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Found 475 results

  1. listen: https://nofuneralsound.bandcamp.com/album/lost-ships-sinking-with-the-sunset purchase: https://nofuneral.storenvy.com/products/30293200-gillian-carter-lost-ships-sinking-with-the-sunset-tape new reissue from No Funeral Records /25 marbled "shipwreck" edition /55 smokey clear edition
  2. PO for the new The Ghost Inside LP, The Ghost Inside, is LIVE. Releasing on June 5 https://store.theghostinside.com
  3. $8.99 for the 7". Shipping was $5.18 for me. https://www.waragainstrecords.com/store/pressure-cracks-this-is-called-survival-ep-pre-order "LIMITED 7” VINYL AVAILABLE IN 2 VARIANTS 200 - Clear Vinyl with Black Smoke 500 - Transparent Purple Vinyl with Red & Blue Veins TRACKLISTING A1 - LIKE FATHER LIKE NONE A2 - READY FOR YOU B1 - SHHH B2 - BIG T YOUTH PRE-ORDER INFO Reserve your copy today. Shipping mid-February. The EP comes out digitally January 10th on all major platforms. DIGITAL DOWNLOADS Every vinyl purchase is eligible for a digital download of the songs and lyric sheet. Email [email protected] with your purchase confirmation number and a download link will be sent to you on (or shortly after) the digital EP release on January 10th. “READY FOR YOU” The single “Ready For You” is out now." They also have some new apparel at https://www.waragainstrecords.com/store
  4. Warriors War is Hell TEST #11/21. $300 OBO Warriors War is Hell Record Release #31/50. $150 OBO
  5. https://merchnow.com/catalogs/kublai-khan Half Red/Half White - Pressing Limit: 1,000 White - Pressing Limit: 200 Red - Pressing Limit: 300 Note the band's name is now Kublai Khan TX for copyright purposes
  6. You all are going to sleep on this, but don't say I didn't warn you. Up and coming hardcore band, just signed to Isolation and have a Euro tour booked for the fall. The latest EP is being pressed: US: https://deathwishinc.com/products/mortality-rate-you-were-the-gasoline UK: https://evilgreed.net/collections/music/products/mortality-rate-you-were-the-gasoline-7 They are killer live, if you can land a show don't miss it. Tracklist: 01. Lena ft. Madi Watkins of Year Of The Knife 02. Roses 03. Selfish Thieves 04. Heathen 05. You Were The Gasoline 06. Lonely Soul Pressing Information: 200x Clear w/ Red & Orange Splatter (Isolation Exclusive) 300x Trans. Orange
  7. https://eyesofthelord.bandcamp.com/album/misery-feels-like-home Full length from Eyes of the Lord on Closed Casket.
  8. https://triplebrecords.limitedrun.com/products/645881-antagonize-slip-death-gatefold-lp-pre-order?view=f22907 New band from the lead singer of Bane. Most limited variant still available.
  9. 12Inch 50 Lions: Time Is The Enemy – Black /? Alpha And Omega: No Rest, No Peace – Pink/Purple/Black Splatter /300 Ambitions: Stranger – White/Green/Orange Splatter /1000 Anti Flag: Die For The Government – Clear /? Bitter End: Illusions Of Dominance – Clear /1048 Broken Teeth: At Peace Amongst Chaos – White Nuclear Blast Special SEALED Brotherhood: Till Death – Black /1500 Converge: Axe To Fall – Black /? Crucial Section: Standing On The Front Line – Black /? Dead End Path: Séance And Other Songs – White/Gold/Swirl /700 Death Before Dishonor: Better Ways To Die – White /? Helmet: Strap It On – SEALED Unknown Color In My Eyes: Nothing To Hide – Green /556 I Rise: For Redemption – Mint Green /500 Iron Mind: Hell Split Wide Open – Mint Green /300 Iron Mind: Self Titled – Black /? Judge: What It Meant (Complete Discography) – Clear Blue /? Let Down: We’re In This Alone – Brown /? Let Me Out: I Think I Can – Clear Yellow /? No Turning Back: Stronger – Black /500 No Turning Back: Take Control – Red /? ON: Double Vision – White /300 Onward: These Words Still Pray – Black /? Relentless: Turn The Curse – Black /400 Shutdown: Against All Odds – Black /? Stick Together: No More Second Chances – Black /700 Take Offense: Tables Will Turn – Black /? Up Front: Spirit – Clear Red /700 7Inch Carry On: The Line Is Drawn – Gold /260 - $15 Cross Me: Paid In Full – Milky Clear /250 Dedication: Living Free – Black /? Gone But Not Forgotten: Seattle Crew Demo – Black /400 The First Step: Connection – Clear Red /1030 Focused Minds: Stay Focused – Clear /200 In Times Of War/Invade – Split – Black /? Internal Affairs: Evil Egyptians – Orange/White Haze /609 Inside: Tokyo sXe E.P. – Red /210 In My Eyes: Demo - Blue Our Turn: Catch Your Breath – Clear Blue /300 Protester: No Identity – Black /700 Right On: Reality Vacation – Clear /? Right On: No Joke E.P. – Teal /200 S.H.I.T.: Collective Unconsciousness – Clear Grey /? Show OF Hands: A New Day Not Forgotten – Black /? Spirits: Self Titled – Pink “4 Panel Layout” /302 Sweet Jesus: Box – Red /770 Youth Of Today: Self Titled – Black /300
  10. Selling off just about all of my records in an attempt to be an adult and pay for a proposal trip. The records come and go I guess. As as far as pricing goes, please base it off discogs. I’d like to not get involved with looking up pricing for each one otherwise I’ll wind up get bummed out and not selling any of them. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NqJNUFqojg4iq-AOp0OHCjzhNO6jG1_soqh9wgldJKk
  11. Out now on Fuzz Records, "Always On The Cool", the debut EP from Albany, NY's Spell Runner. A fast paced mix of old school punk, psychedelic and surf rock. They've garnered some attention from sites like No Echo, CVLT Nation and Kerrang! Buy/Download/Stream: https://fuzzrecords.bandcamp.com/album/always-on-the-cool
  12. Hey, thanks for looking. Add $5 for shipping, please. Any questions message me. Anberlin-Lowborn- Gold Vinyl- HT Exclusive $30 Sealed Anthony Green- Avalon- Gold Vinyl /700- Sealed. $45 Circa Survive- Descenus Yellow Black HT Exclusive Sealed- $35 Envy On The Coast- S/T- 2016 Repress-Sealed- $60 OBO Guster-Goldfly- Gold Vinyl / 500- Sealed $70 OBO Hutch and Kathy-S/T- Black Vinyl- RSD- Sealed. $10 KT Tunstall- Eye To The Telescope- Black Vinyl- 1st Press EMI 2004. $70 OBO Nas- Illmatic- Urban Outfitters Orange Vinyl Exclusive-Sealed-2014 $60 OBO TheGetUp Kids- Something to Write Home About-Pink Vinyl-Sealed-2009. $25 TheGetUp Kids-Four Minute Mile-White Vinyl Sealed. $20
  13. http://smarturl.it/inclination 200 – PN Exclusive – White and Red(ish) w/ Heavy Black and Silver Splatter 300 – Various – Half White / Half Blood Red
  14. Downsizing a bit! All records have $4 shipping for 1, each additional one is $1 more Would prefer to do sales through Discogs because it's better tracked and organized, but if you do not have an account I have no problem going through here https://www.discogs.com/seller/jessicadotmpeg/profile [Band- Album /Variant /# of pressings if known .. $How much] Dance Gavin Dance- Acceptance Speech /Yellow /HT Exc. 1000$105 Dance Gavin Dance- Downtown Battle Mountain /Clear /HT Exc.1000 $55 Dance Gavin Dance- Downtown Battle Mountain II /White /HT Exc.1700 ..$60 Dance Gavin Dance- Happiness /Green /HT Exc.1700 ..$110 Dance Gavin Dance- Whatever I Say Is Royal /White /HT Exc.1700 ..$25 The Acacia Strain- Death Is The Only Mortal /Clear /..$30 The Acacia Strain- Coma Witch /Purple and White Starburst 2xLP w. CD /300 ..$35 The Acacia Strain- The Dead Walk /Piggy Pink /1000 ..$75 Bayside/ Saves The Day/ I Am The Avalanche/ Transit- Untitled /Black /1700 ..$8 Bayside- The Walking Wounded /Yellow /400..$28 Bayside- Sirens And Condolences /Yellow /525..$20 Bayside- Shudder /Yellow /449..$10 Bayside- Live @ The Bayside Social Club /White 2xLP /900..$25 Bayside- Cult /White /HT Exc 1200 ..$10 Bayside- Cult /Clear /266..$15 Bayside- Cult White Edition /Red 2xLP /1300..$20 Bayside- Covers: Volume #1 /Red /200 ..$20 Bayside- Acoustic /Clear /155..$30 Bayside- Killing Time /Cream /1500..$80 Bayside- Time Has Come /Pink /500.. $10 Cold World- No Omega /Orange w. Black and White Splatter /100 ..$40 Foundation-Turncoat /Green /300 ..$18 Foundation-When The Smoke Clears /Grey w. Blue and Red Splatter /700 ..$15 Rival Mod- Mod Justice /Red /958 ..$8 Power Trip- Manifest Decimation / Black /1000 ..$10 Immortal Technique- RSD Revolutionary Volume 1 /Clear Blue /1000 2xLP ..$30 Circa Survive- Descensus /Yellow and Black Splatter /500 ..$30 Circa Survive- Descensus /Clear w. White and Blue Splatter /1000 ..$20 Bird In Row- You, Me & The Violence /Black /549 ..$10 Trash Talk- 119 /White ..$18 Modern Life Is War- Fever Hunting /Bone /2000 ..$7 Downpresser- Don't Need A Reason /Black /600 ..$5 Harm's Way- Reality Approaches /Pink /557 ..$10 Hundredth- Resist /Milky Clear w. Oxblood Haze /400 ..$10
  15. hey all. trying to move some records to make space for new releases. multiple copies of most. will be updating this as we get new titles. nofuneral.storeenvy.com facebook.com/nofuneral8 NO FUNERAL RELEASES Dianacrawls - Sporadic Defenestration TAPE$5.00 Pilcrow - Fever Dreams TAPE$5.00 Young Mountain - Lost Tree TAPE$5.00 Karloff - Demo TAPE / CD-r$5.00 DISTRO RELEASES [REVERSE ALPHABETICAL] [Cassettes] Worst Days - Separation Anxiety TAPE$5.00 Terry Green / Huge Cosmic SPLIT TAPE$5.00 Snag / Swallows Nest SPLIT TAPE $5.00 Sans Visage - Moments TAPE$5.00 Nanette - In Pectore TAPE$5.00 Nanette - In Practice TAPE$5.00 mrtex / Vi Som Älskade Varandra Sa Mycket SPLIT TAPE$5.00 mrtex / Samarra SPLIT TAPE$5.00 Malevich - Only Time Flies TAPE$6.00 Malevich / Iron Gag SPLIT TAPE$6.00 Life in Vacuum - 5 TAPE$5.00 Komuso - Komuso TAPE$5.00 Kiken - Uprising TAPE$5.00 .gif from god - defragmented.. reformated TAPE$6.00 Frail Body - At Peace TAPE$6.00 Celebration - SHOOK TAPE$5.00 Brain Itch - Public Ritual TAPE$5.00 Botfly - Botfly TAPE$5.00 Crowning - Funeral Designs TAPE$6.00 60659-c - The Next Part Is A Blur TAPE$6.00 [7"s] Wristmeetrazor - I Talk To God?.?.?..?.?.?But the Sky is Empty 2x7" $13.00 Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket / They Sleep We Live 7" SPLIT$8.00 SeeYouSpaceCowboy / secondgradeknifefight 7" SPLIT$10.00 SeeYouSpaceCowboy- Fashion Statements of the Socially Aware 7"$10.00 Piri Reis / They Sleep We Live 7" SPLIT$6.00 ØJNE / ???????? ????? (Smile To The Wind) 7" SPLIT$6.00 mrtex / People's Temple Project 7" SPLIT$6.00 mrtex / DET ÄR DÄRFÖR VI BYGGER STÄDER 7" SPLIT$6.00 Malevich / Iron Gag SPLIT 7"$6.00 Lora / The Ultimate Screamo Band 7" SPLIT$6.00 Gillian Carter / Eyelet 7" SPLIT$6.00 .gif from god / Vein 7" SPLIT$666.00 Foxmoulder / Coma Regalia 5" SPLIT$5.00 Foxmoulder- Lethe 7"$6.00 Drei Affen / Coma Regalia Band 7" SPLIT$6.00Duct Hearts- If You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed? 7"$6.00 Crowning / Swallows Nest 7" SPLIT$6.00 Congratulations / Rabbit Theory 7" SPLIT$6.00 Coarse - I 7" $6.00 Chuck Bass / Vi Som Älskade Varandra Sa Mycket 7" SPLIT$6.00 black love / tdoafs 7" SPLIT$6.00 Amber / Locktender 7" SPLIT$6.00 [10"s ,9"s, odd] Yarrow 4-Way Split (Ostraca, Coma Regalia, VRIL, Untold Want) 10"$10.00 The World That Summer / Nionde Plågan 10" SPLIT$10.00 Waifle ?– And The Blood Will Come Down Like A Curtain 10"$12.00 Saligia- The New Innocence 10"$10.00 Adobe Homes- Piñata 9"$12.00 [12"s] Eight Feet Under Vol. 1 2x12" COMPILATION$20.00 Yusuke / Lori 12" SPLIT$15.00 What Of Us / Coma Regalia 12" SPLIT$15.00 Vi som älskade varandra så mycket - Den sorgligaste musiken i världen 12"$18.00 Worst Gift- Shitty Loser Riffs 12"$10.00 tetola93 - Self Titled 12"$15.00 Terry Green- LP 12"$15.00 Trachimbrod- Leda 12"$15.00 They Sleep We Live- Escaping The Measures Of Time 12"$15.00 Seventeen Again - Invoke 12"$15.00 Said Goner - Self Titled 12"$6.00 ????????? ????? ?(Smile to the Wind) - Illusions 12"$15.00 Sarin - Darker Lakes 12"$15.00 Old Soul / Lentic Waters 12" SPLIT$25.00 Old Soul / NIC 12" SPLIT$25.00 Old Soul - Natures Arms Encircle All 12"$15.00 Old Soul - Blue Heron 12"$15.00 Nous Étions - La Manière Noir 12"$12.00 Massa Nera- Los Pensamientos De una Cara Palida 12"$16.00 Lyed - The Immolated Earth 12"$15.00 Lamantide - Carnis Tempora : Abyssus 12"$12.00 I Love Your Lifestyle - Self Titled 12"$15.00 Foxmoulder / eaglehaslanded 12" SPLIT$12.00 Descubriendo a Mr. Mime - F 12"$15.00 tdoafs - Self Titled 12"$15.00 City of Caterpillar - Driving Spain Up A Wall 12" 22.00 [OOS] Blue Youth - Dead Forever 12" $15.00 Cassilis - Quitting 12"$15.00 Black Love - Self Titled 12"$15.00 Amber - Self Titled 12"$8.00 Autarkeia / Me And Goliath 12" SPLIT$15.00 Adolina / The Rabbit Theory 12" SPLIT$15.00 nofuneral.storeenvy.com facebook.com/nofuneral8
  16. New mindforce preorders up at triple b. http://www.triplebrecords.limitedrun.com/products/626394-mindforce-excalibur-lp-pre-orders
  17. TELOS s/t Bundle (LP + T-Shirt) Release Date 31 October 2018 black T-Shirt, Gildan Heavy Cotton ((also available without shirt)) limited edition vinyl: 204x doom black / first 25 copies are hand numbered Face destroying Blackened Hardcore monsters TELOS present their debut of the same name. Drawing significant influence from contemporary blast merchants Hexis and angular, chaotic riff titans Converge TELOS create their own sound through an alliance of these concepts. This masterpiece shifts from rushing breathless sections of hasty drums and frantic riff to super aggressive hyperblasting to sudden melodic drops and back again. Coming in at under the 30minute mark this output does an admirable job of exploring the concept presented under the title; TELOS being Greek for 'End', the release follows ideas of environmental collapse, the problems of post-modern society and overpopulation, and plays with ideas of metaphysical beings as metaphors, embodying the eponymous TELOS as a deity-like humanity destroying creature. Following this almost sci-fi story like structure is refreshingly unusual in this genre and the band pulls it off remarkably well. Their sound is certainly comparable to that of a destruction deity. In short this is a brutally effective release in the blackened hardcore genre that will satisfy anyone looking for their blasting dissonance fix while at the same time offering interest and depth for repeated listens with a strong conceptual leaning and unusual instrumentation. --> BUY http://maniyax.com --> LISTEN https://teloscph.bandcamp.com/album/telos Thanks.
  18. I’m selling my collection, message me with offers. Whatever doesn’t sell on here will end up getting traded in at my local record store in a couple weeks. https://www.discogs.com/user/ColoredWax/collection?header=1&sort_by=artists_sort
  19. Got a few things for sale. Not looking for huge prices on these. PM me offers if a price isn't listed. Add $4 shipping. Open to negotiating prices and trades. You can always make offers on my Discogs list, but no promises on those other items. American Nightmare - American Nightmare - /1000 - White Creative Adult - Ring Around The Room (RSD 2015) - /? - Black - FREE, just pay shipping or I can toss it in with another record! Hundredth - Let Go - /? - Black - $10 My Fictions - Stranger Songs - /200 - Maroon - $12 Rescuer - Anxiety Answering - /350 - Olive/Cream Haze - $7 Rescuer - With Time Comes The Comfort - /700 - Blue - $7 Reverse The Curse - Hither & Yon - /218 - Blue Translucent - FREE, just pay shipping or I can toss it into another record! Self Defense Family - Try Me - /300 - $20 Self Defense Family (End of a Year) - You Are Beneath Me - /700 - Opaque Blue - $10
  20. All three are sealed. Shipping is included in the price. Any questions please message me Converge-Jane Doe-gold/black smoke transparent $40ppd Paramore-Riot-black $20ppd The Maine-Stay Up Get Down-blue $25ppd
  21. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KYheQS7IgYfS9QqkzPVrxMOIJeHQ3I3BTia-GDadvJ0/edit?usp=sharing I'm taking offers on everything in my collection. Most of the records are mint condition, a lot are still sealed. PM me offers.
  22. Preorder is up for Fit For A King - Dark Skies with a release date of Sept 14th. http://fitforaking.merchnow.com/ Looks like there are two variants limited to 500 each.
  23. All prices shipped (US). DM for pictures/info, or for shipping outside of US. August Burns Red - Sleddin' Hill (/1000 Mint Green/Red) $55 Big Bite - I Don't Think So (/400 Black ) $10 Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me (Black 180g) $25 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - Pardon My French (219/300 Red/White/Blue tri-color | Signed by Eric & Bert Poncet) $100 Corrective Measure - Corrective Measure (Orange) $10 Drug Control - Drug Control (/252 Black) $10 The Fall Of Troy - Doppelganger (/1000 Half Red/Half Black) $100 Forced Order - Vanished Crusade (/328 Clear) $15 Forced Order - One Last Prayer (/200 Sam's Splatter) $30 Four Year Strong - Rise Or Die Trying (/500 Clear w/ Black Splatter | Signed by whole band at Warped 2014) $65 Four Year Strong - It's Not The Size Of The 7"...It's How You Use It (Black) $10 Four Year Strong - Go Down In History (/500 Half Grey / Half Blood Red w/ Black Splatter) $25 Give - Sonic Bloom (/1087 Gold) $12 Give - Electric Flower Cult (Gold) $15 Lower Species - Demo (/350 Red) $20 My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (/2000 Black/Bone Swirl w/ etched D-side) $65 No Warning - Friends In High Places (/500 Clear Flexi) $15 Parkway Drive - Atlas (Black) $15 Rise Against - The Sufferer And The Witness (/2000 Black/White Swirl) $45 Safe And Sound - The Tides (/200 Blue) $15 The Scare - False Unity (/200 Orange) $15 Slumlords - Slumlords (Red "I <3 PVR" Edition) $25 The Story So Far - Out Of It (/500 Grimace Purple/Mustard Yellow) $40
  24. Hey all, I'm trying to trim down my collection a little bit. All items in really good shape. If anyone wants multiple records just email me so that we can figure out a deal on shipping. https://www.discogs.com/seller/pxoxax Here is what's for sale: Arliss Nancy - Wild American Runners Various - The Glamour Kills Tour Compilation Some Girls - Heaven's Pregnant Teens Tim Kerr - Altamount Fordirelifesake - Breathing is only half the function Give up the ghost - Background music (180g) Give up the ghost - Background music (Yellow) Give up the ghost - Year one Give up the Ghost - We're down til we're underground Against Me! - Unconditional love Against Me! - I was a teenage anarchist Against Me! - Stop Against Me! - New wave Against Me! - Thrash unreal
  25. Third album from The Infested - Raw Ensemble is now up for preorder PRE ORDER LINK: http://www.ehcrecords.bandcamp.com 250 copies on Colour Vinyl FFO: Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, No-Ca$h etc you can check out the first song 'Believe' here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay8Q9W2lX4M