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    16 - Blaze of Incompetence (Theologian)
    16 - Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds (Relapse)clear
    16 - Lost Tracts of Time (Last Hurrah) purple/blue swirl, 1-sided, etched b-side
    Alice in Chains - Dirt (Music on Vinyl) 180-gram
    Alic in Chains - Black Gives Way to Blue (Virgin) 2x12", clear
    Anathallo/Javelins "Entropy" Split (Potential Getaway Driver) 1st press, green, screened b-side
    Annihilation Time - III: Tales of the Ancient Age (Tee Pee)
    ANS - The Process of Stoking Out (Feral Kid)
    ANS-The Pool (16OH)mint green
    Anthrax - Fistful of Metal (Megaforce)
    Anthrax - Spreading the Disease (Megaforce)
    Anthrax - Among the Living (Island)
    Armageddon - Self Titled
    Atomic Rooster-Death Walks Behind You
    Atomic Rooster-In Hearing Of
    Baby Huey Story, The - The Living Legend (Curtom) 180-gram
    Bastard-Wind Of Pain/Discography (Bootleg)
    Bauhaus - In the Flat Field (4AD)
    Bauhaus - Mask (Beggars Banquet)
    Bauhaus - The Sky's Gone Out (4 Men With Beards) 180-gram
    Beach Boys, The - Surf's Up
    Beach Boys, The - Today!
    Beach Boys, The - Pet Sounds (Capitol) 1980s mono reissue
    Beach Fossils - Clash the Truth (Captured Tracks) red vinyl, screened fold-over cover
    Beastie Boys - Aglio E Olio (Grand Royal)
    Ben Folds Five - The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind (IMA Vee Pee) 2x12"
    Black Army Jacket-222 (Chainsaw Safety)
    Black Breath - Heavy Breathing (Southern Lord) 180 gram
    Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer (Reprise) 180-gram reissue
    Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
    Black Sabbath-Vol. 4 -with booklet
    Blue Monday-Rewritten (Bridge 9)aqua
    Blue Murder - Self Titled
    Bohren & der Club of Gore - Dolores (Hydra Head) 2x12", 180-gram
    Bolling, Claude - Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano (Columbia)
    Body, The - Master, We Perish (At a Loss)
    Bones Brigade-Focused (Coalition) grey/black splatter
    Bones Brigade-I Hate Myself When I'm Not Skateboarding (Coalition)
    Bongzilla - Gateway (Hydro-Phonic) Orange
    Boston-Don't Look Back
    Boston-Third Stage
    Botch - American Nervoso (Hydra Head) 2x12"
    Botch - We Are The Romans (Hydra Head) 2x12" baby blue
    Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends (Hydra Head) 180 gram, RSD 2012
    Brain Handle - Self Titled (Self Released) ltd to 300
    Brainoil - Death of This Dry Season (20 Buck Spin)
    Brown Angel - Self Titled (Thunderhaus Ltd) 135/150
    Bruce Banner-I've Had It With Humanity (625 Thrashcore)
    Brutal Knights-Feast of Shame (Derange)
    Brutal Knights-The Pleasure is all Thine (Deranged)
    Burning Love - Rotten Thing to Say (Southern Lord)
    Burning Witch - Box Set (Southern Lord) 4x12", book+DVD
    Burnt by the Sun - Soundtrack to the Personal Revolutions (Relapse) White
    California Love - Reaping the Whirlwind (Youth Attack) Green
    California Love-Can't Waste Death (Self Released) Black and Green cover
    Camel - The Snow Goose
    Camel-Rain Dances
    Cancer Conspiracy, The - Omega (Gilead)
    Cancer Conspiracy, The-The Audio Medium (Big Wheel Rec) Grey Marble
    Cannabis Corpse - Tube of the Resonated (Robotic Empire) "Trip Bud"
    Capitalist Casualties-Subdivisions in Ruin (Six Weeks)
    Capsule - Blue (Robotic Empire) Coke Bottle Blue
    Capsule - No Ghost (Rorschach) Gray
    Capsule - Self Titled (Robotic Empire) Blue/Clear Splatter
    Captain Beyond - Self Titled (Capricorn) 3D Cover
    Career Suicide-Attempted Suicide (Deranged)
    Career Suicide-S/T (Parts Unknown)140-gram
    Carpenter, John & Howarth, Alan - Escape from New York OST (Death Waltz)
    Carpenter, John - Halloween OST (Mondo) 2x12", orange
    Carpenter, John & Howarth, Alan - Halloween II OST (Death Waltz)
    Carpenter, John & Howarth, Alan - Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Death Waltz) Orange/Black swirl
    Carpenter, John - The Fog OST (Death Waltz) 2x12", clear with white haze, clear with green haze
    Cars, The-Candy-O
    Cars, The-Door to Door
    Cars, The-Heartbeat City
    Cars, The-Panorama
    Cars, The-S/T
    Caspian - Waking Season (Triple Crown) 2x12", purple
    Catalyst, The - Marianas Trench (Perpetual Motion Machine) Clear, screened b-side
    Caustic Christ-Can't Relate (Havoc)
    Caustic Christ-Lycanthropy (Havoc) Screened cover, red
    Cave In - Jupiter (Hydra Head)
    Cave In - Perfect Pitch Black (Garden of Exile)
    Cave In - Tides of Tomorrow (Hydrahead) Picture Disc
    Cave In - Antenna (Hydrahead) 2x12"
    Cave In - White Silence (Hydrahead)
    Cave In-Until Your Heart Stops (Hydrahead) Tour Cover ltd to 245
    Ceremony-Violence (Malfunction) Red/White split
    Chavez - Ride the Fader (Matador)
    Cheap Trick - In Color
    Cheap Trick - Self Titled
    Cheap Trick-Heaven Tonight
    Chicago Transit Authority
    Chicago-Greatest Hits
    Chromatics - Nite Drive (Italians Do it Better) 2x12"
    Chromatics - In the City (Italians Do it Better) White
    Chromatics - Kill For Love (Italians Do it Better) Magenta, 2x12"
    Circle of Dead Children-The Genocide Machine (Willowtip)
    Circle of Dead Children - Psalm of the Grand Destroyer (Willowtip)Orange and black swirl
    City of Caterpillar-Demo + Live (Lilacsky)
    Cobalt - Gin (Profound Lore) 2x12"
    Cocteau Twins - Garlands (4AD) 180-gram
    Code Orange Kids - Love is Love/Return to Dust (Deathwish)orange
    Coffins/Otesanek split (Parasitic)180-gram
    Coheed and Cambria - Second Stage Turbine Blade (Equal Vision) white
    Coke Bust - Lines in the Sand (Six Weeks)
    Coliseum-Goddammage (Manic Ride)
    Coliseum-S/T (Level-Plane) Split Grey/Black
    Coltrane, John and Jackson, Milt - Bags & Trane (Atlantic)
    Column of Heaven - Mission From God (SPHC)
    Contemporary Noise Quintet - Pig Inside the Gentleman (Lanquidity) 2x12", 330/350
    Contemporary Noise Sextet - Ghostwriter's Joke (Denovali) Clear with black and white splatter, 180-gram
    Converge-Petitioning.../When Forever...(Deathwish) Black/white swirl, 2x12"
    Converge - Jane Doe (Deathwish) 2x12"
    Converge - You Fail Me (Deathwish) White
    Converge-No Heroes (Deathwish) pink/white swirl
    Converge-Unloved and Weeded Out (Reflections)
    Converge - Axe to Fall (Deathwish)
    Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind (Death Wish) 2x12", red
    Conversions, The - Prisoners' Inventions (Level-Plane) Test press
    Conversions, The - Spineless Wonders (Ride the Snake)
    Corrupted - Nadie (Throne)
    Corrupted - Paso Inferior (Insolito) 2nd press
    Corrupted/Noothgrush Split (Reservoir)
    Cough/The Wounded Kings - An Introduction to the Black Arts (Forcefield)
    Cough - Ritual Abuse (Relapse) blue, 2x12"
    Cough/Windhand - Reflection of the Negative (Relapse)
    Creation is Crucifixion - In Silico - Remastered Version (Scorched Earth Policy)
    Creation is Crucifixion - Automata (Willowtip) white cover
    Cross, Christopher - Self Titled
    Crow - Bloody Tear (Prank) 180-gram
    Crow, Rob - Living Well (Temporary Residence) orange/black splatter
    Crucial Unit-These Colors Get the Runs (Six Weeks)
    Cure, The - Disintegration (Atlantic) 2x12", 180 gram
    Cursed - I (Deathwish) clear with red, white, and blue splatter
    Cursed - II (Fan Club) European Bootleg
    Cursive - The Ugly Organ (Saddle Creek) green
    Cursive - The Difference Between Houses and Homes (Saddle Creek) 180-gram
    Daitro/Sed Non Satiata split (Adagio 830)
    Darvocets, The - Authentic Music From Another Planet (Painkiller) 1-sided ltd to 110
    Das Oath-S/T (Dim Mak)
    Daybreak/Godstomper split (At a Loss)
    Daylight - Jar (Run For Cover) Bone
    Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (Manifesto)
    Deep Wound - Discography (Damaged Goods) Black/pink splatter
    Def Leppard-High and Dry
    Def Leppard-On Through the Night
    Def Leppard-Pyromania
    Deftones - White Pony (Maverick) 2x12"
    Deftones - Diamond Eyes (Reprise) White
    Deftones - Koi No Yokan (Repirse)
    Deleted Arrows - The Body as a Wasteland (Prolific Summer)clear orange
    Desire - II (Italians Do It Better)
    Despise You - West Side Horizons (Forest Moon) "Dodger" Blue, 28/500
    Devo - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo! (Warner Brothers)
    Devo - Duty Now For the Future (Warner Brothers)
    Devo-Freedom of Choice
    Devo - Hardcore Vol. 1 (Superior Viaduct)
    Devo - Hardcore Vol. 2 (Superior Viaduct) 2x12"
    Direct Control/Strung Up split (No Way) Blue/Black splatter
    Direct Control-You're Controlled (Feral Ward)Red
    Dodsdomd - Samhallets fiender nummer ett (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
    Doomriders-Black Thunder (Magic Bullet)Test press edition 143/165
    Dot [.]/Hey Colossus split (Shifty)
    Dot [.]-S/T (Blind Date) ltd. To 294
    Double Negative - The Wonderful and Frightening World of Double Negative (No Way) Red
    DRI-4 of a Kind (Metal Blade)
    DRI-Thrash Zone (Metal Blade)
    Dystopia - Self Titled (Life is Abuse) Clear
    ELO-A New World Record
    ELO-Balance of Power
    ELO-Face the Music
    ELO-No Answer
    ELO-Ole ELO
    ELO-On the Third Day
    ELO-Out of the Blue 2xlp (Blue)
    ELO-Secret Messages
    Electric Wizard - Dopethrone (Rise Above) 2x12"
    Employer, Employee - Discography (Robotic Empire) Clear
    Endless Blockade, The - Primitive (20 Buck Spin)
    Endless Blockade, The The-Turn Illness Into a Weapon (Super Fi) 180-gram
    Endless Blockade, The/Hatred Surge split (Schizophrenic) Black/Red
    Endless Blockade, The/Bastard Noise - The Red List split (Deep Six) Red
    Endless Blockade, The/Unearthly Trance split (Chrome Peeler)
    Failure - Comfort (ORG)
    Failure - Magnified (ORG)
    Failure - Fantastic Planet (Slash) 2x12"
    Faith No More - Angel Dust (Fan Club)
    Figure Four - Suffering the Loss (Blood & Ink) yellow/black
    Find Him and Kill Him-Cut Them to Pieces (16OH)
    Find Him and Kill Him-Cut Them To Pieces (16OH) Red/Black swirl
    Find Him and Kill Him-Cut Them to Pieces (16OH)Test Press #12/12
    Floor - Dove (No Idea) Sky Blue
    Floor - Self Titled (No Idea) Gray
    Folds, Ben - Songs for Silverman (Epic) 2x12", 180 gram
    Foo Fighters - Self Titled (Roswell)
    Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape (RCA) 2x12"
    Forward-Burn Down the Corrupted Justice (Partners in Crime) Clear with "confetti" splatter, tour edition
    Frizzi, Fabio - Zombie OST (Death Waltz)
    Frizzi, Fabio - The Beyond OST (Mondo) turquoise
    Fuck on the Beach-Endless Summer (Slap A Ham)
    Gabriel, Peter-3:Melt
    Gatecrashers, The-Are a Bunch of Motherfuckers (Parts Unknown)
    Genesis - And The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
    Genesis - Nursery Crime
    Genesis-The Best of Genesis 2xlp (with Peter Gabriel)
    Gentle Giant - Acquiring the Taste (Vertigo)
    Gentle Giant - Octopus (Columbia)
    Gentle Giant - In a Glass House (WWA)
    Gentle Giant - Interview
    Gentle Giant - The Power and the Glory
    Gentle Giant-Giant for a Day
    Glass Candy - Beatbox (Italians Do It Better) Blue + bonus 7"
    Glassjaw - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence (Roadrunner)
    Glassjaw - Worship and Tribute (Warner Brothers)
    Goblin - Profondo Rosso OST (Dagored) 180 gram
    Goblin - Roller (AMS) 180 gram
    Goblin - Dawn of the Dead (Dagored) 180 gram
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! (Constellation)180-gram, + 7"
    Goldsmith, Jerry - Poltergeist OST (Mondo) 2x12", 180 gram
    Graf Orlock/Greyskull split (Dood) Black/Clear Prerelease version 51/100
    Graf Orlock-Destination Time Yesterday (Level Plane) Green
    Grails-Black Tar Prophecies Vol 2 (Aurora Borealis) Yellow
    Grails-Red Light (Robotic Empire) red
    Grails-The Burden of Hope (Robotic Empire) Green
    Grails/Red Sparowes split (Robotic Empire) Red/Green
    Grails - Burning Off Impurities (Temporary Residence) 2x12", Clear and Blue, etched d-side
    Graves at Sea/Asunder split (20 Buck Spin)
    Greaves, Justin - The Devil's Business OST (Death Waltz)
    Green, Al - Greatest Hits (Hi)
    Gregor Samsa - 27:36 + 2Dot (Mi Amante) clear
    Grimes - Visions (4AD)
    Guaraldi, Vince - A Charlie Brown Christmas (Fantasy)green
    Guaraldi, Vince - Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus
    Guaraldi, Vince - Oh Good Grief!
    Guyana Punch Line-Direkt Aktion (Prank) Pink
    Hammer-Blue (Deranged)
    Hammer-Yellow (Deranged)
    Hancock, Herbie - Maiden Voyage (Blue Note)
    Harrison, John - Day of the Dead OST (Saturn)
    Heartless - Hell is Other People (Southern Lord) 180-gram
    Hell - II (Pesanta Urfolk)2x12", etched b-side "oxblood"
    Hella-Hold Your Horse Is (Frenetic)
    Hellnation-Cheerleaders of Imperialism (Slap a Ham)
    High on Fire - The Art of Self Defense (TeePee) +7"
    High on Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis (eOne) 2x12"
    Homostupids, The - The Intern (Parts Unknown) blue/white marble
    Hooded Menace - Never Cross the Dead (Doomentia) 2x12"
    Hooded Menace - Effigies of Evil (Relapse) 180-gram, 2x12"
    Holly Hunt - Year One (Other Electricities) 2x12"
    Hot Snakes - Automatic Midnight (Swami)
    Hot Snakes - Suicide Invoice (Swami)
    Huata - Atavist of Mann (Throatruiner) 2x12"
    Huata/Bitcho split (Music Fear Satan) Purple/Clear
    Hugs - Self Titled(Slave Union)clear, screened b-side
    Hugs - The Tarpit (Records of the Damned) Sea foam Green
    Hum - You'd Prefer an Astronaut (SRC) 180 gram
    Iceage - New Brigade (What's Your Rupture)
    Iceage - You're Nothing (Matador)
    Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights (Matador)
    Iron Curtain - Desertion: 1982-1988 (Pylon) Red, 2x12"
    Iron Lung - Life.Iron Lung. Death (625)
    Iron Lung - Sexless//No Sex (Prank) Blue
    Iron Lung/Endless Blockade - Broadcasting Negativity (Fuck Yoga)
    Iron Lung/Lana Dagales split (Boredom Noise)2006 Tour Edition ltd to 325
    Iron Lung/Shank split (625/Out of Limits)
    Iron Lung - White Glove Test (Iron Lung)
    Isis - Celestial (Robotic Empire) marbled yellow, 2x12"
    Isis - Oceanic (Robotic Empire) 2x12"
    Jackson, Michael - Off the Wall (Epic)
    Jackson, Michael - Thriller
    Jackson, Michael - Bad
    Jawbox - For Your Own Special Sweetheart (Desoto)
    Jawbox - Self Titled (Desoto)
    Jawbreaker - Dear You (Blackball) 2x12"
    Jethro Tull-A
    Jethro Tull-Aqualung
    Judas Priest-British Steel
    Judas Priest-Defenders of the Faith
    Judas Priest-Hell Bent for Leather
    Judas Priest-Painkiller
    Judas Priest-Point of Entry
    Judas Priest-Rocka Rolla
    Judas Priest-Sad Wings of Destiny
    Judas Priest-Screaming for Vengeance
    Judas Priest-Sin After Sin
    Judas Priest-Stained Class
    Judas Priest-The Best Of (early stuff pre-Stained Class)
    Kadavar - Abra Kadavar (Nuclear Blast) Mustard
    Kansas-Point of No Return
    Kansas-Song for America
    Kim Phuc - Copsucker (Iron Lung) White
    King Crimson - Earthbound
    King Crimson - Islands
    King Crimson - Larks Tongue in Aspic
    King Crimson - Lizard
    King Crimson - Red
    King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black
    King Crimson-In the Court of the Crimson King
    King Crimson-In the Wake of Poseidon
    Kino - Gruppa Krovi (Russian Disc)
    Koro-Speed Kills (Sorry State) Blue
    Kvoteringen - Bister Prognos (Terrotten)
    Kykloopien Sukupuuto - Self Titled (Hate)
    Kylesa - To Walk a Middle Course (Havoc) Class cover, clear
    Ladies, The-They Mean Us (Temporary Residence) Blue marble
    Last Priest - Self Titled (16OH)
    Let the Night Roar - Vol. 2 (Hydro-Phonic)Yellow/Black cross
    Lewd Acts - Black Eye Blues (Deathwish) clear
    Life and Times, The - Suburban Hymns (Hawthorne Street) clear
    Life and Times, The - The Magician (Hawthorne Street) Clear Yellow
    Life and Times, The - Tragic Boogie (Hawthorne Street) Clear Red
    Life and Times, The - No One Loves You Like I Do (Hawthorne Street)
    Life at These Speeds-S/T (The Perpetual Motion Machine/Owsla)
    Light in the Attic, A - Where They Sleep (Wild Zero)
    Lightning Bolt-Hypermagic Mountain (Load) 2xlp, etched d-side
    Lightning Bolt-Wonderful Rainbow (Load)
    Look Back and Laugh - State of Illusion (LBAL) clear, screened b-side
    Look Back and Laugh-By the Pound (Lengua Armada)
    Look Back and Laugh-S/T (Lengua Armada)
    Loser Life - I Have Ghosts and I Have Ghosts (16OH) clear
    Lynch, David & Splet, Alan - Eraserhead OST (Sacred Bones) + 7"
    M. Akers - Tough to Kill (Retrograde Tapes)
    Magic Circle - Self Titled (Armageddon Shop)
    Magrudergrind/Shitstorm split (Robotic Empire) Green
    Mahavishnu Orchestra - Between Nothingness and Eternity
    Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of Fire
    Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting Flame
    Maiovvi, Antoni - Yellow OST (Death Waltz) Yellow with red splatter
    Majeure - Timespan (Temporary Residence) 2x12", etched d-side
    Majeure - Solar Maximum (Temporary Residence)Yellow/Clear
    Majority Rule - Interviews with David Frost (Magic Bullet) Purple
    Martinez, Cliff - Drive OST (Mondo) 2x12"
    Martyrdod-In Extremis (Havoc)Clear, screened cover ltd to 100
    Maserati - Pyramid of the Sun (Temporary Residence) gray, pink swirl
    Mass Movement of the Moth/The Catalyst-200666 (EHP) Red/White splatter
    Megadeth - Killing is My Business...and Business is Good! (Back on Black) Red
    Megadeth - Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? (Capitol)
    Megadeth - So Far, So Good...So What! (Capitol)
    Megadeth - Rust in Peace (Capitol) 180 gram
    Meneguar - Strangers in Our House (TMU) green
    Meneguar-I Was Born at Night (Magic Bullet) Test press edition, ltd to 50.
    Metallica - Kill 'Em All (Elektra) Half-speed master repress.
    Metallica - Ride the Lightning (Elektra)
    Meth Drinker - Self Titled (Raw Birth)
    Meth Drinker/Moloch Split (Crucificados)
    Midnight - Complete and Total Fucking Midnight (NWN) 2x12", 2nd press
    Midnight - Satanic Royalty (Hell's Headbangers) Blue
    Mind Eraser - Cave (Painkiller) Gold
    Mind Eraser - Glacial Reign
    Mingus, Charles - Mingus Ah Um (Atlantic)
    Mingus, Charles - Changes Two (Atlantic)
    Minor Threat-S/T (Dischord)OG
    Minus the Bear - Highly Refined Pirates (Suicide Squeeze) Blue
    Minus the Bear - They Make Beer Commercials Like This (Suicide Squeeze) Beer
    Minus the Bear - This is What I Know About Being Gigantic (Suicide Squeeze) Clear
    Minus the Bear-Menos El Oso (Suicide Squeeze)
    Minus the Bear - Infinity Overhead (Dangerbird) clear
    Mogwai - Rock Action (Southpaw)
    Mogwai - Mr. Beast (Matador) 2x12", etched d-side
    Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (Sub Pop)
    Mogwai - Les Revenants (Rock Action)
    Moore, Steve - The Henge (Static Caravan) Gray
    Moore, Steve - Primitive Neural Pathways (Dangerous Age) Pink
    Moore, Steve/Majeure - Brainstorm (Temporary Residence) Orange/White
    Moore, Steve - Panther Moderns (L.I.E.S.)
    Moore, Steve - Horror Business OST (Death Waltz)Red/Black
    Motley Crue - Shout at the Devil
    Motley Crue - Too Fast For Love
    Municipal Waste - Hazardous Mutation (Earache) yellow
    Municipal Waste - The Art of Partying (Earache) Blue
    Municipal Waste - Waste 'Em All (Deep Six)
    Municipal Waste/Crucial Unit split (Deep Six)
    Negative Approach - Pressure (Recollect) bootleg
    Neil On Impression - The Perfect Tango (Life in a Box)
    Neil Perry/Joshua Fit For Battle Split (Level-Plane)Pink
    Neurosis - Enemy of the Sun (Relapse) 2x12", 180 gram
    Nightmare-Scatteraw (Plague)
    Noothgrush - Erode the Person (Parasitic)
    Noothgrush - Failing Early, Failing Often (Emetic) 2x12"
    Now, The - S/T (Robotic Empire) 1-sided, silk-screened clear
    Nuclear Assault - Handle With Care (In-Effect)
    Old Scratch Revival Singers, The (Records of the Damned) Preorder edition 17/18, tan vinyl.
    One A.M. Radio, The - This Too Will Pass (Dangerbird)2x12"
    One A.M. Radio, The/Wind Up Bird-Night Falls (Paramnesia) Blue/White transition
    One A.M. Radio, The-A Name Writ In Water (Level-Plane) Black/White swirl
    One A.M. Radio, The-On the Shore of the Wide World (Level-Plane) blue/white swirl
    Outbreak-Failure (Think Fast) Green/Yellow Splatter
    Pay Toilets-Freedom Rock or Wet N Wild USA (White Denim) Brown 1-Sided
    Pentagram - Relentless (Peaceville) 180-gram
    Pentagram - First Daze Here (Relapse) Green, 2x12"
    Pentagram-First Daze Here Too (Relapse)splatter 2x12"
    Perilstein, Michael - The Deadly Spawn OST (Mondo)
    Perth Express-Self Titled (Vendetta) screened cover
    Pig Destroyer - Painter of Dead Girls (A Date With Elvis) clear
    Pig Destroyer - Phantom Limb (Relapse) coke bottle clear
    Pig Destroyer - Prowler in the Yard (Relapse)Maroon
    Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer (Relapse) 2x12", 180 gram
    Pig Destroyer-Explosions in Ward 6 (Clean Plate)
    Pinback - Blue Screen Life (Ace Fu) 2x12" blue
    Pinback -Summer in Abaddon (Touch and Go)
    Pinback - Autumn of the Seraphs (Touch and Go)
    Pinback - Information Retrieved (Temporary Residence) Black/Blue swirl
    Pink Razors-Waiting to Wash Up (Robotic Empire)Pink
    Pinkeye-Worldwide Columbine (Slasher)
    Pinkish Black - Self Titled (Handmade Birds) Pink/Black swirl
    Pisschrist - Nothing Has Changed (Yellow Dog)
    Pissed Jeans - Hope For Men (Sub Pop) White
    Pissed Jeans-Shallow (Parts Unknown) White
    Police, The-Ghost in the Machine
    Police, The-Outlandos d'Amour
    Police, The-Synchronicity
    Police, The-Zenyatta Mondatta
    Police,The-Regatta de Blanc
    Portico Quartet - Knee-Deep in the North Sea (Real World)
    Portico Quartet - Isla (Real World)
    Powell, Bud - The Amazing Bud Powell Vol 2 (Blue Note)promo
    Prawn - You Can Just Leave It (Top Shelf) Green
    Prawn - Ships (Top Shelf) Clear
    Presidents of the United States of America, The - II (Columbia)
    Primitive Man - Scorn (Throatruiner) 180 gram
    Primus - Frizzle Fry (Frizzle Fry) 180 gram
    Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese (Plain) 180 gram
    Primus - Pork Soda (Plain) 2x12" 180 Gram
    Primus - Brown Album (Music on Vinyl) 2x12", gold
    Primus - Green Naugahyde (Prawn Song) 2x12" green
    Professor Genius - A Jean Giraud (This is Not an Exit)
    Professor Genius - La Grotta (Italians Do It Better)
    Queen - A Night at the Opera (Elektra)
    Queens of the Stone Age - Self Titled (Rekords Rekords) 2xlp
    Queens of the Stone Age - Rated X (Interscope)
    Queens of the Stone Age-Lullabies to Paralyze (Rekords Rekords) 2xlp, organge/purple
    Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork (Matador) 2x12", indie exclusive
    Quicksand - Slip (SRC) 180-gram
    Quicksand - Manic Compression (Revelation)
    Raccoo-oo-oon-Mythos Folkways Vol. 1 (Woodsist)
    Racoo-oo-oon - Mythos Folkways Vol. 2 (Woodsist)
    Rambo-Bring It (Havoc) Purple, Pointless Fest Edition
    Rapeman - Bud (Touch and Go)
    Real Estate - Days (Domino) 180-gram
    Red Sparowes - At the Soundless Dawn (Robotic Empire) First Press
    Red Sparowes/Gregor Samsa split (Robotic Empire)
    Red Sparowes-Every Red Heart Shines Towards The Red Sun (Robotic Empire) Clear/Yellow splatter 2x12"
    Regulations-Electric Guitar (Havoc)Blue
    Rep Seki-S/T (Alone) Seafoam Green ltd to 100
    Riddle of Steel-Got This Feelin' (Robotic Empire) red ltd 300
    Rival Mob, The - Mob Justice (Revelation) Gold
    Rival Schools - United By Fate (SRC) 2x12", blue/white swirl
    Rival Schools - Pedals (Photo Finish) 180-gram
    Rival Schools - Found (SRC) 180 gram
    Roomrunner - Ideal Cities (Fan Death)
    Rossi, Gianni - Gutterballs OST (Permanent Vacation)
    Rossi, Gianni - Star Vehicle OST (Permanent Vacation)
    Rotten Sound-Exit (Willowtip) 220 gram, red with white splotches ltd 150
    Rotten Sound - Cursed (Relapse) red and black swirl
    Rubinstein, Donald - Martin OST (Varese Sarabande)
    Rush - ABC 1974 (Back on Black) 2x12", 180-gram
    Rush - A Farewell to Kings (with tour book)
    Rush - Caress of Steel
    Rush - Clockwork Angels (Roadrunner) 2xlp
    Rush - Fly By Night
    Rush-Grace Under Pressure
    Rush-Hemispheres (red vinyl)
    Rush-Hold Your Fire
    Rush-Moving Pictures
    Rush-Permanent Waves
    Rush-Power Windows
    Rush-Roll the Bones
    Rush-Self Titled
    Rush - Snakes and Arrows (Atlantic) 2xlp
    Rush - Vapor Trails (Atlantic) 2xlp
    Russian Circles-Enter (HeWhoCorrupts)Grey swirl
    Satan's Satyrs - Wild Beyond Belief! (Trash King)
    Saviours-Warship (Level-Plane) red/black 'camo,' etched b-side ltd 150
    Savious-Crucifire (Level-Plane) Yellow/black camo
    Sea, Like Lead, The/Belegost split (Hard Travelin') black and white cover
    Shiner - The Egg (Son of Man NYC)
    Shockwave - Autohate (Good Life) Green
    Shout Out Louds - Optica (Merge)
    Sidetracked/Dead Radical split (16 OH)
    Siege - Dropdead (Deep Six) transparent gold
    Sigur Ros - In a Frozen Sea (Artist in Residence) 7 lp box set
    Sigur Ros - Kveikur (XL) 2x12" + 10"
    Skitsystem - Allt E Skit (Havoc)
    Skitsystem-Enkel Resa Till Rannstenen (Havoc) grey
    Slayer - Show No Mercy (Metal Blade)
    Sleep - Vol. 2 (Fan Club) Pink
    Sleep - Dopesmoker (Southern Lord) green, 2x12"
    Sleeping People-S/T (Temporary Residence)
    Sleeping People - Growing (Temporary Residence) 2x12"
    Sleeping People - NOTRUF (Temporary Residence) Blue/Black swirl
    Slices - Cruising (Iron Lung)
    Slices - Still Cruising (Iron Lung) Purple
    Slowdive - Souvlaki (Fan Club) 2x12"
    Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream (Virgin) 180-gram, 2x12"
    Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Virgin) 4x12"
    Snake Apartment - Paint the Walls (Parts Unknown)
    Snake Apartment/Workdeath split (Corleone) MITB cover
    Society Nurse - Self Titled (Iron Lung)
    Sorgini, Giuliano - The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue OST (Death Waltz)
    Sons of Abraham-Termites in His Smile (Exit)
    Souljazz Orchestra, The - Rising Sun (Shout) 2x12"
    Sparrows Swarm and Sing-Untitled II (Gatehouse Anchor) 470/500
    SSD - The Kids Will Have Their Say (fanclub)
    Steely Dan-Aja
    Steely Dan-Can't Buy a Thrill
    Steely Dan-Countdown to Ecstacy
    Steely Dan-Katy Lied
    Steely Dan-Pretzel Logic
    Steely Dan-The Royal Scam
    Stop It!! - Self Made Maps (Perpetual Motion Machine)
    Styx-Crystal Ball
    Styx-Pieces of Eight
    Styx-The Grand Illusion
    Supertramp-Breakfast in America
    Supertramp-Crime of the Century
    Supertramp-Crisis? What Crisis?
    Supertramp-Even in the Quietest Moments
    Swervedriver - Planes Over the Skyline (Alti Philosphi)Bootleg
    Sword, The-Age of Winters (Kemado)
    Symmetry - Themes From an Imaginary Film (Italians Do It Better) 3x12"
    Takaru - There Can Only be None (Alone)
    Talking Heads- 77
    Talking Heads-Fear of Music
    Talking Heads-Little Creatures
    Talking Heads-More Songs About Building and Food
    Talking Heads-Remain in Light
    Talking Heads-Speaking in Tongues
    Talking Heads-Stop Making Sense
    Tangerine Dream-Rubycon
    These Arms Are Snakes - This Is Meant to Hurt You (Second Nature)
    These Arms Are Snakes - Oxeneers Or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Goes Home (Second Nature) White
    These Arms Are Snakes - Tail Swallower and Dove (Suicide Squeeze) Pink/White swirl
    Thin Lizzy - Jail Break
    Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation
    Thin Lizzy - Black Rose
    Thin Lizzy - Johnny the Fox
    This Will Destroy You - Young Mountain (Magic Bullet) Gold, screened cover
    Thou/Cower Split (Vendetta)
    Tilts - Self Titled (Robotic Empire) Clear Yellow
    Torche - S/T (Robotic Empire)green with white
    Torche - Harmonicraft (Volcom Ent)Clear
    Tortoise - Millions Now Living Will Never Die (Thrill Jockey)
    Tortoise - TNT (Thrill Jockey) 2x12"
    Tortoise - It's All Around You (Thrill Jockey)
    Totalitar - Vi Ar Eliten (Prank) clear, mailorder edition with bonus 7"
    Tragedy-S/T (Tragedy)
    Traindodge - I Am Forever (Little Mafia)
    Troller - Self Titled (Holodeck)
    U2 - Boy
    Ultimate Warriors, The-Our Gimmick is Wrestling (Doppelganger) Green
    Ultra Dolphins-Mar (Robotic Empire) orange
    Ultra Dolphins-Why Are You Laugh? (Robotic Empire) "Broken Highlighter"
    Umberto - From the Grave (Permanent)
    Umberto - Night Has a Thousand Screams (Rock Action)
    Umberto - Confrontations (Not Not Fun)
    Useless Children - Post Ending // Pre Completion (Iron Lung)
    Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Blood Lust (Rise Above) Blue
    Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Mind Control (Rise Above) 2x12", white
    Venom - Welcome To Hell (Back on Black) 2x12" 180-gram, purple
    Ventura, Fred - The Years (Go By) (Italians Do it Better)
    Verbal Abuse-Just an American Band (No Way)
    Vicious, The - Alienated (Feral Ward)
    Vicious, The - S/T (NyVag)
    Walls - Self Titled (Painkiller) White
    Walls - The Future is Wide Open (Iron Lung)
    Warzone Womyn/The Endless Blockade split (Out of Limits)
    Weber, Eberhard - Fluid Rustle (ECM)
    Weber, Eberhard - Silent Feet (ECM) Promo
    Weekend Nachos - Punish and Destroy (Cowabunga)
    Weezer - Self Titled aka Blue Album (Geffen)
    Wham! - Last Christmas b/w Everything She Wants (Epic)
    What's Yr Damagae - Kick Food Into Your Mouth (Cephia's Treat) 1-sided, Etched B-side, 4/50
    Whirr - Distressor (Graveface) Purple/White swirl with black splatter
    White Lung - It's the Evil (Deranged)
    White Lung - Sorry (Deranged)
    White Mice - Blassstphlegmeice (Load)
    White Mice - Mouse of Mendes (Oh No Noise) screened cover
    White Zombie - La Sexorcisto Devil Music Vol. 1 (Music on Vinyl) Clear/White
    White Zombie - Astro-Creep 2000 (Music on Vinyl) Green/Black
    Wild Nothing - Nocturne (Captured Tracks)
    Wild Nothing - Empty Estate (Captured Tracks)
    Windhand - Self Titled (Forcefield) White with purple haze
    Windhand - Soma (Relapse) 2x12", 180 gram
    Wolfe, Chelsea - Pain is Beauty (Sargent House) 2x12", clear
    Woods - At Rear House (TMU) clear
    Yes-Close to the Edge
    Yes-The Yes Album
    Yes-Yessongs 3xlp
    Zappa, Frank - Apostrophe
    Zappa, Frank - Overnite Sensation
    Zappa, Frank - Sheik Yerbouti
    Zombi - Cosmos (Aesthetic) glow in the dark, 2x12"
    Zombi - Escape Velocity (Relapse) 180 gram
    Zombi - Sapphire b/w Long Mirrored Corridor (Throne of Blood)
    Zombi - Self Titled (Wabana)
    Zombi - Spirit Animal (Relapse) White, 2x12"
    Zombi - Twilight Sentinel (Wabana)
    Zombi/Maserati split (Temporary Residence)
    Zombi-Surface to Air (Hypertension) blue
    Zozobra - Savage Masters (Brutal Panda) Clear with pink haze

    Comp 12"
    V/A - 4 Bands to Drain Your Pool (To Live a Lie) Red
    V/A - After Dark (Italians Do It Better) 3x12", clear
    V/A - After Dark 2 (Italians Do It Better) 3x12", clear
    V/A - Best Friends Day 6 (Rorschach) Green. Iron Lung, Municipal Waste, etc.
    V/A - Death to Hardcore, Death to Reagan (Mike Fitzgerald)
    V/A - Public Safety (Maximum RNR)
    V/A - Reality Part 2 (Deep Six)Orange
    V/A - Trapped in a Scene (625)

    Das Oath-Self Titled (Coalition)

    Ampere-All Our Tomorrows End Today (Ebullition)
    Bones Brigade-Endless Bummer (Still Holding On)
    Coffins/Mala Suerte split (Ill Will)
    Cursive-Art Is Hard/The Recluse Singles (Robotic Empire) Pic Disc
    Dot (.)/Fistula split (Shifty)
    El Buzzard-Tranquilizante Del Elelphante (EHP) Grey
    Graf Orlock-Destination Time Tomorrow (Level-Plane) flesh, pop-up cover
    Great Redneck Hope, The - Splosion (TBYB) Pic Disc
    Hopesfall - No Wings to Speak Of (One Day Saviour) Blue
    Hot Cross-A New Set of Lungs (Robodog)
    In Disgust - Reality Choke (16OH)
    Infest-Mankind (Deep Six)
    Midnight - Farewell to Hell (Nuclear War Now)
    Moore, Steve - Fever Dream b/w 30,000 Feet Deep (Mexican Summer)
    Pinback - Some Voices (Cutty Shark) Blue
    Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris (Interscope) 3x10"
    Stop It!!-Demo (Life in a Box) Brown
    Torche - In Return (Robotic Empire) clear with "planets"

    Shikari/Louise Cyphere (Level Plane/Crucificados) Black/Red
    Ampere/Funeral Diner split (Clean Plate) Etched, 1-sided

    Nailed Down - Honour and Glory (Six Weeks) Flexi

    ACxDC-He Had It Coming (Dood)
    Agenda - Articulation (Self Released)yellow
    Air Conditioning-Catneck b/w Frustrating Ice Princess
    Akers, M. - Unused Score for 'La Puntura Velenosa Della Notte' (DeathWound)
    ANNIHILATION TIME-Cosmic Unconciousness (Tank Crimes) Blue/Grey
    ANS-Romancing the Phone (TXOS)Teal marble
    ANS-Heinous (TXOS) pink, 1-sided, screened b-side
    Artimus Pyle-Self Titled (Life is Abuse) Blue
    Asshole Parade-Say Goodbye (No Idea) Pink, screened cover
    ASP-Self Titled (Noise Ordinance) Purple Marble
    Aughra-S/T (UnderRadar)Clear
    Bathtub Shitter-97 + 3 Shit Points (Power It Up)
    Bathtub Shitter-One Fun (Power It Up)
    Black SS-S/T (3rd Party) Gold
    Bones Brigade - Self Titled (Belief Crisis)
    Bongzilla - Hemp For Victory b/w Smoke (Thunder) Green
    Bookburner - Self Titled (16OH)
    Born Bad - S/T (Fashionable Idiots)
    Brain Handle-1st 7" (Self Released)
    Brain Handle-2nd 7" (Fashionable Idiots)
    Brain Handle - Smiling/Smiling Again (Iron Lung)
    Breather Resist-Full of Tongues (Auxiliary)Red
    Breathing Fire-Demo (Painkiller)
    Brutal Knights-Not Fun (Deranged)
    Brutal Knights-Terrible Evenings (PTrash) clear
    Cancer Kids - Boston Cream (Clean Plate) 70/150, screened b-side
    Canephora-At a Loss for Words (Moo Cow)
    Capsule - Voluminant (Makeshift Origami) Gray
    Career Suicide-Sars (Deranged)
    Caustic Christ-S/T (Havoc)
    Caustic Christ-Government Job (Havoc)
    Caustic Christ-US Tour 2005 (Havoc) Gold, tour only, ltd 500
    Cave In - Lift Off b/w Lost in the Air (Hydrahead)
    Cave In - Creative Eclipses (Hydrahead)
    Cavity-Fuck Diablo (Arm)
    Chronic Seizure-Brain Sick (Fashionable Idiots)
    Chronic Seizure-S/T (Fashionable Idiots) Blue
    Circle of Dead Children-Exotic Sense Decay (Robodog) Pic Disc
    Code Orange Kids - Cycles (Mayfly) Pastel Green
    Coke Bust - Demo (Headcount) Clear, 52/100
    Coke Bust - Fuck Bar Culture (3rd Party) Gold
    Conelrad-Bezoar (Hope/Hard Travelin')
    Conelrad-Sluts & Slops (Version City)
    Conversions, The-S/T
    Corrupted-La Victima Es Tu Mismo (View Beyond)
    Corrupted-Vasana/An Island Insane (HG:Fact) 846/1000
    Crestfallen - S/T (A Date With Elvis)
    Crisis of Conformity - Fist Fight! (Drag City)
    Crucial Unit - Moshzilla (De La Mente)
    Crucial Unit - Premium Iced Tea (Crucial Blast)
    Cursed-Blackout At Sunrise (Goodfellow) pic disc
    Dead in the Dirt - Fear (Southern Lord)
    Delphines, The - Panic (Thread Pull)
    Direct Control-S/T (Kangaroo)
    Direct Control-Nuclear Tomorrow (Sorry State) Yellow
    Daitro - US Tour 7" (Clean Plate)Screened b-side
    Daughters (City of Hell)
    Daybreak-Frozen Wintered Realms of My Moonlit Record Collection (Reptilian) Pic Disc
    Die Kreuzen - Cows and Beer (Barbarian)
    Dillinger Escape Plan-Live Infinity (Relapse)
    Disrupt-Refuse Planet (Relapse)
    Disrupt-Millions Die for Money Making
    Dodsdomd - Seven Deadly Sins (Havoc)Blue, Yellow, 2x7" with limited cover
    Dropdead-S/T (Armageddon)
    Dry Rot-Permission ep (Cold Vomit)
    Dry Rot - This is a Forest b/w Lumber Yard (Deer Healer)
    Electric Wizard - Legalise Drugs and Murder (Rise Above)
    Employer, Employee-Mother Spain and the Wayfaring Myth (Graham Williams)
    Endless Blockade, The-S/T (Dada Drumming) Clear/Red splatter
    Endless Blockade - Demo (Fuck Yoga)
    Fable-Give Us the Night (Takehold) Clear Green
    Facade Burned Black-Who Will Save the Unwanted (Rhetoric)
    Failure - Pro-Catastrophe b/w Dipped in Anger (Sweet Smelling)
    Failure - Count My Eyes b/w Comfort (Sweet Smelling) With show flyer
    Fever - SES (16OH) White
    xFilesx-NBC Mayhem Tour 2002 Ep
    xFilesx - Beaten Straight (My Trust) red
    Find Him and Kill Him-Are Fucking Dead (Old Guard)
    Flipper - Sex Bomb b/w Brainwash (Subterranean) Red
    Floor-Loanin' b/w Figbender (Dirge)
    Floor-Madonna (Bovine)
    Floor-Goddard b/w Slugthrower (Rhetoric) Die-Cut cover
    Floor-Heather (Noise Vacuum)
    For the Worse-S/T (Bridge 9) Yellow
    Formaldehyde Junkies-Are a Total Reck (Firestarter)
    Formaldehyde Junkies-S/T (Fashionable Idiots)
    Fucked Up-Generation (Slasher)
    Fucked Up-Baiting the Public (Deranged)
    Fucked Up-No Pasaran b/w Circling the Drain (Deranged)
    Fucked Up-Dance of Death (Deranged)
    Fucked Up-Litany (Havoc)
    Fucked Up-Police (Deranged)
    Fucking Invincible - Very Negative (Atomic Action) white
    Fucking Invincible - Downtown is Dead (Atomic Action) white
    Gatecrashers, The-Loud At Any Volume (Parts Unknown)Green
    Get Rad - Bastards United (Level Plane) Test Press
    Girlfight - Real Spite (Mayfly)Gold
    Glassjaw - Cosmopolitan Bloodloss b/w El Mark (Warner Brothers)
    Government Warning-No Way Out (No Way)
    Government Warning - Arrested (Grave Mistake) Pink
    Hammer-More Hammer (Ugly Pop)
    Hassan I Sabbah (Robotic Empire) Noose Cover
    Homostupids-The Glow (My Minds Eye) Pink
    Homostupids-The Brutal Birthday (Richie)1-sided
    Homostupids - The Edge (PTrash)
    Homostupids - Cat Music (Fashionable Idiots)
    House of Low Culture-Gettin' Sentimental (Robotic Empire) 2x7"
    Howarth, Alan - Halloween III Season of the Witch Flexi (Death Waltz) ltd to 350
    Io-Final 2 Songs (Hope)
    Iron Lung-Demonstrations in Pressure and Volume (625)
    Iron Lung - Cancer b/w Life of Pain (Iron Lung) 294/524
    Iron Lung/Hatred Surge - Broken Collaboration (Iron Lung)
    Jhabara - And Now And... (HG:Fact)
    Kieltolaki - S/T (Moo Cow)
    Kieltolaki - Totaalisen Tuhon Huominen (Moo Cow)
    Kim Phuc - Self Titled (Self-Released)
    Kim Phuc - Wormwood Star (Criminal IQ)
    Kim Phuc - Weird Skies b/w Suicide Circle (Dear Skull)
    Knuckle Scraper-Max Isn't The Bastard (625)
    Koro-700 Club (Sorry State) orange/yellow swirl
    Last Priest-We All Failed (Old Guard)
    Limp Wrist-Want Us Dead (Lengua Armada)
    Lewd Acts-Demo(Slam It) Green
    Lewd Acts-On Lonely Nights (Eating Rats) Half black, half white, red splatter #11/100
    Lewd Acts - Lung Patrol (16OH)
    Life and Times, The - Day II b/w Day III (Hawhtorne Street)Purple
    Look Back and Laugh-Street Terrorism (Deranged) Blue, screened cover
    Lords of Light - Dividing Up b/w Buffalo Byrds (Iron Lung) 69/300
    Loser Life-s/t (Life's a Rape)
    Magrudergrind-Owned (Punks Before Profits)
    Majeure - Ben Nevis b/w Jakoda (Mind Skull)2011 RSD
    Meth Drinker - S/T (Crucificados)
    Mindless Mutant-S/T (Dangerously Small)
    Municipal Waste - Religion Proof (Decibel) Green Flexi
    New Flesh, The (Self Released) Grey
    Newgenics-Every Girl in the World (Level-Plane) Blue
    No Time Left-Zero Effort Solution (Third Party)
    Nux Vomica-The Uninspired (Torture Garden) Poster
    One AM Radio, The - This is My Exit (Troubleman) 121/500
    Our Times - S/T (Headcount)
    Outbreak-Eaten Alive (Think Fast) Clear ltd to 200
    Out With a Bang - I'm Against It (Fashionable Idiots)
    Pinback - Loro (Ace Fu)
    Pinback - Information Retrieved Part A (Temporary Residence) Record Store Day Exclusive
    Pinback - Informations Retrieved Part B (Temporary Residence) RSD Exclusive
    Pink Razors-First Degree (Rorschach)
    Pissed Jeans-Throbbing Organ b/w Night Minutes (Parts Unknown)
    Pissed Jeans-Don't Need Smoke... b/w Love Clown (Sub Pop) Yellow
    Pg 99 Document #11 (Robotic Empire) purple
    Punch - Eyeless (625) White
    Pyramid Scheme-What Will We Do Next (Art Fraud)
    Racoo-oo-oon - S/T (Gilgongo)
    Relics-Demo (Clean Plate) Green, die-cut cover
    Retainers-Teenage Regrets (Fashionable Idiots)
    Retainers - Lose It (Ptrash)
    Retainers - She Likes to Get Attention (Plastic Idol) blue
    Revenge - Awkward...(Run For Cover) Clear, 53/100
    Rhino Charge-S/T (To Live a Lie)Clear
    Rhino Charge-S/T (To Live a Lie)"Mess"
    Riistetyt - Kahleet (Havoc) White
    Riistetyt - TUOMIOPAIVA (Havoc) Grey
    Rush - Caravan b/w BU2B (Atlantic)White, RSD 2011
    Saetia - Eronel (Witching Hour)
    Saetia - Venus and Bacchus (Level Plane)
    Scapegoat-S/T (Painkiller)
    Sea of Thousand (Die Die Diemond) White 15/200
    Sequoia (Self Released)
    Sex Vid - Tania (Dom America) 2nd press
    Sheryl's Magnetic Aura-Like You Mean It + 3 (Loose Change)
    Shockwave - Warpath (SA Mob) Blue
    Sidetracked-Just a Front (16OH)splatter #/52, preorder cover
    Sidetracked-Just a Front (16OH)Test Press, #/24
    Sidetracked-Just a Front (16OH)half black/half white, #/35, preorder cover
    Sidetracked-Just a Front (16OH) half/half regular cover
    Sidetracked-Just a Front (16OH) regular cover
    Sinking Steps...Rising Eyes-The 2002 EP (Init) 13/350, White Mailorder Cover 13/50
    Slices - Self Titled (16OH) Blue
    Slices - Self Titled II (Home Invasion)
    Slices - Modern Bride b/w Chump Change (Kemado)
    Snack Truck-Terrier Demo (Blood of the Drash) Red
    Sojourner - Tour 7" (16OH)
    SU19B - Self Titled (Blurred)
    Swarrrm-S/T (Crucificados) Pic Disc
    Takehold-S/T (16Oh) half grey/half black. Jared Goes to College Cover
    Terminally Your Aborted Ghost-Prescribing the Fractured Forms (Sick Machine) Red
    Torche - Pow Wow b/w 80s Prom (Decibel) White Flexi
    Torche - Harmonslaught (Amenesian)
    Traindodge - Remains (Little Mafia) clear, 2x7"
    Tunes For Bears to Dance to (Somberlain) 230/500
    Ultimate Warriors, The-Live at Easton Fest (Zhengaya) Clear/Rainbow Splatter
    Ultimate Warriors, The-Nazo Wrestle Violence (Double Decker) Purple
    Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Poison Apple (Rise Above) Green
    Vicious, The - Obsessive (Feral Ward)
    Vicious, The - IGEN (Feral Ward) Tour only
    Vitamin X-Rip It Out (Havoc) Red
    Voetsek-S/T (Deep Six) Purple
    Voetsek - Tinea Cruris (Six Weeks)
    Waco Fuck-Slow Decay (Life's a Rape)
    Walls - The Crawl b/w Hands and Knees (Iron Lung)
    Warcry-Harvest of Death (P.I.C.)
    Wasted Time-S/T (Grave Mistake) green
    Wasted Time - No Shore (Grave Mistake)
    Welcome the Plague Year 1-sided silkscreen (Strictly Amateur Films)
    White Lung - S/T (Sabotage) Blue
    Woods-Ram (Gilgogno) White
    World Downfall-S/T (Agromosh)

    Split 7"

    An Albatross/XBXRX split (GSL) Red
    Ampere/Daitro split (Clean Plate) Picture disc
    ANS/Deadpoint split (16OH) red/black marble
    ANS/Deadpoint split (16OH)Yellow/grey marble
    ANS/Deadpoint split (16OH)
    ANS/My Revenge split (Still Holding On)
    Apartment 213/Forced Expression split (Clean Plate) Lavender
    Apartment 213/THUG split (Bovine) Red Marble
    Assistant, The/Forstella Ford split (Boxcar)
    Bones Brigade/D.F.A split (Still Holding On) Green
    Boris/Tomsk 7 split (Bovine) Gray
    XBrainiaX/No Comply split (625)
    xBrainiax/ Dead Radical split (Fatalist)
    Brody's Militia/No Value split (Rescued From Life)
    Bruce Banner/Sayyadina split (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
    Burnt by the Sun/Burst split (Relapse) Blue Tour/Mailorder orders over $50 only.
    Capitalist Casualties/Straight Edge Kegger split (Self Released) 260/400
    Cattlepress/Sloth split (Self Released)blue ltd 300
    Caustic Christ/R.A.M.B.O. split (Havoc) Blue, 299/500
    Cave In/Early Grace split (Independence Day) Booklet
    Cave In/Piebald split (Moo Cow)
    Clusterfuck/Ratbyte split (Party Time)
    Code Orange Kids/Full of Hell split (Topshelf) clear
    Code Orange Kids/Tigers Jaw/World is a Beautiful Place & I am no Longer Afraid to Die/Self Defense Family - 4 Way Split (Topshelf) Orange
    Column of Heaven/Radioactive Vomit split (Analog Worship) clear
    Conversions, The/Witches With Dicks split (It's Not a Phase Dad)
    Corrupted/Enemy Soil split (HG:Fact)
    Crucial Unit/Killed In Action split (Fast for Life) Blue
    Dot [.]/H.C. Minds split (Phat Sausage Farm)
    Dot [.]/Mathians split (Dufresne) ltd to 300
    Dropdead/Look Back and Laugh split (Armageddon)
    Dropdead/Totalitar split (Prank) Blue
    End of a Year/Three Fifteen split (Slave Union) Grey
    Endless Blockade, The/Wadge split (RSR)
    Engless Blockade, The/ Shank split (Schizophrenic)
    Endless Blockade, The/Pig Heart Transplant split (Superfi)
    Fiction, The/Birthday Boyz split (Waking)
    xFilesx/Self Defense split (Room 101)
    FKS/Hewhocorrupts split (Take It Back)
    Floor/Spazz split(Bovine) Brownish Red
    Floor/Dove split (Berserker)
    Floor/Tired From Now On split (No Idea/Pellegrant) Purple
    Floor/Sloth split (Self Released) Pink
    Framtid/Disclose "Chainsaw" split (Regurgitated Semen) clear
    Framtid/Seein' Red split (Hate)
    Funeral Diner/Welcome the Plague Year split (Electric Human Project)
    Gatecrashers, The/Down in Flames split (Broken Glass)
    Gatecrashers, The/Idol Punch split (xMoshstachex)
    Godstomper/Magrudergrind (To Live a Lie/Nuclear BBQ) orange, multiple inserts/poster
    Godstomper/Magrudergrind split (To Live a Lie)green, 2nd press
    Godstomper/Feces Munchers split (True Til Deaf) Mailorder Cover 8/28
    Grief/Suppression split (Bovine)
    Grief/13 split (Parasitic)
    Hammer/Seein' Red split (Armageddon)
    Hellnations/CFDL split (Sound Pollution)
    Hewhocorrupts/Tusk Split (Hewhocorrupts INC)
    Highgate/Ghast split (Pesanta Urfolk)
    I, Object!/FPO split (To Live a Lie) Red yellow splatter
    In Disgust/Sidetracked split (Feral Kid) yellow
    In Disgust/Massgrave split (Mangled Ankle)
    Insect Warfare/Hatred Surge split (RSR) green
    Iron Lung/Lords of Light split
    Iron Lung/Agents of Abhorrence split (Missing Link) Grey
    Iron Lung/BG split (Born to Die) black marble, x-ray cover
    Iron Lung/Teen Cthulu split (Satan's Pimp)
    Iron Lung/The Process split (Ghost City)
    Iron Lung/Brainoil split (Boredom Noise)
    Jeromes Dream/The One A.M. Radio split (Garbage Czar)
    Kim Phuc/Centipede E'est split (Dear Skull) Record Store Day 2009
    Laceration/Avulsion split (Clean Plate)
    Laceration/Facade Burned Black split (Open Wound)
    Laceration/The K. Shipley split (Dead Print)
    Lewd Acts/Hour of the Wolf split (Think Fast!) Clear with black splatter
    Magrudergrind/Sanity's Dawn split (Regurgitated Semen)
    Magrudergrind/A Warm Gun split (Misfire)Blue
    Magrudergrind/Sylvester Staline split (Bones Brigade) red/black splatter
    Mannequin/Transistor Transistor split (Robotic Empire) Red
    Mara'akate/Fable split (HCNL)
    Neil Perry/Usurp Synapse split (Level-Plane)
    Nemo/Prosthetic Cunt split (Relapse)
    Noothgrush/Wellington split (Deep Six)
    Noothgrush/Gasp split (Clean Plate)
    Noothgrush/Agents of Satan split (100 Years of Solitude)
    Pelican/Playing Enemy split (Hawthorn Street) Red ltd 200, screened cover
    Phoenix Bodies/Shikari split (Electric Human Project) Red
    Phoenix Bodies/The Dream is Dead (Melting Wing) 142/329 Tour Only
    RAMBO/Crucial Unit split (Ed Walters) clear green
    Shikari/Acao Direta split (De Graanrepubliek)
    Shitstorm/Sloth split (Somberlain) 70 gram
    Shitstorm/Gentle Art of Chokin' split (RSR)
    Sidetracked/Summer League split (Pave the Way)
    Skitsystem/Cyness split (Unsociable)
    Shank/Minute Manifesto split (Boy Useless)
    Snake Apartment/Landed split (Corleone) red
    Spazz/25 Ta Life split (Eldison) Caramel
    SU19B/Jenny Piccolo split (Deep Six) clear
    SU19B/xBrainiax split (Crucificados) white/red
    Suffer/Urko split (Flat Earth/Enslaved)
    Textbook Traitors/Rats into Robots split (Magic Bullet) Blue
    THUG/Greenmachine split (Bovine)
    Total Fury/The Jury split (Gloom)grey, 199/500, tour only
    Tragedy/Totalitar split (Armageddon)
    Tunes for Bears/Jesse Washington split (Somberlain/Dolores) Pink
    Tyranny of Shaw/Phoenix Bodies split (Init)
    Ultimate Warriors, The/Abathakothie split (Moo Cow)
    Ultimate Warriors, The/Daybreak split (Robodog) Maroon, Limited Cover 14/100
    Ultimate Warriors, The/Kungfu Rick split (Robotic Empire) Grey
    Ultimate Warriors, The/Kobra Khan split (Chappi)
    White Lung/Nu Sensae split - Clown Life (Deranged)
    Weekend Nachos/Chronic Bleeding Syndrome split (Force Fed)

    Comp. 7"

    V/A - Bands That Don't Give a Shit About Being God (Social Napalm) Conversions, Social Circle, etc. Test Press
    V/A-2 Legs Bad, 38 Legs Good! (Magic Bullet) Gold
    V/A- Cramped Quarters comp
    V/A - Cry Now, Cry Later Vol 4 (Pessimiser)
    V/A-Digigrind Comp (XdiedenrouteY) Grey/Blue 3/200
    V/A-Drum Machine Madness (Robotic Empire) Green
    V/A-Loud and Ugly Vol 2 (Bovine) Floor, EYEHATEGOD, Apartment 213 etc
    V/A - Left Back/Left Down (Pessimiser)2x7"
    V/A - Mein Comp (Youth Attack) Blue
    V/A-No Bullshit Vol 1 (No Way Out) Direct Control, Career Suicide, etc
    V/A-No Bullshit Vol 2 (No Way) Brain Handle, Cardiac Arrest, etc.
    V/A-Prototype Comp (Clean Plate) Laceration, Apt 213, Ulcer, etc
    V/A - Songs of the Dead (Ape) Orchid, Ultimate Warriors, etc
    V/A-The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Insolito) Floor, 16, Cavity, etc 3x7"
    V/A-The Microwave Says to the Pacemaker... (Slave Union) 2x7"
    V/A-Tomorrow Will Be Worse Vol 4 (Sound Pollution)3x7" green, white, orange
    V/A - Violent Noise Party (Torture Garden) yellow, clear, brown

    Ampere/Ringers split (No Idea) Red
    Melt Banana-666 (Level-Plane) White
    V/A-Weapons of Thrash Destruction (Torture Garden) Brody's Militia, Voetsek, Widespread Bloodshed. Purple, screened b-side

    Ampere/Welcome the Plague Year split (Clean Plate/Turnstile) Clear
    Bathtub Shitter-Skate of Bulgaria (Hater of God)
    Iron Lung/Quattro Stagioni split (Crucificados)
    Melt Banana-Love Song (HG:Fact)
    Orthrelm/Trencher split (Crucificados) Blue
    RZL DZL - 5 (Broken Glass) Yellow
    Spazz - Tastin' Spoon (Clean Plate) Picture disc
    Toxic Holocaust - Reaper's Grave (Gloom) Red, 198/500

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