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Found 34 results

  1. We have two new No Restraint items in the store, plus the first two 7"s are going to be on sale during the preorder. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com ****THIS IS A PREORDER. WE HOPE TO HAVE IT AROUND THE SAME TIME AS THE DISCOGRAPHY CD. THE RELEASE DATE IS 3/16 AND WE HOPE TO HAVE IT SHIPPING ON OR BEFORE THAT DATE********** No Restraint (Jacksonville, FL) are back with their third EP, titled, “Growth”. This vegan powerhouse previously released a split with Down In It and a standalone EP, “The Branches of Suffering”, through Bitter Melody Records. They took their time writing this third EP and have written their best songs to date. This EP has 5 new songs tackling a range of issues. Taking influences from Earth Crisis, Harvest, and Turmoil, they have crafted a heavy hitting EP, full of crushing riffs. Bitter Melody is releasing this EP on 7” vinyl, pressed on limited yellow with red splatter vinyl, and black vinyl. We have a few test presses that we are making available to offset the price of such a limited production run. We ship worldwide but these are available from Bound By Modern Age in Germany which may be cheaper for Europe and others. We also have both of the first two No Restraint 7"s (The Branches of Suffering and their split 7" with Down In It) in the store. We have both on sale in celebration of the new 7" so if you don't have them check them out on the front page. We also have a discography CD for preorder that has all 3 7"s and 2 demo tracks. 1. Growth 2. Separation 3. Birth 4. Cages 5. Grasping http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com
  2. Riot Stares (ex Discourse) are returning with follow up to last years self titled 7". Full stream here: http://newnoisemagazine.com/stream-riot-stares-let-phase-speak/ Preorders coming soon. Go see them on tour: Riot Stares hail from Charleston, SC and feature former and current members of Discourse, WVRM, False Light and more. They take influence from early Refused and Helmet but have a sound that they have made their own. Last year, Bitter Melody and Headfirst! Records released their first EP, an eponymous 7". The band follows it up with this year's "Let the Phase Speak" recorded by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business. This second EP continues with the vision they set out with in the first record both artistically and musically. Bitter Melody Records is proud to be bringing the physical product to the world with conjunction with Speedowax Records to handle the record in the UK and EU. There will be a Euro exclusive color as well. More info to come on the physical 7" in the coming weeks. Track List: 1-Underground Activity 2-Let the Phase Speak 3-Boxed (Cast Iron Hike cover) Band Members: Brad Marino - vocals Issy Varoumas - guitar Patrick Thomas - guitar Dylan Walker - bass Tyler Hall - drums http://www.facebook.com/bittermelodyrecords http://www.facebook.com/speedowax http://www.facebook.com/riotstares
  3. Hey guys. It's been a while since I've done a little sale so I figured I'd throw up a code and try to raise some funds and make some space. Enter code: ENDOFTHEWORLD for 20% off your order. All vinyl orders will come with some type of free record - either a 7" or a LP. We have a ton of stuff on the label and a ton of distro to look through so scope it here. Some of our bands include: Discourse, Indecision, Most Precious Blood, Riot Stares, Old Flings, Down In It, Gut Feeling, Muscle & Bone and more. We have distro from lots of labels including Deathwish, State of Mind, Headfirst, CoinToss, and more. This will probably last through the weekend. bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com
  4. NC's metalcore dudes Down In It are calling it quits after a demo, an EP, a split 7", and then a final EP of their final four songs. You can listen to the EP here: downinit.bandcamp.com We released this final EP as a cassette but we did some fancy packaging since it's their final release. The black tapes /25 came in a bloodstained burlap bag but they are sold out, the purple tapes /75 come in biohazard specimen bags with latex gloves and alcohol swabs. If the tapes go quickly, we may do a limited lathe cut of these songs. You can order the cassette here: bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com The cassettes come with a download code too. I also created some cheaper bundles to move some stock. You can add a DII sticker and enamel pin for 4.50 or another bundle to add their split 7" and DII sticker for 4.50 extra.
  5. Riot Stares features former and current members of Discourse, WVRM, False Light and more. They have channeled early Refused and Snapcase to craft a killer new band. They plan to hit the road hard so hopefully you will get a chance to see them soon. You can grab this from me here: bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com This is a split release with our label family Headfirst Records and you can order these there as well ( www.headfirstrecords.com/store ) You can stream/download the record here: https://riotstares.bandcamp.com/ We went all out for the package with reverse board 7" jackets, thick inserts, and pressed on green and white vinyl to match the artwork. Records are in hand so there is no wait, no preorder!
  6. For the workers of the world, we are having a Labor Day weekend sale. Enter code 25OFF at checkout for 25% off your entire order. Check out our extensive distro, there are lots of t-shirts, LPs, tapes, and CDs to look through. http:\\bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com We are catching up on some HBO today, so give us some orders to pack in between episodes!
  7. Hey guys. I have a couple days off and I want to have some more orders to pack! Enter the code SUMMER to get 20% off your order. This applies to everything. We have all of our releases from the likes of Most Precious Blood, Indecision, Old Flings, Down In It, No Restraint, Muscle & Bone and a ton more. We also have a pretty large distro with stuff from Deathwish and a lot of other labels plus shirts and enamel pins and whatnot. Check out our store and see if there is anything you'd like to pick up for cheap! This will only be up for a couple days. Bitter Melody Store SUMMER - code for 20% off
  8. Formed in 2009, Michigan’s Great Reversals has steadily built an impressive discography. Releasing a host of EPs and splits, the band has consistently churned out powerful hardcore centered around deeply personal, often philosophical lyrics infused with the idealism that has always been at the heart of the DIY scene. Now the band is poised to unleash their debut LP Mere Mortals in collaboration with State of Mind Recordings, Bitter Melody Records, and Hydrogen Man Records. Spanning 11 songs in total, “Mere Mortals” channels 90’s heavyweights like Trial, Integrity and Harvest, while infusing occasional moments of post-rock flair. Lyrically, the record is a reflection on the often desperate and heart-breaking state of the human condition, as seen through the lenses of friends, family, and acquaintances. Recorded and mixed by Andy Nelson, and mastered by Brad Boatright, the weight of the record’s subject matter is surpassed only by its crushing production, resulting in a jarring and colossal listen. Here is the first track off of the record - Capsized - This will be up for preorder this week from all three labels. We will also have a preorder shirt to coincide with the release.
  9. We released this EP last year on cassette but it's way too good to just live in that media. Pick up The Branches of Suffering on color vinyl now. We have 50 with limited preorder covers available. There are two different designs of preorder/limited covers which will be randomly selected. If you pick up two, we will try to get you one of each. If you buy one with the preorder cover you will still get the regular art as well. All vinyl is color but we aren't sure what color, it will be a surprise. We changed the art from the tape release and went all out with the packaging. These will have 7" glue pocket jackets - reverse board matte printing with a nice thick matte two sided insert and pressed on color vinyl. We should have the vinyl, covers, and inserts next week. We will start shipping to you the week of Feb. 8th. NON US customers - You can pick this up from Bound By Modern Age in Germany and you might be able to save some money on shipping! Bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com Boundxbyxmodernxedge.bigcartel.com for EU orders
  10. We are releasing a Cd for our friend Joseph Downs. He's a metal dudes who writes some sad songs in his free time. You can stream it here: http://newnoisemagazine.com/exclusive-album-stream-joseph-downs-wild-as-the-road/ And pick up a cheap CD here: bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com "North Carolina singer-songwriter Joseph Downs reflects a long-standing southern tradition of songwriting that delivers heartache and emotion. In 2008 Downs’ self-released an EP “She Is My Home”, after touring to support the EP he periodically played shows. In 2014 Downs’ band THE SABBATHIAN released an EP on Svart Records and in 2015 his band ALTAR BLOOD self-released an EP. Downs’ latest solo effort “Wild as the Road” on Bitter Melody Records is a collection of songs written between 2010 and 2015 reflecting life, love and the human condition. Downs’ live shows have been described as a bit of a “tissue factory” and those attending can expect to receive a healthy dose of heartfelt emotion."
  11. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/products/560248-dead-mothers-2-songs-picture-disc-lathe-cut-limited-to-25-read-full-description-please Founded in 2014, Asheville, North Carolina’s Dead Mothers wrote a crushing debut EP "Life is Poison" We released it earlier this year on a 7". If you haven't already, you should pick it up too. We used the remaining two songs (Doctored, Disease) from that recording session to release this 2 song square picture disc lathe. This is limited to a one time release of 25 copies. Artwork on both releases is by Ethan of Primitive Man. THE SOUND QUALITY IS NOT PERFECT, THINK OF IT MORE AS A PLAYABLE PIECE OF ARTWORK. YOU WILL BE PROVIDED WITH A LINK TO A HIGH QUALITY DIGITAL FILE OF THESE TWO SONGS THOUGH. *********************** IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT LATHE CUTS ********************************* These are not a direct substitute for pressed records. These are 100% hand-made, in real time. If the record is 10 minutes long, it took 10 minutes to cut plus setup time. This labor, coupled with the maintenance and knowledge required makes these lathe-cuts more expensive (per piece) than a larger pressing of vinyl. They have some degree of surface noise/pops/crackles, which tends to largely disappear once the music starts, especially for full, loud recordings. However, these lathe cuts are not audiophile records, or even comparable to standard pressed records. They will sound slightly different than the master, because the plastic reacts to certain frequencies differently.They are made from materials that were never intended to be records (plexi glass cut with a 70 year old lathe). Sound quality varies slightly from one record to the next, and some audio tracks translate better than others. These records should be treated like, and priced as unique works of art. It is like the difference between selling a cheap gift shop print of a painting and an original artist print of that painting. ********************************************************************************************* This album will fit right in your collection between your Gaza, Knut, Pig Destroyer, and Converge albums. Tracklisting: 1. Doctored 2. Disease Dead Mothers is: Olive Ardizoni - vocals Mike Royal - bass Jordan Vermillion - drums Ryan Moon - guitar http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/products/560248-dead-mothers-2-songs-picture-disc-lathe-cut-limited-to-25-read-full-description-please
  12. We are pretty excited about this one. A split EP from Down In It from Wilmington, NC and No Restraint from Jacksonville, FL. More info will be coming soon along with the artwork. The masters have been sent off to the plant and we will keep you updated. Follow the Bitter Melody Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay in the loop. You can stream the first track / video from Down In It at the link below. DOWN IN IT Stream “Heresy”, the first track off the split 7” with No Restraint here - http://www.metalinjection.net/video/down-in-it-heresy-is-new-music-to-mosh-to From Wilmington, NC, DOWN IN IT is another shining example in the current wave of abrasive metalcore that is flooding the heavy music scene. Despite being freshly new to the game, forming only in February 2014, the five-piece has made their mark and continues to turn heads as they look to release “Humanity Has Failed”, a split 7” with Jacksonville, FL powerhouse NO RESTRAINT. The split was recorded with Andreas Magnusson (The Black Dahlia Murder, Despised Icon, Haste The Day) in Richmond, VA. Despite their side only consisting of 3 songs, there was absolutely no room for filler. Taking influence from the more metal side of metalcore like Martyr A.D. and Zao, while adding the more in-your-face style that Turmoil and One King Down made popular, allow Down In It to stand on their own while also giving them room to grow musically. Lyrically, the band hones in on a lot of topics that are extremely important and prominent in current day discussion, such as animal rights, depression, religion, and gender binaries. Andreas’ touch is obvious as well with drums that cut through the mix, and a thick but gritty guitar and bass tone that gives the recording an atmosphere that matches the potency of what this band stands for. “Humanity Has Failed” will see a release via Bitter Melody Records, and will be celebrated at Southern Ties Fest in the band’s hometown of Wilmington this November. In the meantime, the band has plans to hit the road this September with Old Wounds (Good Fight Music) for a short run to Don’t Call It A Fest along side the likes of Eyehategod, See You Next Tuesday, In Cold Blood, and many others. Follow: http://www.facebook.com/bittermelodyrecords http://twitter.com/bittermelodyrecs https://www.facebook.com/xdowninit https://twitter.com/downinitnchc Stream Previous Releases: https://downinit.bandcamp.com/
  13. Pro duplicated metallic silver tapes. Listen here: http://paidinfullnchc.bandcamp.com/releases Wilmington's Paid In Full have written a killer, old school, hardcore EP. Members of Gut Feeling, Undying, Nourish the Flame, Down In It, and Choose Your Weapon. Bitter Melody Records is proud to release their first release on cassette. Pick up the tape here: http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/products/556909-paid-in-full-s-t-cassette
  14. We are doing a holiday weekend sale! Enter "HANSMOLEMAN" at checkout for 25% off your order. I'll be throwing extra surprises in orders too. Coupon is active now and will be pulled down on Monday. We have a lot of releases and a ton of distro stock from other labels to look through. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/ Check out the new stuff from Dead Mothers, Gut Feeling, No Restraint, and Down In It if you haven't heard some our newer releases. We have a bunch of distro especially Deathwish.
  15. More about this below but we are pretty pumped on this. This EP rules. Mountain punk hardcore. We approved Dave's lacquers and it is headed for plating and pressing now. Founded in 2014, Asheville, North Carolina’s Dead Mothers have written a crushing debut EP. Life is Poison, due this summer on Bitter Melody Records. Along with the announcement, the band have released the new single "White Squaw" through New Noise Magazine. http://newnoisemagazine.com/song-premiere-dead-mothers-white-squaw/ Mixing their punk ethos, social awareness, and technical musicianship they have recorded 5 songs with Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business in Greensboro, NC. The result is a tight, monumentally heavy EP. Life is Poison crosses genres of mathcore, grind, and sludge. This album will fit right in your collection between your Gaza, Knut, Pig Destroyer, and Converge albums. Tracklisting: 1. Nicodemus 2. White Squaw 3. Victim 4. Dead Mothers 5. Poison Dead Mothers is: Olive Ardizoni - vocals Mike Royal - bass Jordan Vermillion - drums Ryan Moon - guitar https://deadmothers.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/deadmothersband http://www.bittermelodyrecords.com/ http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/
  16. Jacksonville, FL's No Restraint play passionate, political 90s influenced hardcore. This 6 song EP is killer. Fans of Trial, Earth Crisis, and Indecision should take note. We are planning our next project (which will be a vinyl release) with them as we speak. We also have a new tape from Down In It (NCHC) and are working with them to do a vinyl project too. You can download/listen here: http://norestraint.bandcamp.com/ 25 on white tapes with green imprinting 75 on green tapes with white imprinting You can grab a tape here: http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/products/546754-no-restraint-the-branches-of-suffering-cassette 1 Factory Farms and Slaughterhouses 2 The Branches of Suffering 3 For No One Else 4 Strength Through Conviction 5 The Disease 6 The Path to a New World
  17. We almost let our 5 year anniversary as a label slip by. It's been an amazing ride. I've made a ton of friends, had amazing adventures, and released some amazing records. Thanks for all the support over the years! We have enabled a 25% off coupon code to celebrate: 5YEARS (enter at checkout) Help us make some room for our year 6 releases. We have a ton of distro stock to pick through too. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/ I'll be throwing some other free stuff in these orders too!
  18. We are releasing a new 7" from Gut Feeling. We did their first 7" last year. It's killer hardcore and the new EP is absolutely blistering. I'm pumped to see what they come up for the art, if you picked up their first 7" you'll know why (it's die cut and screenprinted and amazing). Dave just cut the ref for this, and we hope to have this out by the end of the year. Here is the more formal write up for it: Gut Feeling is a North Carolina hardcore band with an impressive musical pedigree (ex-Catharsis, Undying, Torch Runner, Nightbear, etc). Musically these guys deviate from their previous more metal-laced endeavors and the only part that really carries over from their previous bands, is top notch song-writing, structure and musicianship. Gut Feeling is bringing back anthemic hardcore in the vein of Champion, Comeback Kid, Modern Life is War, and Propagandhi. Their new EP was recorded at Legitimate Business by Kris Hilbert and features 6 new blistering tracks. The new 7” is slated to come out this winter on Bitter Melody Records and Headfirst Records and it follows up their 2013 EP (also available on vinyl from Bitter Melody and Headfirst). The first track (Living With Ghosts) can be heard here: http://youtu.be/eFz1i3d5Kbk Members: Chuck Johnson - Chris Gannon - James Chang - Dan Allen - Nick Troutman www.facebook.com/gutfeelingnc Bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com Headfirstrecords.limitedrun.com www.facebook.com/bittermelodyrecords www.bittermelodyrecords.com
  19. We were happy to help TPU get another release ready for their upcoming tour so we put together The Pizza Underground's new live album, titled Live At Chop Suey. The Pizza Underground notably features Macaulay Culkin and seasoned musicians from the NY anti-folk scene doing pizza parodies of The Velvet Underground. The album features their full 26 minute set at Seattle's Chop Suey, including stage banter. The Pizza Underground are part band, part variety show. If you can't make it to one of their dates on their tour with Har Mar Superstar this Fall (see dates below), then this cassette is the next best thing. Cassette orders will come with a digital download card. These are available here: http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/
  20. We are pumped to finally have these tapes in stock. This EP rules. Great RVA pop punk. The group comes from an impressive band pedigree featuring current and former members of Hold Tight!, Tight Hold, Friendly Fire, Springtime, Family Cat, Tiger Tail, Just Friends. We are very exciting to be helping release this EP. Comes with a link to find the download. Cross Eyed write short, snotty pop punk songs with three different members doing vocals, bringing a different sound to each song. They bring a mix of their other bands and a touch of Ramones-core to craft a record that will fit nicely in the catalog of RVA punk. Their debut 7 song debut is being released on 50 red and 50 white cassettes. You can listen here: http://crosseyedrva.bandcamp.com/releases and pick it up here: http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/products/530938-crosseyed-s-t-cassette-red-or-white-cassettes-mem-of-family-cat-hold-tight-springtime-and-more Tracklisting: 1. Lose Me 2. Stuck 3. Heads Up 4. Ruffner 5. Blonde 6. Shovel 7. Every Minute
  21. We are pumped to be helping Milky White (from Charleston, SC) release their debut 7" on pink, green and black vinyl. This will be out June 10th and touring will commence following the release. Jules' vocals and the bass lines won me over on my first listen. This is a 4 song EP. Give it a listen and feel free to share. We have put up the first single from this release here: http://youtu.be/Zo1QqBL41Xk Ordering info will be posted next week. No preorder.
  22. We decided to do a quick sale for the holiday weekend. Use code LONGWEEKEND for 20% off your order for today only. New stuff from This Routine is Hell, Muscle & Bone, Old Flings, Fake Boys, Pizza Underground, Colour Me Wednesday, and a ton more including our huge distro. Check it out! Also, there are options to get a free cassette (with 10 dollar minimum) and a free LP (with a 20 dollar minimum), but you have to add them to your cart to get them. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/
  23. I've helped the UK's Colour Me Wednesday release their record I Thought It Was Morning on cassette for their upcoming tour with Spoonboy this summer. We did totally new artwork for the tape, included a cassette bonus song, and screened some patches to give away with each tape. It's politically conscious, DIY folky pop stuff. If you dig Lemuria or Kate Nash, I think you'll like this. You get one of 3 patch designs, a cassette and an album download with each tape order. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/products/527775-colour-me-wednesday-i-thought-it-was-morning-cassette-with-patch-download http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/products/527775-colour-me-wednesday-i-thought-it-was-morning-cassette-with-patch-download
  24. 20% off everything in the whole store starting now. Coupon runs through tomorrow. RSD2014 http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/
  25. This Routine Is Hell is a four piece band from Utrecht, The Netherlands who formed in 2009. This Routine Is Hell play a great style of hardcore/punk influenced by bands such as Modern Life Is War, Give Up The Ghost, and Ruiner. Howl is the band's latest twelve song LP released via Bitter Melody Records, Cobra records, Shield Recordings, and Ruins records. Howl was recorded by Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studios. Overall, these twelve songs make for an intense and ambitious listen. Bram and Boy from TRIH also play in The Kids' Crusade and Fever. We have released a split demo tape with both of those bands demos and timed that release with this one. You can bundle it with your TRIH LP and save a little bit. Fever is in the same family as TRIH but a little faster and more aggressive. The Kids' Crusade has a strong 90s influence, for fans of Jawbreaker and Archers of Loaf. THESE ARE UP AND SHIPPING NOW. WE HAVE THE TAPES AND VINYL IN STOCK. I HAVE A BUNDLE WITH THE TAPE AND VINYL TOO. PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR DISTRO TOO. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/ PRESSING IS ON: blue - 100 blue with green streaks - 100 black - 300 description: This Routine is Hell (Utrecht, NL) have taken hardcore by storm. Call it restlessness, call it fear, call it being out of step or call it being stubborn; This Routine is Hell has been the medium which these, what some would call “defects” have been ruthlessly transformed into an uncompromising “NO”. Existing somewhere between today’s obsolete definitions of hardcore and punk, it’s hard to tell exactly what they are; but more importantly to them is why they are there. In their words, “Where self-doubt has laid us to rest, creativity must awaken us. Where sadness only saddens more, the power of will and love must empower us. It's this path to transformation which has guided the four of us to cross borders and oceans onto uncommon ground. The new album "Howl" is the next step into that same unfamiliar territory. We were on the verge of giving up when finally deciding to either go for it completely or simply put it all to rest. A big leap across the Atlantic was taken and we recorded our second full length at Godcity Studios with Kurt Ballou in Salem, MA in the summer of 2012. Howl is exactly about that. It’s written with the basic idea that we simply refuse to let ourselves be governed by our fears and our doubts. But perhaps it's even more strongly against 'their' view on what it means to grow up (set in stone) and 'their' inability to actively shape their lives which has its virulent and devastating effects on all of us. It's about disassembling the society with the little tools we have, and rebuilding them with the ones we create. Some people write biographies. This is rather a statement.” After extensive touring throughout Europe and America, they are taking the world by storm. The first pressing of Howl sold out quickly. We have just pressed a 2nd press of Howl and shot a brand new music video for “I Wake to See the World Go Wild”. This is their 4th music video off of Howl. This video is to help promote the second press of Howl on blue, blue with green splatter, and black vinyl. This is co-released by the European labels – Cobra, Ruins, Shield and in the US by Bitter Melody Records. Second press IS available in the States from Bitter Melody here: Bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com Facebook.com/bittermelodyrecords