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Found 65 results

  1. Horrible things come in small packages, and this October GNAW delivers their second full length serving titled "Horrible Chamber" on CD and LP via Seventh Rule Recordings. Your choice of either SILVER P19 with RED#3 Haze (Ltd to 100 Copies and exclusive to mailorder) OR Black Vinyl. Listen: here Order from the Seventh Rule Shop: here Australian/New Zealand Customers click here to purchase!
  2. Limited to 300 on brown wax 3D textured gold leaf letter press on art board $22 + shipping http://capturedtracks.com/catalog/by_artist/ct-186-holograms-forever-limited-edition-lp/ (You can order it in a bundle with the new Blouse release as well: http://capturedtracks.com/catalog/_blouse/blouse-holograms-limited-edition-bundle/)
  3. Limited to 400 black & white marble wax 3D textured letter press imprint on art board Tour poster http://capturedtracks.com/catalog/by_artist/ct-187-blouse-imperium-limited-edition-lp/ (You can order it in a bundle with the new Holograms release as well: http://capturedtracks.com/catalog/_blouse/blouse-holograms-limited-edition-bundle/)
  4. Jacuzzi Boys - S/T on colored vinyl $13 + shipping "With their self-titled third full-length, Jacuzzi Boys are going grand, building limestone monuments to those that boogied before them, while writing hypnotic ear worms by the light of a cigarette. Gone is the swamp-thing snarl. In its place, the indestructible cool of the casino slot-jockey with nothing to lose." All preorder LPs will be on limited colored vinyl (clear with blue/red swirl), and all preorders will receive an official Jacuzzi Boys patch and postcard, while they last! All LPs include a download code. Please note, all preorders (and anything ordered with them) won't ship until early September. http://www.hardlyart.com/shop/jacuzziboys.html
  5. Let me know if you'd be interested. I'd sell it for the right price also.
  6. Hello VC! Wondering if somebody on here might have the following two items for sale or can point me in the right direction to find these online without paying 30+ for them on eBay listings. Just looking to complete my National collection. Shoot me a PM! Many Thanks!
  7. I've collected a lot of colored vinyl. I used to try to collect every variant I could with some bands, but I just don't have the interest or the money to do that anymore. So, I'm keeping my favorites and selling some of the others. Gotta make room for more records! These are the records that I would sell if the price is right. Anyhow, I figured that I would post them up here before I go to ebay. If you're interested, PM me with offers. Please make them reasonable, I know how much they can go for. I can ship internationally, but just be aware that postage ain't cheap! Then again, if you're overseas, you probably already know that! Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit Redux (Blue LTD 500) Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit Redux (Translucent Red LTD 500) Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit Redux (Clear/Red Splatter LTD 500) Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit Redux (red/white/green splatter LTD 500) Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit Redux (Half red/Half Black LTD 500) Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit Redux (White LTD 500) Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit Redux (Purple/yellow/Black Splatter LTD 500) Alkaline Trio - From Here to Infirmary (Purple Marble LTD to 126) x 3 Broadway Calls - S/T (Yellow LTD 500) Darlington - Louder Than Morrissey (Black) Dead to Me - Cuban Ballerina (Clear) Dillinger Four - CIVIL WAR (Clear LTD 550) Dopamines - Vices (White LTD 100) Dopamines - Vices (Red LTD 100) Dopamines - Vices (Green LTD 100) Dopamines - Vices (Yellow LTD 100) x 2 The Ergs - Ben Kweller (Black) The Ergs - Dorkrockcorkrod (Black 1st Press) The Ergs - Upstairs/Downstairs (Gold LTD 150) The Ergs - Jersey's Best Prancers (Yellow) The Ergs - Jersey's Best Prancers (Translucent Dark Blue w/Handwritten Labels...Tour edition) The Ergs - That's It, Bye (Black First Press) The Girls - Yes, No, Yes, No.... (clear) Good Riddance - For God and Country (Translucent Blue LTD 653) The Hextalls - Call it a Comeback (Die Cut Hockey Mask Cover 34/50) Hunchback - Pray For Scars (Black) Lagwagon – Duh (Purple LTD 524) Lagwagon – Trashed (Coke Bottle Clear LTD) Leftovers - On the Move (Clear 1/5) These were never for sale, thus no cover Leftovers - On the Move (White) Leftovers – On the Move (Coke Bottle Clear) Leftovers – On the Move (Translucent Red) Leftovers – On the Move (Translucent Orange) Masked Intruder – S/T (Red) Mean Jeans – On Mars (Red LTD 300) Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Have Another Ball (Light Blue LTD 551) New Mexican Disaster Squad – Don’t Believe (First Press White LTD 415) Ninja Gun – Restless Rubes (120 Pressed Green (Coody Claus and Ninja Elves Xmas Edition) NOFX – The Longest Line (White LTD 1082) NOFX – Hardcore 10” (Black/White 50/50) None More Black – Icons (Translucent Blue LTD 326) Off With Their Heads – In Desolation (Red) 1 corner of cover slightly bent. The Playing Favorites – I Remember When I was Pretty (Blue Pink 50/50) The Playing Favorites – I Remember When I was Pretty (Blue Pink marble) Propagandhi – Failed States (Blue Sealed) Radio Faces – Party at the Bushwick (Black) Riverdales – Tarantula (Picture Disc) Screeching Weasel – First World Manifesto (Gold/Black/Red Splatter Gatefold) Snuff – 5-4-3-2-1---Perhaps (Green/Purple Haze LTD 407) Steinways – Missed the Boat (Green LTD 50) Steinways – Missed the Boat (Purple LTD 125) Steinways – Missed the Boat (Yellow LTD 125) Steinways – Missed the Boat (Test Press 6/10) Steinways – Gorilla Marketing (Yellow) Steinways – Gorilla Marketing (White) Steinways – Gorilla Marketing (Tour Version, Screened Cover, Testpress 71/101) Strung Out – Another Day in Paradise (Orange LTD 570) Strung Out – Elements of Sonic Defiance (Yellow LTD 322) Swingin Utters – Juvenile Product… (Yellow Marble LTD 550) Teenage Bottlerocket – Live in ’06 (One Sided LP, other side etched) Toy Dolls – Dig That Groove Baby (Black Wiseguy – Burning the Tracks (Black) Universal Record Store Day 2010 LP The Unlovables – Heartsickle (Blue) The Unlovables – Heartsickle (Red) Ben Weasel and His Iron String Quartet – These Ones are Bitter (Tan/Green Haze) Ben Weasel and His Iron String Quartet – These Ones are Bitter (Translucent Tan) x2 Ben Weasel and His Iron String Quartet – These Ones are Bitter (Translucent Blue) Ben Weasel and His Iron String Quartet – These Ones are Bitter (Red) White Wires – III (White) It’s Delicious! (Suburban Home Comp)
  8. This went up Tuesday, haven't seen a thread about it yet so I thought I'd throw it out there. For $14 plus shipping, not a bad deal. I dug their last release, "Creatures of an Hour" - SubPop gave the same treatment for that LP (Loser Edition color). Check it out! "People who pre-order Strange Pleasures on CD or LP from SubPop.com will receive a limited-edition scrap book featuring pages taken directly from Still Corners’ lyric book as they were writing the record as well as images from the recording process. People who pre-order the record on LP will receive the colored-vinyl, limited Loser Edition version of Strange Pleasures. And as is the nature of limited things, the sooner you order, the better, as they will run out!" http://www.subpop.com/releases/still_corners/full_lengths/strange_pleasures
  9. Like most vinyl productions, it took us a couple extra months to get these out, but Seventh Rule is stoked to announce that we now have for preorder both the Atriarch "Ritual Of Passing" LP and the long awaited reissue of Coffinworm's "When All Became None" on LP. "When All Became None" is Coffinworm's proper debut full-length. Through thick walls of reverb and feedback, the band unleashes massive, monolithic riffs heavy enough to shift the fault lines of the earth. Vocalist Dave Britts's throat-searing vo-kill assault carries the weight of a diabolical storm. Captured by Sanford Parker, this sonic nightmare of unholy proportions delivers to the utmost devastating and blasphemous degree. After almost 3 years of extinction this release brings the epic debut by Coffinworm back into existence. This Single LP Jacket version now also features a 18x24 “Start Saving For Your Funeral” Poster. Available in either Black or Bong Load Green vinyl configurations, the colored vinyl is strictly limited to 100 copies. Atriarch finds their true sonic calling on their sophomore full-length Ritual of Passing. Delivering tenfold on the potential of the previous two releases, the album is marked by an altogether heavier sound, more deep and substantive. Atriarch draws inspiration from such legendary bands as Christian Death, Bauhaus, Rudimentary Peni and Killing Joke, as well as more recent groups like The Gault, Asunder and Burzum, adding their own twist for a unique take on a classic sound. Available in either Black or 'Rozz Williams' Red vinyl configurations, the colored vinyl is strictly limited to 100 copies and all copies include a 18" x 18" poster. Both can be preordered at http://shop.seventhrule.com Cheers!
  10. hey guys. looking to buy / trade for Tiger Lou's The Loyal on Yellow Vinyl. I know this LP is kind of hard to find. I have quite a few rare records I may be willing to part with depending.. check out my list here. http://deadformat.net/tradelist/thepunkguy thanks
  11. These guys are probably the best Michigan band you haven't heard of yet. Will Yip produced the record and it's killer. Check it out here: http://louderthanbombs.bandcamp.com/ And buy it here: http://store.southdivisionrecords.com/products/513140-what-resonates-by-louder-than-bombs
  12. ABSOC Records Update 4.2013 1122 E. Pike Street #1377 | Seattle, WA 98122 | USA e-mail: [email protected] web: www.abortedsociety.com ====================================== Hello from ABSOC Central Command! The first part of 2013 has been extremely busy! We’ve got a few releases incoming from the plant this month and are excited to announce pre-orders for the following: ABSOC 026 – MURDERESS – The Gate 12" Sprawling metallic d-beat crust from this five-piece based in Portland, OR, this is the follow-up EP to their 2010 debut on ABSOC, The Last Thing You Will Ever See…. This 5-piece lineup features vocals by Jozy Kinnaman, guitars by Rachel Nakanishi and Amanda Burghard, Eben Travis on drums and Casey Lynch on bass, and ventures into some darker, more death metal influenced territory while retaining their blackened crust aesthetic. Originally released as a cassette limited to 100 for their East Coast tour last summer, we are stoked to announce a vinyl version of these 4 blazing tracks in production right now. Pre-order limited edition of 50 copies w/ hand-numbered silk-screened covers on 150g white opaque vinyl, also comes w/ standard jacket and mp3 download card here: http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=502'>http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=502 Pre-order 100 copies of 150g white opaque vinyl w/ standard jacket and mp3 card here: http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=503'>http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=503 Pre-order 350 copies of 150g black vinyl w/ standard jacket and mp3 card here: http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=504'>http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=504 Listen to "For What?": http://soundcloud.com/abortedsociety/murderess-for-what'>http://soundcloud.com/abortedsociety/murderess-for-what ABSOC 012 – NUX VOMICA – A Civilized World LP Repress From the remnants of the Baltimore-based WAKE UP ON FIRE, comes the debut full-length release by NUX VOMICA entitled A Civilized World. Now residing in Portland, OR, Nux Vomica picks up where The Uninspired 7" EP left off with eight tracks of powerful and epic metallic crust punk. Acoustic and clean-channel breakdowns mingle with intense, devastating overtures on this LP/CD release. With poetically charged and politically angered vocals, this is a completely over-the-top hardcore punk record that defies easy classification. Recorded and mastered by Jay Matheson at the Jam Room in Colombia, SC. Front Cover artwork by Jason Angst and Poster artwork by Little Debee. Pre-order here: This is the second pressing on sea blue vinyl. 1st 100 orders will ship out with a free CD version of the record and will come with the original 24"×36" poster from the original pressing. http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=164'>http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=164 Listen to "Room Silencer" : http://soundcloud.com/abortedsociety/nux-vomica-room-silencer'>http://soundcloud.com/abortedsociety/nux-vomica-room-silencer ABSOC 029 – MURMURS – Fly With the Unkindness CS We are excited to announce the release of one of our favorite Seattle groups MURMURS, and their Fly With The Unkindness Cassette, originally released by Stay Punk Tapes in 2012 and repressed by Aborted Society in 2013. Energetic and melodic punk with pop sensibilities and crusty, gruff undertones. While in a similar vein as LEATHERFACE or THE REPLACEMENTS, this Seattle quartet has managed to craft a truly unique sound of their own fully backed by an intense live performance. Recorded by Brandon Fitzsimons at Airport Grocery in Seattle, Mastered by Dave Edwardson. Past and current projects include SNUGGLE, RATBITE, PIPSQUEAK, NO HIGH FIVES TO BULLSHIT, TRANSIENT, THE MAKAI. Pre-order here: Initial run of 200 chrome cassettes on smokey shells w/ silver imprint ink, 3-panel J-Card and overwrapped in Norelco cases. Ships out Week of April 29th.: http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=501'>http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=501 Listen to "Rookery" : http://soundcloud.com/abortedsociety/murmurs-rookery'>http://soundcloud.com/abortedsociety/murmurs-rookery ====================================== New to Distro: http://www.abortedsociety.com/store'>http://www.abortedsociety.com/store Moral Hex – s/t LP Sect – s/t LP Mordare – Vientos de Mierda LP (restock) Deathraid/Desperat split 12" Lautstürmer – Bedtime for Humanity LP ====================================== In the works: ABSOC 028 – NÜ-KLĒ-ƏR BLAST SUNTAN – demo/8" lathe LP ABSOC 030 – KALASHNIKOV – Dreams for Super-Defeated Heroes LP ABSOC 031 – INSIDIOUS PROCESS LP ABSOC 032 – [email protected] / KOHOSH split LP ====================================== On tour: AGE OF COLLAPSE 4/12 – Tucson, AZ @ TLMS w/ Seas Will Rise, Territory 4/13 – Flagstaff, AZ @ The Cottage House w/ Seas Will Rise, Swampwolf 4/14 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Sandlot w/ Seas Will Rise, TBA 8/17 – Oakland, CA @ Deadfest w/ Dropdead, Noothgrush, Graves at Sea, etc. KALASHNIKOV COLLECTIVE (Milan, Italy) WEST COAST U.S. TOUR SAT AUG 17 – Seattle, WA w/ COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON SUN AUG 18 – Bellingham or Tacoma, WA w/ COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON MON AUG 19 – Portland, OR w/ COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON TUE AUG 20 – Arcata, CA WED AUG 21 – San Francisco, CA THU AUG 22 – Los Angeles, CA FRI AUG 23 – San Jose, CA SAT AUG 24 – Medford, OR SUN AUG 25 – Seattle, WA Find other ABSOC show dates and info here: http://abortedsociety.com/showstours'>http://abortedsociety.com/showstours ====================================== Thanks for continued support, we've got some really cool things happening this year and are excited for the summer! We are also restarting the ABSOC Zine this month, so if you would like to participate get in touch! Rob + Matt ASR
  13. MMR020: the Littlest Viking - the Littlest Viking ORDER VINYL HERE FULL ALBUM STREAM The long-awaited second full-length from Los Angeles, CA's the Littlest Viking. Physical copies packaged in 2-layer screenprinted, custom die-cut sleeves w/ a semi-transparent vellum insert. Pressed on clear vinyl, limited to 500. Recorded by Jay Pellici at Tiny Telephones Studios and David Benitez at C+C Music Factory. Mastered by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden. Genre: Instrumental / Post-rock / Math rock FFO: American Footbal, Motorhead Shipping now! Vinyl available here: The Littlest Viking "S/T" 12" in the MMR Store Digitally available here on Bandcamp // iTunes // Spotify
  14. Both the Author & Punisher "Ursus Americanus" and Stoneburner "Sickness Will Pass" PREORDERS are now up and available at Seventh Rule. The first 100 of each are available in a marbled colored vinyl configuration only available through us! Seventh Rule Online Shop Both of these releases can also be streamed in their entirety at http://releases.seventhrule.com. Cheers and keep it heavy, Seventh Rule
  15. MMR019: Colossal Rex "Every Place is Sacred" 12" EP ORDER VINYL HERE FULL ALBUM STREAM Debut EP from Long Beach, CA's Colossal Rex. Physical copies are one-sided LP's with silkscreened b-side. Packaged minimally in a clear picture-disc sleeve. Recorded by Danny Nogueiras at FIDLAR's studio in Highland Park. Mastered by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden. Digital download included Genre: Indie / Emo FFO: Braid, Colossal Shipping now! Vinyl available here: Colossal Rex "Every Place is Sacred" 12" EP in the MMR Store Digitally available here on Bandcamp // iTunes // Spotify