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  1. I'm looking for the Tour only variant black vinyl Coheed put out for their 2011 SSTB Neverender tour. I went to opening night but had no idea there was a special tour only version. I have no references here, but I have 100% feedback on ebay (92 total positive reviews) and have sold several items through thereplicapropforum.com. I use only paypal after a purchase went south a few years ago. PM me an offer if you have one you are looking to pass on to another fan. Thanks!
  2. This is what i'm looking for: Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise | Transparent Blue | First Pressing | Atlantic Records | Circa Survive - The Inuit Sessions EP | Pink/1000 (B-Side Etching) | First Pressing | Equal Vision Records | This is what I have to trade: Coheed and Cambria - Second Stage Turbine Blade | Green/3000 Merch Now Exclusive Bundle | 180g | Equal Vision Records | Coheed and Cambria - Neverender: SSTB Poster | Signed by band | Merch Now Exclusive | Coheed and Cambria - IRO-bot/Elf Tower, New Mexico 7" | Green/3000 | Equal Vision Records | Coheed and Cambria - The Afterman: Acension // Big Beige Demos | Clear/1000 RSD/Black Friday Exclusive | Hundred Handed |
  3. Alright, I've spent way too much money on records lately, and my hours have just been slashed in half at work, so thus I'm trying to offload some of the things I can bear parting with. Taking offers, but please don't try to lowball me too much, I'd like to at least break even on them. A good portion of these I haven't even had the chance to spin due to lack of time with finals and everything, so jump the chance to sink your warm needle into some soft virgin vinyl. 7"s Sunny Day Real Estate - Bucket of Chicken Avett Brothers - Slight Figure of Speech (Indie Retail Exclusive) SEALED What's Eating Gilbert - Cheap Shots - Black / Tan split - Never spun Coheed & Cambria - Guns of Summer Picture Disc RSD Exclusive Violent Femmes - American Music - Clear Against Me! - High Pressure Low Acoustic Foo Fighters - The Pretender - Spun once John Lennon - Instant Karma / Yoko Ono - Who Has Seen The Wind O'Pioneers / New Bruises Split - Clear Blue 10" AFI - Miss Murder picture disc 12"s Kevin Devine - Circle Gets The Square - Sealed Mac Frampton - Classic Dimension - Sealed Mac Frampton - Ivory Roads - Sealed Wings - Band On The Run (jacket's kinda beat up, has a few small stickers on the back, vinyl's fine) Green Day - 39/Smooth + 2 7"s - Played once John Lennon - Double Fantasy Beatles - Rubber Soul (70s pressing) Ry Cooder - Bop Til You Drop Julian Lennon - Valotte Led Zeppelin II - Jacket's kinda worn, but the LP's in surprisingly great shape Billy Joel - Glass Houses Limbeck - Hi, Everything's Great - test pressing with tracklisting mistake
  4. I have an extra copy of this that I don't need. It's still sealed. Just looking for $25 shipped to cover my cost and the shipping.
  5. Selling a few records on eBay. Brand New - Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me (2xLP) Black AFS At The Drive In - Relationship of Command Coheed and Cambria - In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 (2xLP) Blue/Grey Led Zeppelin - I S/T Led Zeppelin - Coda http://www.ebay.com/...=&_trksid=p3686 Thanks for looking!
  6. UK BASED, YOU CAN FIND PICTURES ABOUT ALL RECORDS ON MY TRADELIST: deadformat.net/xtokeex quick response: [email protected] 7": A day to rember :all i want 7" RSD mint A day to remember:all i want 7" RSD purple Amendment eighteen: this years enemy 7" grey vinyl answer,the:getting even ,red 7" Atari:we`ll be fighting 7" black Atari:we`ll be fighting 7" black with green cover/200 Blue Monday:what's done is done 7" Coheed and cambria:the running free 7" black cut the tension/that was then split 7" Damage:final 7" Damage:final 7" red/grey vinyl eighteen visions:vanity white 7" Four year strong:it's not the size of...7" black Go time:s/t 7" very mailorder press 98/145 mable coke bottle clear I rise /soul control split 7" with summer tour 2007 pizzamman green cover 002/150 Keep it up/proven split 7" baby blue marble Over my dead body:no runners 7" black,summer tour 2003 cover Overcast :s/t 7" clean purple Poison the well:Tear fromt the red 7" orange Pushed too far:lost time 7" blue Rain on the parade:body bag e.p. 7" black Sick of it all:s/t 7" 5th press Slugfest:live 7" white Time in malta:identify.persist.transcend. 7" white V/A :Anti matter :shades apart/ressurection split 7" v/a: deathwish single series 3 x 7"(hope conspiracy/suicide file split 7",some girls,horror show)/500 V/A: Indecision records:devil's night 7" black/red V/A:...direction...comp 7" with strecharmstong and disciple 3 more bands.snakctime records,red vinyl Wide awake:hold true demo light blue cover blue label Wide awake:the end 7" mondo gillippie rec. year of our lord,the:s/t 7" Youth of today: S/T 7" RSD red 10" Drowningman:still loves you 10" clear Poison the well:ghostchant 10" pink V/A:Bridging oceans int sxe comp (hold x true,geeks, etc) 10" grey vinyl LP: 25 ta life: strenght through unity pic LP A day to remember: what separates me from you LP poo color Bold:complete discography 2xLP black unopened Botch:an anthology of dead ends LP rsd 2012 180G black Carry on:a life less plagued Lp 1st press Cave in:Antenna 2xLP Cave in:jupiter LP Farside:rigged LP bootbeer rsd 2012 vinyl /510 Kill holiday:somewhere between the wrong is right LP Kiss it goodbye: she loves me....LP white Most precious blood: nothing in wain LP grey marble most precious blood:nothing in vain silver white black splatter LP Most Precious Blood:Our Lady of Annihilation LP, CLEAR Nails: unsilent death LP 180g vinyl Saves the day: under the boards LP blue /300, 1st press Tarpit : vultures LP black vinyl Trap them:filth rations LP 12" with etched b-side black Trap them:seance prime 12"LP clear vinyl Trap them:seizure ...LP black Trap them:sleepwell decontsructor LP gold/blood color/750 V/A:revelation 100th 2xLP red vinyl v/a:the 51 copm/join the team player comp(converge etc) LP v/a:the rebirth of hardcore LP Worlds collide:get ross! live 3/20/92 LP black Merch: Abhorrence: bat design ,white L Bishop: red logo with lyrics on the front,M Blue monday: screaming up side down skull,prefect victim logo on back ,black M By a thread:logo shirt,rev logo on back ,black L Cast aside:logo on the front and dragon desing on the side,beige L Converge:monk design on beige shirt,from the 90`s,L Damnation a.d.:eu tour shirt with eagle on bomb,black ,M Donnybrook:graffiti logo hoodie,back bottom has 1917 records writing,black M Equalvision records: small logo on chest black XL Every time i die:zombie hands design on the fron,ferret logo on back ,black M Face the enemy:these two words shirt with logo,black S/M Hands tied: yellow bandsname with red outline written in college style on chest, grey shirt, XL Hands tied: NJ sxe,small logo on front,big on the back and hc 1998 on the sleeve,green L Martyr a.d.: minnesota north starts rip off logo,green M Mouthpiece: college style design hoodie,navy M One life crew: indian logo,beige L Panic:girl head on front and b9 logo on the back,black XL Promise,the:logo on the front and cross bones w/ indecision logo on the back,black M Rise and fall:crying kid with snake around his neck,tourshirt i guess,white,L Set your goals: shark design,navy,M Some girls:pink logo pink,all my friends are.. design,deathwish logo on the sleeve ,black XL Turmoil:3d design with cut in half dude,black L Turmoil: philadelphia hardcore (cheesecream design) grey, XL Until the end: proud to be drug free ,evr design navy M Until the end:xxx logo on front,"pull the fucking trigger" on back,black XL +NIKE SHIRTS FOR CHEAP: http://www.flickr.co...s/[email protected]/
  7. I have a copy of Coheed And Cambria "Second Stage Turbine Blade" on Green that I'd love to trade for a variant of "The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me". I have the white, tour/gold, black, and purple pressings of it. But I am looking for any others. The record and jacket are in perfect condition. Let me know if anyone is willing to trade! I will also consider a first pressing of Thrice's "The Artist In The Ambulance". Thanks!
  8. Special offer: Grab more than $20, and I'll throw in any one $3 item from the list. Guitar stuff: Ibanez Soundtank Digital Delay DL5 $40 12" Isis - Live II … Black /800 NM/NM $25 Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will ...Black M/M $16 My Minds Mine - Between Soothing Consolation And Uncontrollable Madness ...Black NM/M $7 The Roots - Instrumentals Album … Black 446/5000 NM/M $10 Struggle - Struggle Black NM/M $7 Terror - Lowest Of The Low … Clear /1000 M/M $9 7"s: 7000 Dying Rats - Feeling Good, Feeling Spry! … Black NM/M $3 A Life Once Lost - The Fourth Plague: Flies … Clear /200 M/M $4 A Life Once Lost - The Fourth Plague: Flies … Red/White Marble M/M $4 Agoraphobic Nosebleed - S/T … Black M / M Bovine Records - Yellow Cover $15 Agoraphobic Nosebleed - S/T … Black M / M Bovine Records - Yellow Cover $15 All Hype - Response ...Red/Black Splatter M/M $3 Anti-flag - Émigré … Black M/M Promo $3 As Long As We're All Living, We're All Dying - S/T … Clear Red NM/M With CDR $5 Bane - XXX … Black VG /M $20 Blocked Out - Torn Throats ...Black M/M $3 Bucket Full Of Teeth - III … Green Marble /1400 NM/M $4 Cakewalk - 7 Inch Record … Black 60/330 M/M Screenprint/scotch tape/USPS Mailer $4 Casket Lottery, The - Lost At Sea … Clear Green M/M $4 Cave In - Anchor … Black /3000 NM/M $3 Cave In - Anchor … Clear Yellow /500 VG/M $5 Cave In - Anchor … Gray Marble /1000 NM/M $4 Cave In - Lost In The Air … Black /1300 NM /M 180gram $4 Coheed And Cambria - The Running Free … Black M/M $5 Corn On Macabre - I … Black M/M Long plastic sleeve $5 Corn On Macabre - II … Clear M/M Semi-Clear packaging $5 Costa, Matt - Witchcraft/Johnny's Love Of Majik ...Black NM/M $3 Curl Up And Die - 1998 … Black M/M $5 Daughters - S/T … Black NM/M First press. $15 Daughters - S/T … Black NM/M First Press. $15 Dedication, The - Youth Murder Anthems … Clear /848 M/M $3 Dillinger Escape Plan, The - Live Infinity … Black /2000 M/M Unique tracking $17 Dot Flash Line - The G7 EP … Clear Blue 098/500 M/M Vellum cover $3 Dragbody - Transgress. Nullify. ...Black NM/M $3 Duffy - Mercy … Black M/M Record Store Day 2009 Promo $3 Farewell Chapter, The - Desensitizing Your Arrogance … Clear Orange M/M Plastic cover $3 Farewell Chapter, The - Desensitizing Your Arrogance … Clear Orange M/M Plastic cover $3 Gandiva - S/T … Clear Purple VG /M Andy Kyte (ex-Cave In) $5 Gaslight Anthem, The - Señor And The Queen ...Black M/M (double 7") $6 Gaslight Anthem, The - Tumblin' Dice/She Loves You ...Black M/M $7 Get High - S/T … Black M/M $5 Hangnail - Nightmare In Painesville … Black VG /M $3 Harvest - One Step Closer Than The Last … Black /800 M/M $5 Hassan I Sabbah - S/T … Black /800 /F $8 Heroin - S/T … Black M/M Paper Bag cover $9 Holdstrong - Pursuit In The Face Of Misfortune … White M/M $5 Hollomen - S/T … White /305 M/M Aaron Turner/Guitars $4 Hope Conspiracy - File03 … Black /1500 M/M Etching on B side $18 In Pieces - Brick Wall Stare … Black VG /M $10 Jasta 14 - S/T … Black F/M Green Cover $8 Jasta 14 - S/T … Black VG/M Red cover $6 Jasta 14 - S/T … Black VG/M Red cover $6 Jesuit - Bronze … Black /847 M/M $8 Jesuit - Silver … Black NM /M $10 Kid Kilowatt - Hit Single … Black /550 M/M $6 Kid Kilowatt - Hit Single … Gray Marble /275 M/M $8 La Gritona - Frank White … Black VG/M Keelhaul members $4 Locust, The - Flight Of The Wounded Locust … Clear /10000 M/M $8 Narrows - Narrows ...Brown/Black Split M/M $5 National Acrobat, The - It's Nothing Personal … Black M/M $5 Neil Perry - Specimen … Picture Disk /2000 /M Picture Disk $10 Neurosis - Aberration EP … Black NM/M $6 Nora - Kill You For A Dollar … Purple Marble M/M $6 Octis - Twevim Lenlengr … Black 170/500 VG /M 180gram $5 Phobia - My Friends - Our Grind! ...Black M/M $5 Pretty Girls Make Graves - By The Throat … Black /1200 M/M 180gram $5 Pretty Girls Make Graves - Speakers Push The Air … Black /1212 M/M 180gram $5 Shadows Fall - To Ashes … Clear Purple VG/M Gatefold cover has minor water damage. $7 Time In Malta - Identify. Persist. Transcend. … White M/M contains a Threadbare cover $5 Tree - S/T … Clear Green NM/M 180gram $5 Tree - This Land … Pink VG /M 180gram $5 Vent - Long Lost Human ...Black NM/M (Hydrahead 666-01) $4 Vision Of Disorder - Resurrecting Reality … Black NM/M 180gram $8 Waifle - (Breakfast Violence) … Black M/M Hand Stamped Cover $8 Warren Commission, The - Uncover/Discover … Black VG /M $3 You And I - First Seven Inch … Black NM/M Second press $6 7" Splits Agothocles/Kadaverficker ...Black M/M $3 Assistant, The/Forstella Ford Black /700 M/M 180 grams $7 Assistant, The/Scarlet Letter Clear M/M $7 Avail/(Young) Pioneers - "The Fall Of Richmond" Black M/M $3 Bane/Adamantium Black /1574 M/M $16 Black Army Jacket/Noothgrush ...Black NM/M $8 Black Army Jacket/Spazz ...Black M/M $8 Botch/Murder City Devils Black /2200 M/M Embossed Vellum Cover $17 Botch/Nineironspitfire/Jough Dawn Baker/Slowsidedown ...Gold NM/M $15 Boy Sets Fire/Shai Hulud "Crush 'em All" Black M/M Diecut cover (Lightning Bolt) $5 Burnt By The Sun/Hope Conspiracy, The … Black 618/1000 M/M Krazyfest stamp $10 Burnt By The Sun/Hope Conspiracy, The … Black 829/1000 M/M Krazyfest stamp $10 Burnt By The Sun/Hope Conspiracy, The … Black 870/1000 M/M Krazyfest stamp $10 Burnt By The Sun/Hope Conspiracy, The … Black 873/1000 M/M Krazyfest stamp $10 Casket Lottery, The/Hot Water Music - Colors, Words $5 Casket Lottery, The/Waxwing ... Purple Marble 1501/1662 (211 on purple) M/M Hand Stamped Number/label info $5 Cave In/Botch - In These Black Days Volume 5 ... Black /1504 NM /M 180gram $13 Cave In/Children ... Black /2000 VG/M 180gram $9 Cave In/Children ... Black /2000 NM/M 180gram $9 Corrin/Arise ... Black VG /NM $10 CR (Compassionate Revolution)/Milhouse ... Black NM/M $5 Creation Is Crucifixion/Suicide Nation … Black /1000 (900 on Black) NM/M $5 Creation Is Crucifixion/Unruh - A Split 7" Battle To The Death Black /2100 NM/M Cardboard style mailer (pull strip has been opened) $9 Darkest Hour/Ground Zero - A Split Seven Inch ... Black NM/M $12 Dillinger Escape Plan/Drowningman Black /2000 M/M $13 Dragbody/Burial Ground ... Black NM/M $8 Great Redneck Hope/Bleeding Kansas … Clear Green 137/400 M/M Screenprinted cover. 180gram $10 Hassan I Sabbah/Usurp Synapse - Just Do It! Black /900 M/M w/ "sorry slip" $13 Isis/Pig Destroyer - A Split Seven Inch … Black /1750 NM/M $20 Keelhaul/Anodyne … Black M/M $6 Keelhaul/Anodyne … Black M/M $6 Lighten Up/Big Ups ...Blue Marble M/M $3 Locust, The/Jenny Piccolo … Picture Disk M/M Picture Disk 5" $7 Nasum/Asterisk … Black NM /M "first press 2001" etched into vinyl $20 Neil Perry/Kaospilot … Black M/M 180 grams $8 Polyglot/Fall From Grace … Black NM/M $5 Swarm, The/Morser … Black NM/M 180gram $13 Waifle/Death Is Your Language - A Split 7" … Teal M/M $5