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Found 26 results

  1. Everything is a set sale now!! Feel free to make offers and lowball me!! I will give anyone who buys tons of stuff a fat discount!! prices NOT ppd!! (i will do my best to answer any questions about pressing and/or vinyl color. just send me a message) EPs $1-Abaddon - s/t EP $1-Burning Times - s/t EP $1-Coaccion - Amordazado EP $1-Culture Shock - s/t EP $1-Daisycutter - Shithammer EP $1-Diallo - Diagram Of a Scam EP $1-Disgider - s/t EP $1-Fear Of Tomorrow - s/t EP $1-Hit The Lights - s/t EP $1-I Accuse - s/t EP $1-I Hate This - s/t EP $1-My Revenge/F.P.O. split EP $1-Never Enough - Fuck You Hardcore EP $1-Never Enough - Our Will Is Done EP $1-Otophobia - Source of Confusion EP $1-Point Of Few - Beneath The Surface EP $1-Sleeper Cell - s/t EP $1-Solace - Forms Burning Cold EP $1-We Need To Talk - Its Not Us Its You EP $2-Against Empire/Holokaust split EP $2-Antillectual - Waves EP $2-Bad Antics - The Wave EP $2-Boxed In - s/t EP $2-Bumbklaatt - Corrosion EP $2-Contravene/Uprising split EP $2-Cougar Den/Cloud Mouth split EP $2-Crucial Cause - Blood Money EP $2-Crucial Section/Face Up To It! split EP $2-Dead End - Killing The Messenger EP $2-Dead Uncles - Cut Down To Sighs EP $2-Deathcycle - s/t EP $2-Expendable Youth/Cut The Reins split EP $2-Fleshtemple - s/t EP $2-Head Hits Concrete - s/t EP $2-Hear The Sirens - Anywhere But Home EP $2-Ice Nine - Nobody's Son EP $2-Kingsford Run - Human Traffic EP $2-Legion - Hell At Last EP $2-Make Or Brake - Down For Life EP $2-The Mistake/Carry The Casket split EP $2-Nihil Baxter - s/t EP $2-No Mans Slave/I Resign split EP $2-No Value/Brodys Militia split EP $2-Operation: Cliff Clavin/Max Levine Ensemble spit EP $2-Outrage - No Somos Igual EP $2-Power Of Idea - s/t EP $2-Rabies/Grex split EP $2-Regress - Look Who's Pulling The Strings EP $2-Rosenbombs - s/t EP $2-Saboteurs - s/t EP $2-Sworn In - s/t EP $2-To What End? - And History Repeats Itself EP $2-Under Pressure - Habits EP $2-Unwelcome Guests - The Painter EP $2-Wormburner - s/t EP $2-3 Way Cum - Battle Of Opinons EP $2-(VA) - Sick Of Fun Compilation EP $2-(VA) - This Is Kangaroo Not Berkley Compilation EP $3-After The Fall/Transitions split EP $3-Bats & Mice - Paper Bag EP $3-Born/Dead - s/t EP $3-Braindead/Blackbirds split EP $3-Caustic Christ/Intense Youth split EP $3-Deathreat - s/t EP $3-Detestation - Europa '93 EP $3-Drowning With Our Anchors - s/t EP $3-Extinction Of Mankind - Scars Of Mankind Still Weep EP $3-Fifth Hour Hero - No Choice EP $3-Gluttons - s/t EP $3-Hit Me Back - Only The Magic Schoolbus... EP $3-In The Hollows - s/t EP $3-Kakistocracy - s/t EP $3-Manifesto Jukebox/Minority Blues Band split EP $3-The Mercury League - Abandon All Hope EP $3-North Lincoln - Fest 7 EP $3-Positive Noise - No Hardcore EP $3-Ramming Speed - Full Speed Ahead EP $3-Red Handed - s/t EP $3-Resist - s/t EP $3-Resist And Exist - Dare To Struggle - Dare To Win EP $3-Sakes Alive!! - Act II EP $3-Shang-A-Lang/Jonesin' split EP $3-Shitstorm/Conga Fury split EP $3-Sinking Steps Rising Eyes - Tour EP $3-Spoonful Of Vicodin - s/t EP $3-Strung Up - s/t EP $3-Strung Up - Warfucked EP $3-Tippers Gore - Unsettling Loss EP $3-They Live - Blurred EP $3-Thieves & Assasins - Of Days & Nights... EP $3-Vicious Cycle - Im Watching You EP $3-Vitamin X - People That Bleed EP $3-9 Shocks Terror - s/t EP $4-Agent - Awake In Their World $4-Backslider - s/t EP $4-Bloodtype - s/t EP $4-Brainworms/The Catalyst split EP $4-Defeatist - In Praise of False Hope EP $4-Dolcim/Hammers Split EP $4-Grabass Charlestons - When The Funk Hits The Fan EP $4-Hell & Reason - s/t EP $4-Iron Rain - Silent Sins EP $4-Mohoram Atta - s/t EP $4-Moutheater - Lot Lizard EP $4-O Pioneers!!! - s/t EP $4-Ritual - Wolves EP $4-Surroundings - Monuments In Ruins EP $4-This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb/The Devil Is Electric split EP $4-World Burns To Death - No Dawn Comes.. EP $5-Black SS/How We Are split $5-Fucked Up - Generation EP $5-Ambitions - Neon Lights EP $5-Backstabbers Inc. - Evolution EP $5-Backstabbers Inc. - Theory EP $5-The Body - Get Killed EP $5-Iron Age - The Way Is Narrow EP $5-Millenial Reign - Bones Dust Nothing EP $5-Modern Life Is War - s/t EP $5-Coalesce - Salt And Passage EP $5-Yaphet Kotto - s/t EP OFFER-Hope Conspiracy - True Nihilist EP OFFER-Ruination - Let the Motherfucker Burn (USA Disc) OFFER-Trap Them - Seance Prime EP LPs $3-Abaddon - s/t LP $3-Canadian Rifle - Visibility Zero LP $3-I Fail - Highways 10" LP $3-Soophie Nun Squad - Pasizzle... LP $3-The Sound of Failure - The Party is Over LP $3-Stations - s/t LP $3-Terror Level Red - No Mans Land LP $3-Worst Case Scenario - s/t LP $5-Acursed - Tunneln I Ljusets Slut LP $5-Artimus Pyle - Civil Dead LP $5-Boxed In - s/t LP $5-Burn Your Bridges - s/t LP $5-Etacarinae - s/t LP $5-Everything Falls Apart - Relief LP $5-Fields Of Shit - s/t 10" LP $5-Hawg Jaw - Believe Nothing LP $5-Hugs - s/t LP $5-Hugs - The Tarpit LP $5-Le Kraken - Exalt LP $5-Monuments to Ruins - s/t LP $5-No Empathy - The Same Mistakes... LP $5-No Idols - Low LP $5-Remains Of The Day - An Underlying Frequency LP $5-Resist - Ignorance Is Bliss LP $5-The Rites - s/t LP $5-The Rites - There Shall be no Encore LP $5-Run for your Fucking Life - s/t LP $5-Running for Cover - Dark Well LP $5-Spires - Flowers And Fireworks LP $5-State All Wrong LP $5-Straight Edge Kegger - Hurt LP $5-Waco Fuck - Paranoia Is Total Awarness LP $7-Assholeparade - Live '09 10" LP $7-Bread and Water - s/t LP $7-Guyana Punchline - Maximum Smashism LP $7-He Who Corrupts/Phoenix Bodies split 10" LP $7-Kakistocracy - s/t LP $7-Long Live Nothing - s/t LP $7-Maladie/Drowning with our Anchors split 10" LP $7-Severed Head Of State - Anthema Device LP $7-Skarp - Requiem LP $7-Unquiet - This is Darkness Descended LP $7-Vvegas - Never To Wake LP $9-Cobra Skulls - Bringing Home The War LP $9-From Ashes Rise - Silence LP $9-Fucked Up - Year Of the Pig E.P. LP $9-Malachi - Wither to cover the Tread LP $9-Resurrectionists/Battle of Wolf 359 split 10" LP $9-The Saddest Landscape/Pianos Become the Teeth split 10" LP $9-Sandcreek Massacre/Years of Decay split LP $9-The Seperation - No Exit LP $9-The Separation/Restrained LP $9-Tragedy - Nerve Damage LP $9-World Burns To Death - the Sucking Of the Missle Cock LP $9-Zann/Burial Year split LP $12-Behind Enemy Lines - Know Your Enemy LP $12-Comadre - A Wolf Ticket LP $12-Comadre/Trainwreck split LP $12-Cowboys Became Folk Heroes - s/t LP $12-Ghostlimb - s/t LP $12-Lewd Acts - Black Eye Blues LP $12-Ordination of Aaron - 2xLP Discography LP $12-Perth Express - Discography LP $12-The Saddest Landscape - You Will Not Survive LP $12-Zoroaster - s/t LP OFFER-Modern Life Is War - My Love My Way LP OFFER-Pulling Teeth - Vicious Skin 10" LP