moderation?
  2. Codefendants/Get Dead 10" split is up: https://fatwreck.com/products/get-dead-x-codefendants-split-10 Cost me $27 dollars for this one...
  3. Don't be so bummed dude, at least they have the ugly $65 sweatpants you were hoping for.
  4. Ok, I'm pretty bummed at the amount of excitement this release is generating, so just wanted to post. Thanks a ton to Fat for taking care of business and getting this thing pressed. This is an absolutely badass album that I thought was going to be on my "want but will probably never happen" album list forever (especially after the box set came out without this included). The cover versions on here are pretty much all better than the versions by the actual other band's recordings of them. I am a little annoyed like an old man that the press blurb for this everywhere says it came out in 2006 when it came out in 2001 and was a super important bridge between Bad Astronaut's first and second album which seemed like it took forever, so we heard Armchair Martian's version of Bad Astronaut songs before the Bad Astronaut versions. This is some prime Joey Cape songwriting years back when he didn't post anything online so you never knew what the fuck his plans were or if Lagwagon were even going to be a band anymore. Anyways, yelling out into the internetverse how stoked I am for this one, and again thanks to Fat for putting out something that might not be the number 1 selling record of the year, but means a lot to plenty of people nonetheless.
  5. Super cool. Wanted to say the first time I ever met thischarmingham was at an Against Me! show in northern California in 2002. I had gotten to hang out with the band at the venue (a coffee shop) over the afternoon, then met him at the show that night. I think he was traveling with the band on their way up north, and maybe working merch? We talked for quite a while about how stoked we were on Against Me! at the time, it felt like a movement as much as a band then, as it was this crazy post-9/11 war time with George W Bush and everything falling apart, it was like we needed that band at that time. Thischarmingham was so excited because he was starting his own label. Still going after 20 years, badass! Super cool to see him get the record back, I can definitely see why it meant so much to him, and respect to lbw87.
  6. https://fatwreck.com/pages/updates-on-new-releases Early September
  7. I'm going to cry like a wuss that I missed this, can't believe it sold out in less than 20 mins, fuck. Hopefully at least black copies come out sometime.
  8. I preordered from Amazon 4 weeks ago and it says still awaiting shipping date, anyone else still waiting on Amazon to ship?
  9. Anyone know what is up with this release? It is available through Amazon in black but not through Epitaph/KingsRoad, which is weird. I have been holding out for Epitaph to do a proper release, possibly on color, but I don't want to miss out if there were just some black ones that got made and sent out and that will be it. Any idea if these will be available through Epitaph anytime?
  10. Someone on the fat wiki said they got theirs (fat version), but it didn't come with the box, just individual color LPs. Hopefully it's just a wierd one off, but that seems really strange to be a one off. I'll be pretty bummed if they are all like that.
  11. Seriously, so good. I already own 2 copies of this so I can't justify a third, but would really like to hear that demo version that they are including. I would pay for that for sure. Duncan's projects are brutal as a record collector, being released in different formats/countries/labels. He needs to consolidate everything that has been released somewhere so people can buy this stuff digitally at least!
  12. Thanks for the heads up, I ordered last week at $55 and thought it was a good deal (it was!). I just chatted with amazon and got a refund for the difference. At this price, I should buy 2... I owe you a beer gmoney
  13. I really thought these were records that would never get crossed off my list, so awesome that this is happening! I think this is definitely a case of two sides to every story. If you've ever had a friend who was a heroin addict, and add in the personality type Doughty seems to have, sounds like some rough times all around. I would suggest listening in order, Ruby Vroom then Irresistable Bliss, they're both great. I never really got on with El Oso personally, but others might have another opinion. They definitely seem like they changed on that album, and from what I've read the band was kind of a trainwreck by that point.
  14. Sorry if this is already in this thread somewhere, but.... Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory I am of course talking about the original movie, and do not recognize any others to be valid. I own an original copy of this, but it is way harder than it should be to find, and would for sure buy a new pressing of it. Gotta be that limited choco brown version...
  15. Just to reiterate what a few others have said, while this is a good "hits" record: 1: You can buy really nice copies of it EVERYWHERE for less than $5 used 2: The original albums are so good, don't let a greatest hits album stop you from some great tunes, especially when they're so inexpensive. You can buy beautiful copies of ALL of them for the cost of this 2xLP 3: The early Fantasy pressings are some of the best sounding records I have ever heard (and I'm pretty old). Go through a used CCR section, and feel the vinyl. Some will be extremely thin and wobbly, these are mostly late 70s and 80s represses, don't buy these. If you pull it out and it feels almost like a 78 feels (rigid, heavy) and it is in good condition, buy it. The guitar tones, bass, and vocal recordings are unbelievable. These are some of the ones I pull out whenever the age old vinyl vs digital argument pops up, and people say "oh, I see now". As has been mentioned, Cosmo's Factory and Willy and the Poor Boys are good starts, but they are all awesome.

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