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  1. Does anyone want to buy my bundle at cost? Unopened. Don't know why I ordered this, I haven't bought records in a year or so now.
  2. Everything on my list is up for sale, except Modern Baseball, Dad Punchers/Warm Thoughts and MD&M. will accept any reasonable offers, trying to get stuff out that has been sitting for a while now. https://deadformat.com/collection/alogical
  3. TWIABP&IANLATD "Whenever, If Ever" tour press /100! http://www.ebay.com/itm/322142966355
  4. added more stuff, message me for even more if you're looking for a particular artist or album
  5. this exactly. I feel a little better now
  6. Didn't even notice that holy shit. My favorite Hotelier song
  7. ya lol. maybe surprising to see at first but why be offended? idiots.
  8. interesting. I guess you have to respect that decision and what he wants to convey through his music. Makes me look at the song differently now
  9. An Autobiography was A+. Young Luck A+. Forgettable A+. After that I wanted Old Gray back. They posted a FB status something along the lines of "last year was quiet for us, this year will be much louder." Hoping for a return and some shows.
  10. sold more stuff!!!! added more stuff!!!
  11. sorry won't sell you mine but good luck on this. They're in my top 5 fave bands

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