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  1. Listened to the album on a plane ride this morning. IMO, no stand out songs. Mostly made up of forgettable rockabilly tracks; at least they’re short 😂 Might be a grower, but I doubt it.
  2. The locked groove at the end of side C failed on me and my VM540ML jumped to the label.... I’m too nervous to play anything else to see if my needle survived. That sound!!! 😳
  3. Bought! Beerbongs hits my turntable weekly, can't wait.
  4. I'm not the biggest fan (ripped Ænema a ton back in high school) but this album is incredible! First listen last night along with the lightning storm we had in KC was an experience.
  5. Smartpunk. I bought AJJ's last album from them as well. Though I'm kinda regretting I didn't go with the Urban variant, I got a ton of splatter in my vinyl collection.
  6. Peacock back up: https://kingsroadmerch.com/the-menzingers/view/?id=16044&cid=918 Sold out now
  7. I mean in general, not just this record. Just speaking to to how certain releases break the bank for collectors.
  8. I'm so glad I decided recently to just go for the rarest variant instead of every one. Looks like I'll be able to take an extra vacation :-)
  9. Update email received on Nofx monthly 7" set: "Hey Fatties, Touching base about the 7” Of The Month Club: we’ve unfortunately hit delays that have been out of our hands throughout process of putting the first two together, but now we have a definite date of arrival for them. We’ll be packing them up and sending them out mid-July; you’ll receive an email with tracking info if you haven’t already. Sorry for the pain in the ass and any confusion, and thanks for your patience with us!"
  10. Thanks, but I'll pass. I love collecting records, but the variants are starting to get old. Just the other day, the Dwarves announced a new 10-song record with 5 variants. 10 songs will probably take them about 18 mins. Close to $30 each just because of colored vinyl and low pressing numbers. Any other collectors feeling the stress of multiple variants? What's the answer? I want complete collectIons, but owning 5-6 of the same album seems kinda nuts. Maybe just buy the rarest one...
  11. It reminds me of when Green Day released Warning. It was a departure from Nimrod and I found it pretty boring. I can understand how someone wouldn't like this new Creeps album, but it hits me in all the right spots. Album of the year so far. *And my vinyl just showed up about 20 minutes ago!*
  12. Awesome album! Much slower, but it's mastered so much better than their previous albums. Old albums have a constant crackle throughout. This one has me feeling feelings and is getting great reviews. Buy it!