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Found 130 results

  1. Beach Community is a new label/distro, based in the UK, just launched last week. First release is a compilation featuring Balance & Composure, Make Do And Mend, Defeater, Joyce Manor, Gnarwolves, The Wonder Years, Citizen, Daylight and loads more. That can be bought here and streamed here. Second release is a cassette version (ltd to 250 copies, hand-numbered) of What You Don't See by The Story So Far. Full distro list is below. Includes a few rare/sold out vinyl colours and most items are limited to just one or two copies. Alcoa - Bone and Marrow (12” - Gold with black smoke) Alison Weiss - Say What you Mean (12” - Black) Bangers - Dude Trips (12” - Black) Bangers - Small Pleasures (12” - Black) Basement - Colourmekindness (12” - Red) Birds In Row - You Me And The Violence (12” - Black) Caravels - Lacuna (12”) Citizen - Youth (12” - Pink) Code Orange Kids - Love Is Love (12” - Yellow) Crash of Rhinos - Distal (2 x 12” - Black) Crash of Rhinos - Distal (Tape) Crash of Rhinos - Knots (2 x 12” - Black) Daylight - Jar (12” - Orange, Clear splatter) Defeater - Letters Home (12” - Grey marble) Have Mercy - The Earth Pushed Back (12”Clear w/ black smoke) Hop Along - Get Disowned (12” - Black) Hostage Calm - Hostage Calm (12” - Red) Hostage Calm - Please Remain Calm (12” - Gold) Gnarwolves - Fun Club (2 x 7” - Yellow) Make Do And Mend - End Measured Mile / EPs (2 x 12” - Black) Man Overboard - Real Talk (12” - White) Moose Blood - Moving Home (7” - Green/blue) Muncie Girls - Revolution Summer (12” - Green) Nai Harvest - Feeling Better (7” - Blue) Nai Harvest - Whatever (12” - Yellow/pink/blue tri-colour) Pity Sex - Feast of Love (12” - Green) Seahaven - Ghost + acoustic sessions (12” - Grey, Blue) Seahaven - Winter Forever (12” - Blue) Tigers Jaw - Belongs To The Dead (12” - Black) Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw (12” - Brown) Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds (12” - White, Yellow) Title Fight - Floral Green (12” - Black) The Story So Far - What you don’t See (12” - Black) The Wonder Years - The Upsides (12” - Green) Touche Amore / Pianos Become The Teeth (Split 7” - Aqua blue) Touche Amore - Live On Radio One (7” - Blue) Touche Amore - Parting The Sea (12” - Black) Woahnows - The Joy Disorder (12” - Blue, Black) All on sale at http://lovefrombeachcommunity.com
  2. Last updated: July 25th This is a list of records and other items I am looking to buy. Note: I am located in Canada, if you won't ship here I do have an address in Washington state. If I have listed a variant it is only what I would prefer, if you have another variant of the same record please still message me. Obviously I'd like to not have to pay eBay or ridiculously high prices, but since some of these items are rare just message me if you're willing to sell and we can work something out. First, I am looking for any Basement, Citizen, Daylight, TSSF, Title Fight, and Tigers Jaw shirts/hoodies or posters/prints etc. that are OOP. Looking for the Title Fight deer scarf (here), 12/13 tour hoodie (here) and pennant from Floral Green. Also looking for Basement Cat hoodie and the Neck Deep 'Straight Grizzly' shirt. These are the records I am looking to by right now: 7" Daylight - Dispirit Title Fight - The Last Thing You Forget 12" Basement - I Wish I Could Stay Here (record release show copy) Modern Baseball - Sports (clear with random splatter) Neck Deep - RIJ/AHOBD Title Fight - Shed (clear blue or red) These are records I will be looking to buy next: 7" Citizen - Young States Daylight - The Difference In Good and Bad Dreams Tigers Jaw - Spirit Desire 12" Balance & Composure - Only Boundaries Brand New - any of their records Joyce Manor - S/T La Dispute - Wildlife La Dispute - Somewhere At The Bottom... Tigers Jaw - S/T Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds The Story So Far - While You Were Sleeping The Story So Far - Under Soil and Dirt The Story So Far - What You Don't See Such Gold - Misadventures Seahaven - Ghost (white, green) Seahaven - Winter Forever
  3. Scichon


    I have a little bit of money saved and I want to try and own these records while I have the chance. Basement - songs about the weather Daylight - sinking Any variant, just want them. Message me if you can help. Hanks.
  4. I sell this vinyl: 12": -Basement, I Wish I Could Stay Here, Red, 3press -Basement,Colourmeinkindness, Orange/Yellow Splatter, 2press -Brutality Will Prevail, Scare To The Ashes, Orange 2press -LaDispute, Somewhere..,Redx2,5press -LaDispute, Wildlife, GreyMarble x2,2press 7": -Last Witness, Sac/Less Black,1press -Last Witness, Sac/Less Clear,1press -RunWalk/Sirs, Split,Pink/Blue,1press -Grazes, Myths,Black,1press -Jackals/Grazes, Split,Green,1press -Jackals/SelfLoathing, Split,Clear,1pres -Touche Amore, LiveBBC,Blue,1press -TUI/DirtyMoney, Split,Grey,1press PM for an offer.
  5. Taking offers on this Basement Print, has never been up on the wall just in the folded cardboard tube it came in.
  6. 12" Balance and Composure - Separation - 1st Press White /500, 2nd Press Navy /500 and 2nd Press Orange /500 7" The Story So Far/Morgan Foster - split, both pressings (only selling one) The Story So Far/Maker - Split, both pressings (only sellings one) Balance and Composure - Acoustic - Midnight Blue /500 Basement - Songs About the Weather - 3rd Pres, Clear, Trans Blue and Purple Title Fight - Kingston - Black/1000 More Than Life - Brave Enough to Fail - First Press, Pink /200, Trans Blue /200 Tapes Man overboard - Real Talk - 3rd Press, Red /40
  7. Have a chance at getting a few of my "white whale" records, so I'm trying to raise some funds. If anything interests you, shoot me an offer! If you don't make an offer, I'm going to give you some stupidly high price and it'll be your fault for not reading this. http://deadformat.net/tradelist/andy3 Very few things are off limits!
  8. Hey. So I am just posting to say that my band is putting out a cassette and I think that's pretty cool. (Shooting for a split 7" as our next release) We are called Greyscale and are a four piece band from Minnesota. People/Friends have been saying we sounds like Title Fight and Basement so I tagged em. Anyways. It will go up online June 4th for pay what you want on bandcamp, but if you wanna take a leap of faith off our teaser and preorder it that's cool. We have been working really hard and it is being master by The Panda Studios if anyone cares. I play bass and sing and our guitarist and other vocalist is on this board too. His username is Mulch. Here is our little Teaser video that I shot and edited. The music in it is not mastered yet. https://www.facebook.com/greyscaleisaband http://greyscaleisaband.tumblr.com http://greyscaleisaband.bandcamp.com if you do any of that social networking stuff. ^
  9. Ok, here's the deal. I’m taking my wife to see Tigers Jaws’ last show in Ohio and a bunch of other rad bands at It’s a Spring Fling this Friday. Only problem is, it’s a 5 hour drive for us and we’ll probably have to grab a hotel afterwards. We need some extra funds to make this thing happen so I’m gonna attempt to sell some stuff so we can do this thing right. We’re super excited! I don’t have a whole lot I want to get rid of, but surely I can part with some variants so I can further support some touring bands. Bear with me while I re-assure myself that it’s ok to let go of things haha. If I have multiples listed, I probably want to keep one. Sale ends Friday. I don’t want to sell everything, just enough to help with my trip. For now, I’m taking offers on this stuff. Check back for updates: I'll be gone for the weekend, so all deals made will be shipped out the first of the week after memorial day. Thanks! * will be harder to let go of 7”s: Restorations - A/B (green /125) Restorations - A/B (red /75) Such Gold / Into it. Over It. - split (black /100) sold Touché Amore - Live at WERS (black) Touché Amore - s/t Demo (sound & fury /75) * Touché Amore - s/t Demo 2nd pressing (gold) Touché Amore/ La Dispute - searching for a pulse (1st press clear /200) Touché Amore/ Make do and mend - split panic exclusive color Touché Amore/Make do and Mend - split sound & fury /75 * 12”s: Basement - I Wish I Could Stay Here (1st press black /500) Basement - I Wish I Could Stay Here (1st press green /300) sold Basement - I Wish I Could Stay Here (1st press grey /200) (I intend to keep one copy) Bayside - Killing Time (cream) sold Ceremony - Zoo (black) Ceremony – Zoo (red /300) sealed Have Heart - Songs to Scream at the Sun (1st press blue /1395) * Have Heart - Songs to Scream at the Sun (1st press white /1000) * Have Heart - Songs to Scream at the Sun (1st press yellow /531) * (keeping at least one copy) Kidcrash - Snacks (clear w/black /200) Kidcrash - Snacks (red /200) (keeping one copy) Loma Prieta - Last City (1st press black) * Loma Prieta - Last City (repress black /500) Loma Prieta - Life/Less (screen printed cover # 09/12) * sold (keeping at least one copy of last city and life/less) Make Do and Mend - Bodies of Water 2nd press (blue /250) Make Do and Mend - End Measured Mile (clear) * Make Do and Mend - End Measured Mile (green panic exclusive /300) Make Do and Mend - End Measured Mile (Paper + Plastick Test Press) * Make Do and Mend - End Measured Mile 2nd pressing (purple splatter /12) Make Do and Mend - End Measured Mile/Bodies of Water 2xLP (clear w/silver glitter /100) (keeping at least once copy of EMM & BoW) Pianos Become the Teeth - Old Pride - 1st pressing (white/green /300) * Pianos Become the Teeth - Old Pride - 2nd pressing (brown /200) Pianos Become the Teeth - Old Pride - 2nd pressing (clear /200) Pianos Become the Teeth - Old Pride 3rd press (transparent amber) (definitely keeping at least one copy) Say Anything - ...Is A Real Boy - 250 copies - White w/Olive Splatter vinyl (Doghouse exclusive) (sealed) Touché Amore - Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me (blue /700) Touché Amore - To the beat of a dead horse ( tour press seafoam green /85) * Touché Amore - To the beat of a dead horse (1st press black /200) * Touché Amore - To the beat of a dead horse (2nd press clear green /420) Touché Amore - To the Beat of a Dead Horse (white rsd /250) Touché Amore - To the Beat of a Dead Horse - 3rd pressing (180 gram white /750) The Wonder Years - The Upsides (1st press orange /300) * The Wonder Years - The upsides (repress brown rsd) (keeping at least one copy)
  10. I Wish I Could Stay Here1st Pressing Black /500 Green /300 Grey /200 UK Tour Cover /80 Record Release /25 2nd Pressing Black /500 Cream /300 Pink /200 3rd Pressing Red /500 Coke Bottle Green /500 Colourmeinkindness Dark Red /300 Electric Blue /700 Baby Blue/Royal Blue /400 Baby Blue/Royal Blue /400 (Record Release) Kelly Green Transparent Haze /300 Mustard /400 Deluxe Package /100 2nd Pressing Orange With Yellow Splatter /700 Aqua Blue With Green Splatter /500 Oxblood With Beer /300 3rd Pressing Blue/Hot Pink Split w/Baby Pink and Blue Splatter /1200 Purple w/Beer Haze /300 Songs About The Weather1st Pressing Translucent Red /294 Blue (Hand Numbered) /100 US Release Black /250 2nd Pressing White /200 Translucent Green /200 Yellow/Orange 100 3rd Pressing Translucent Blue /200 Translucent Purple /150 Clear /150
  11. yellowbelly360

    Basement Songs About the Weather

    Does anybody have this 7" that they would be willing to sell to me for a reasonable price? Any color or pressing is fine.
  12. yellowbelly360

    Basement Songs About the Weather

    Does anybody have this 7" that they would be willing to sell to me for a reas
  13. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/natexsavedxlatin/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686 Didn't get round to listing as much as I'd have liked, so the rest will be up this weekend. Basement - colourmeinkindness [green #/300, Run For Cover] Floorpunch - New Jersey [2xLP/black #/150, Euro Tour Press, Six Feet Under
  14. Looking for these 3 records, I've been able to knock a ton off of my wanted list lately. But these are 3 I'm still wanting. Basement - Songs About The Weather Daylight - Sinking Daylight - Dispirit Please message me if you have them, a price you have in mind to let them go for would be cool too. Thanks!
  15. This past Fall, Boxer (Richmond, VA) teamed up with Eyes Wide (Hollidaysburg, PA) to record a split EP. Boxer enlisted the help of Will Yip (Title Fight, Balance & Composure) for recording while Eyes Wide collaborated with Vince Ratti (Tigers Jaw, The Wonder Years) and the end result is a mind melting mix of melodic hardcore and 90s alternative rock. This marks the second release from Boxer after debuting their EP Undertow on Reveille Records in 2012 and the first batch of new material from Eyes Wide since 2011. The album ranges from moody angst ridden jams like Boxer’s “Weight” to the gloomy passion of Eyes Wide’s “Gem.” Each band is showcasing three new songs which represents the current direction that both bands are embarking on. On May 7th, 2013 the split will be released digitally (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3) and on CD via Reveille Records. You can PRE-ORDER the album here. STREAM THE SINGLES HERE. Like Reveille Records on Facebook. ---------- +We're hoping to get this out on vinyl by the end of the Summer, so if you dig it please pick up a copy on CD or at least download it from iTunes so that we can make sure that happens! Boxer will be on tour this summer, hitting these cities with Featherweight:
  16. Title says it all, mostly looking for a trade, unless you're willing to wait a week until I get paid. I'm really looking for any variant. Also, if you have Colourmeinkindness and are willing to sell or trade that too, let me know, preferably a first press.
  17. jasonsheperdbfl

    FS/SS: Seahaven Basement Godspeed

    Selling a few records for my buddy so he can have some extra cash for Bled Fest. Prices are ppd. Here's my eBay feedback. http://myworld.ebay.com/springwater720 Seahaven - Ghost (black first press) $20 Basement - Colourmeinkindness (royal blue first press) $30 Godspeed You! Black Emperor - F# A# Infinity $12 PM me your offers. Thanks!
  18. A list of things I'm really trying to get my hands on. Please message if you have any that you're willing to let go. Willing to buy or trade. Basement - Songs About The Weather Turnover - s/t - Tape Handguns - Anywhere But Home (vinyl and tape) Basement - Two Songs - tape The Story So Far/Maker split Main focuses are on Basement shit. Please help me out if you can!
  19. Trying to scrape up the money for the AOF boxset among other things. Everything PPD within the US. New Found Glory | Radiosurgery | Pink/700 $8 Banquets | Top Button,Bottom Shelf | Blue with Silver Swirl/150 $8 Banquets | Top Button,Bottom Shelf | Pink with Black Swirl/100 $9 A Wilhelm Scream | S/T EP | green with gray smoke/333 $6 Alkaline Trio | From Here To Infirmary | Purple Marble/300 $12 PENDING Andrew Jackson Jihad | Holiday Inn Gainesville | Clear Red/347 $13 Bad Religion | The Dissent of Man | Orange/1000 $15 Bayside | Sirens and Condolences | White $9 Bouncing Souls | Comet | Black/blue with Splatter/500 $19 Chuck Ragan | Covering Ground | Blood Red/300 $14 Deftones | Adrenaline | Pink/2000 $15 Deftones | Around the Fur | Orange/2000 $20 Deftones | Diamond Eyes | white 180g $15 Descendents | Everything Sucks | Blue/600 $15 PENDING Frank Turner | Poetry of the Deed | Red/700 $20 mewithoutYou | brother, sister | Peach Marble/500 $15 PENDING Taking Back Sunday | Tell All Your Friends | pink/1000 OFFER Taking Back Sunday | We Play Songs | Orange/300 $10 The Bouncing Souls | Hopeless Romantic | orange/500 $25 The Fall Of Troy | Doppelganger | Oxblood Red/Black Split with Heavy Bone Splatter/500 OFFER Sold: Alexisonfire | Aussie Tour | White/200 [second Pressing] Alexisonfire | Math Sheets Demo | White/1000 Alexisonfire | Dog's Blood EP | 180 Gram Black/90 Alexisonfire | Old Crows/Young Cardinals | 180g Black [screenprinted Edition] #25/70 Ceremony | He-God-Has Favored Our Undertakings | Grey #28 [sound & Fury 2011] $9 City and Colour | Sleeping Sickness | Black/1000 $15 Cobra Skulls | Eagle Eyes | Clear with Gold/Red Haze $5 Converge | On My Shield | White, Black with laser etched b side/1000 $10 NOFX | Ronnie & Mags | Blue with Gray Splatter/1008 $15 A New Found Glory | Nothing Gold Can Stay | Yellow Marble/1500 $18 Animals As Leaders | Weightless | Blue/100 $30 PENDING Basement | Colourmeinkindness | Green Haze/300 $26 PENDING Beloved | The Running | Orange Marble/100 $20 Botch | An Anthology of Dead Ends | Clear $20 Ceremony | Zoo | Red/300 $15 Fireworks | Gospel | Coke Bottle Green/200 [uK Pressing] $25 PENDING Jesu | Silver [New Cover] | White, Green/150 $15 Joyce Manor | Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired | Blue/500 $10 Make Do and Mend | End Measured Mile | Pink Super Hawt Splatter/? | Second Pressing $12 Motion City Soundtrack | Commit This To Memory | White/500 $30 My Heart To Joy | Seasons In Verse | White/100 $30 Paramore | All We Know Is Falling | Red/2000 | 2nd Pressing $35 The Copyrights | North Sentinel Island | Blue/100 $15 This Charming Man | Every Little Secret | Brown/667 $12 Between The Buried | Alaska | Red/500 $30 PENDING Mae | The Everglow | Black 180g/1000 $30 PENDING
  20. Trying to make some money for groceries or whatever, you know how it is. Some other people are definitely more into these records than I am so I gotta let them go. Most of them are ending within a day so get on this! Title Fight - Floral Green - Floral /500 Basement - Colourmeinkindness - Delux Package Blue #92/100 Seahaven - Winter Forever - White /400 I also just put up a couple more things, so check those out too. http://www.ebay.com/sch/the_record_fiend/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686
  21. Probably going to sell if the price is right, I need some money. PM me offers.
  22. Relisted some of the stuff that didn't sell/kids didn't pay for. Basement beanie, Daytrader LP, Good Riddance hoodie, MxPx LP, Champion LP Seahaven LP. More to be listed later today. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/natexsavedxlatin/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686
  23. cianxfretwell

    WTB: Basement records

    Looking to buy anything from Basement in this mad scramble to get records since they broke up
  24. I am trying to collect all of my records on pink vinyl, I don't need to have two copies of the same record, So I am trying to trade my copy for your copy (we can work out the details and stuff). I am mainly looking for : Pity Sex - Dark World (Yes I know the repress is pink but I am broke) Basement - I Wish I Could Stay here Joyce Manor - Self Titled Joyce Manor / Summer Vacation - Split If you have any other album I have but on pink let me know!! Also up for trade (for anything not just pink vinyl) 7” Amber Inn | Serenity In Hand | First | Black Chuck Ragan | Sawblade (The) | First | Red | Shaped like Sawblade Kill Me Tomorrow | I Require Chocolates / Rats For Sale | First | Yellow Manic | Caroline Ghost Remixs | First | Black Ra Ra Riot / Delicate Steve | First | White | 23/500 | Record Store Day Various Artist | Fuled By Ramen Singles Set (Five 7" in a pack) | First | Black | 5000 12” Brand New | TDAGARIM (Orange/White) Brand New | TDAGARIM (Blue/White) Ed Shrader’s Music Beat | Jazz Mind | First | Black Matt Skiba and the Sekrets | Babylon | First | Red | 136/666 mewithoutyou | Catch Us For The Foxes | Fourth | 180g Dark Red | 700 Polar Bear Club | Clash Battle Guilt Pride | First | Amber | 1000 | Signed Portraits Of Past | Self Titled | Second | Trans. Green | Screen Print Tower And The Fool (The) | How Long | First | Yellow W/ Blue | 100 w/ book Transit | Listen and Forgive | First | Gray W/Pink | 1000 Tyler The Creator | Goblin | First | Black | 2LP Yaphet Kotto | The Killer Was In The Government Blankets | Black | Screen Print My entire have/want collection is linked below. Feel free to offer on things I don’t have listed above, but no promises. deadformat.net/tradelist/patthickey Also, feel free to trade things of simliar genre that are not listed. I just started that want list and not everything I want is on there. Feel free to check out my list.fm for ideas. last.fm/user/vipatt