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Found 119 results

  1. I'm looking to buy any LP edition of On Letting Go, I know many are for sale around the internet but unfortunately I dont have an extra hundred bucks laying around. If anyone would be willing to see for a reasonable price or would like to trade OR do a combination of the two, please pm me or reply. Thanks everyone! Here's my collection if you are willing to trade: http://www.discogs.com/user/Sexy_Magic/collection (I must warn you that not everything in my collection is up for trade, just ask and I'll let you know!)
  2. Hey guys, If anybody has a vinyl of Shpongle's Tales of the Inexpressable and Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland, I would be most grateful to take it off of your hands. For a reasonable price, of course. Pm me if you're interested
  3. hi! if you a copy of this album (the red one) and want to sell it please let me know, thanks!
  4. Someone posted about my good friend's first LP "XLO" last year and it seemed to get a lot of good feedback here! Dzang has come out with his second LP "Lotion" just recently and I thought I would post it here myself. Check out the full album stream on The FADER below, and if you like it the vinyl is only $15. Official website: http://dzangtech.com STREAM album on The FADER: https://www.thefader.com/2015/11/18/stream-dzang-lotion-adam-gunther BUY LP: https://dzangrecs.bandcamp.com/album/lotion MUSIC VIDEO: http://www.thefader.com/2015/10/23/dzang-ima-get-em-like-lotion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8YwC_cll0A Vinyl details: Limited edition with risograph printed cover and hand stamped center labels
  5. My friends, I am extremely excited to share with you a new song from my band Kill The Shark's upcoming album. We will be pressing this 10 song album on vinyl (our first vinyl release) and I could not be more proud of my bandmates and my hardwork finally paying off with something tangible and worthwhile. Listen to the new song (and our full ep) on our bandcamp page. https://killtheshark.bandcamp.com I would love to hear people's opinions on the new track. -Daryl
  7. Been looking for this one since 2011! It holds a lot of precious memories to me, and it'd mean so much to finally have it on vinyl. Please contact me if you've got one you'll sell! I'd appreciate it greatly! ♥
  8. I have many records for sale from the Master-Trak, Blues Unlimited and many other record labels owned by the Miller Family, in Crowley, LA. The MTE record company has been in business, since 1946. Two generations... All records offered are NOS, old store stock... unplayed. paypal plus postage Feedback
  9. GRIM VAN DOOM 'Grim Love' LP, DIGI, CD, MC, DLout now!! new video!! www.wooaaargh.com/grimvandoom GRIM VAN DOOM - Heavy and slow since 2011! GRIM VAN DOOM, founded during 2011's winter, manage to step into the tiny spot between common Doom and dirty Sludge, creating a musical monster in the process. Dark sound-sculptures, gooey downtempo-beats and neck-breaking groove define the drop-tuned sound of the band, while nihilistic lyrics are shot at the audience through massive shouting. Their passion for the raw and dark, for the twisted and tainted is undeniable. In fall 2014 GRIM VAN DOOM released a split LP with the danish band LLNN, followed by a short, but intense tour. Also, the band hit the studio (the sludge-wise well known Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg, Germany) to record their debut album 'Grim Love'.
  10. HAUT & COURT 'Troffea' LPpre-order the LP edition here: www.wooaaargh.com/hautcourt-troffea-lp Finally you can pre-order the amazing debut full length by HAUT & COURT. Limited colored vinyl, heavy cover, reverseboard print. "Troffea is an energy explosion of such power that it’s not difficult to imagine the music it contains compelling crowds to dance to death (or mosh to death, such as the case may be). An act of aural arson, Troffea will grind you to dust, 100% guaranteed." METAL SUCKS
  11. Chris Cornell's new solo album, Higher Truth LP is up for Pre-order via the Chris Cornell Store. It comes in two flavors (with or without a shirt) http://chriscornellpreorder.shop.livenation.com/Product.aspx?pc=FXBNCRCBN006 $34.95 http://chriscornellpreorder.shop.livenation.com/Product.aspx?pc=FXBNCRCBN003 $44.95 Description Chris Cornell's new solo album Higher Truth Vinyl. Buy now and receive a Higher Truth poster for free! *2 Disc LP set LP 1 – Side A: 1 Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart 2 Dead Wishes 3 Worried Moon 4 Before We Disappear LP 1 – Side B: 5 Through The Window 6 Josephine 7 Murderer Of Blue Skies 8 Higher Truth LP 2 – Side C: 9 Let Your Eyes Wander 10 Only These Words 11 Circling 12 Our Time In The Universe LP 2 – Side D: 13 Bend In The Road 14 Wrong Side 15 Misery Chain 16 Our Time In The Universe (Remix) Please note: LP will ship around late October.
  12. We are excited to announce that we are working with Sea of Storms (RVA) on their debut LP, "Dead Weight." We are co-releasing the LP with Tor Johnson Records. The cassette will be handled, at some point, by Protagonist Media. Preorders are available on our webstore and each label has their own specific color. The album is limited to 500 copies, with 100 copies on "yellow snow" (Self Aware) and 100 copies on "bumblebee" (Tor Johnson) limited edition preorder exclusive vinyl. The remaining copies will be on "onyx" (black). Please check out the new track(s) below via Brooklyn Vegan. 300 copies - black vinyl 100 copies - white w/ yellow marbling (SA exclusive) 100 copies - black w/ yellow marbling (TJ exclusive) http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2015/05/richmond_punks.html Head over to our webstore and reserve your copy today, we appreciate your support, you don't want to miss out on this album!!! http://selfawarerecords.storenvy.com/collections/13827-all-products/products/11074593-preorder-sea-of-storms-dead-weight-12-lp Jeff Byers (of Light the Fuse & Run, Best Practices) had this to say about the album: These songs won’t ever be on the radio, but they could’ve been. Growing up in the ‘90s, you wouldn’t have heard any of the songs, from Sea of Storms’s debut LP, Dead Weight, on the radio because they hadn’t been written yet. However, if the Richmond, VA power trio had released them roughly 20 years ago, you would’ve had a chance. Growing up in a post-Nevermind era throughout different Virginian cities, the members of Sea of Storms were gripping 7”s from Richmond bands when they could and ripping off a variety of sub-genres that blended together at the time in their high school bands. When the 3/5 of the post-hardcore outfit Mouthbreather formed Sea of Storms in 2012, they brought together a varied archive of influences from Jimmy Eat World to 400 Years to Coheed and Cambria. However, Dead Weight sounds nothing like these bands. What "Dead Weight" (to be released on Tor Johnson and Self Aware Records) does sounds like is a rock record from a time when Danzig and Smashing Pumpkins were considered fresh, filtered through the distilled punk essence of late-1990s angsty indie rockers such as The Get Up Kids and Blank. Having played together for six years, Sea of Storms’ dynamics are impressive. From bassist John Martin’s rolling bass lines to drummer Chris Brown’s propulsive, metered beats, Sea of Storms has found their groove. Singer/guitarist Brandon Peck makes an excellent front man, creatively filling in space with feedback, riffs and vocals. Take, for example, the hazy rock tracks such as “Weak Ones” and “Crimson Tide”. Dramatic moments ebb and flow with a series of guitar and vocal interplay as the rhythm section holds down the fort, calling to mind Walter Screifels’ projects or a more aggressive, spaced out Hot Rod Circuit. The greatest strengths on Dead Weight are the songs themselves. Sea of Storms are able to craft well-written emotionally-tinged rock anthems without veering into the embarrassing “emo” territory (because that word meant something completely different when they first heard it). Stand out tracks in this vein include “Snake Oil” and album closer “Cedar Run”.While nodding to the past, Sea of Storms looks towards the future, looking to expand on their musical roots how they can. If you’re a fan of big guitars and songs that make you want to drive along open roads with the windows down, Dead Weight is the record you’ve been waiting for.
  13. Sealed/New Robert Plant - Lullaby & Ceaseless Roar LP (w/CD) - $28 Decemberists - Picaresque RSD 2015 - $42 Elbow - Dead in the Boot - $18 Coldplay - X&Y Box - $33 Kno - Death is Silent - $90 Cunninlynguists - Winterfire EP - $40 Balkan Beat Box S/T - $30 Bob Dylan - Live 1966 200g - $90 Keaton Henson - Dear - $88 Cap'n Beefheart Sun to Spark Box - $70 William Onyeabor Box 2 - $55 Mondo Jurassic Park (Black) - $54 Used Andrew Bird - Useless Creatures (NM/NM)- $11 Yann Tiersen - ∞ (NM/VG+) - $17 Apparat - Devil's Walk (NM/NM) - $16 Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1 4LP (VG/VG) - $11 Shipping (MM) $4 for 1 album, $1 each per extra album. Box shipping may vary.
  14. We recently got a shipment in from Italian reissue label Radiation Records. A lot of gems in there, as far as reissues go. (Check out the Rattus reissue of the LP on Rat Cage, or the reissue of the impossibly rare Sado-Nation LP.) All priced low, especially for imports. LINK: http://www.matwrecords.com/catalog/index.php?osCsid=742afbfbc8e769e270e386d94f7e712f&manufacturers_id=111&osCsid=742afbfbc8e769e270e386d94f7e712f 4 Skins- a Fistful of 4 Skins LP 4 Skins- the Good the Bad the 4 Skins LP Blitz- Timebomb: Early Singles and Demos LP Blitz- Voice of a Generation LP Channel 3- CH3 LP Chaos UK- Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes LP Chaos UK- Short Sharp Shock LP Disorder- the Singles Collection LP Disorder- Under the Scalpel Blade LP GBH- Live at the Ace Brixton 1983 LP Peter & the Test Tube Babies- the Punk Singles Collection LP Rattus- s/t LP Sado- Nation- We’re Not Equal LP V/A- Avon Calling Comp LP (with Glaxo Babies, Vice Squad etc)
  15. Hi! I'm looking to transport some of my records to my other home and was wondering if anyone had any experience with vinyl carrying cases. I found a couple of Crosley hard cases, but they didn't have good reviews or hold that many records. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  16. Been going through my stuff and picking out what doesn't get played much these days. I am more than willing to take offers on anything. Possibly trades. Get in touch for questions, condition, offers, etc. Prices do not include shipping. I am located in Rochester, NY. My email is [email protected] 3-20-15 7" ETAE-(Japanese title) (Straight Up Records/Cries of Pain) (Songs: Rotten to the Core, Patience, Carve the End, Again) $3 Forca Macabra-s/t (Crust Records) $2 The Skuds-millions of dead (not on label) $2 V/A-Hibachi Omnibus Vol. 1 : Far East Meets Midwest (Hibachi/No Sense) {Bands: Hangnail, Vivisick, John Bender, Tomorrow, Waves, Judgment Disorderly, Hiroshima Pigsmash} $2 V/A-Nederthrash In Opkomst (UPS) {Bands: Mihoen!, No-Men, Cockroach, Betercore, Tuco Ramirez, SAF, and Seein' Red} $2 12" Blind Lemon Jefferson-The Immortal Blind Lemon Jefferson (Milestone) $8 Mrtva Budoucnost/Left In Ruins-split LP (Six Weeks) $5 Rajoitus-Maailman Hautajainen (Putrid Filth Conspiracy) $8 Selfish-Cry For Love, Cry For Death (Dead Alive Records) $7 Tom Waits-Blood Money (Anti) $15 V/A-Speed Kills...aka Pasta Powerviolence Vol. 2 (SOA Records) {Bands: Cripple Bastards, Vomit Fall, Jilted, Jesus Died of AIDS + more.} $10 CD Cripple Bastards-Desperately Insensitive (Obscene Productions) $5 Disassociate-Imperfect World (MIA Records) $2 Ninni Morgia and Marcello Magliocchi-Season Two (Solar Ipse Audio House) $8 Profanatica-Disgusting Blasphemies Against God (Hells Headbangers) $7 V/A-Hymns For The Hearing Impaired vol. 1 (Bad People Records/Riotous Assembly) {Bands: Jack With Killer, Dystopia, Tres Kids, Agathocles, Catheter, Kung Fu Rick, Noothgrush + more.} $4 TAPE John Lee Hooker-Mississippi River Delta Blues (King Blues) $2 Mold Omen-Black Top (Cae-Sur-A) {03/100} $4 Totem Mold Growth-Mountain Dewds (905 Tapes) $3.50 V/A-5 Years Nuclear Blast (Nuclear Blast America) {Bands: Macabre, Pungent Stench, Dead World, Benediction, Deceased + more} $3
  17. EDIT: They're all gone! Thanks guys! I have TWO (2) ONE sealed edition of the limited pressing Misery Signals discography box set up for grabs. I had four as comps that I've been sitting on for a year and a half, but I need to clear space and get these into a good home. It includes Of Malice and the Magnum Heart, Mirrors, Controller, and Absent Light in individual sleeves with new artwork just for this release. The vinyl themselves are pressed in colors inspired by the album's original artwork. These are still sealed from the factory, so they don't have the fabric patch inserted. Looking for $250 shipped each.
  18. I just listed this Cut Chemist album on my discogs page, its pretty rare. Was hoping someone on here was into this sort of thing. the sleeve shows some typical shelf wear, but its really nice. Both records look like they were never plays. This is the original and only pressing of this album, which is out of print. I'm asking $60, but would consider offers. Thanks guys! -D http://www.discogs.com/Cut-Chemist-The-Audiences-Listening/release/1834849
  19. Please contact me by PM and make offers... I was selling my entire collection and apparently I missed two records that I forgot to list... They are both rare and in seriously good condition!! Taake ‎– Hordaland Doedskvad (on Perverted Taste) 2005 limited Pic Disc. This is one of the first hand-numbered 300 pressings that COMES WITH ITS COVER!!! The median prices on Discogs for example, reflect the prices for the regular pic discs without this cover. Keep this in mind. and... A first *regular* pressing of Ulver - Nattens Madrigal on Displeased Records, from 2002. Also in excellent condition!!
  20. I would love to own Heartbreaker. Any one willing to sell or trade or point me in the right direction, and not in the direction of Ebay where people think its okay to sell it for over $300. I have Ryan Adams 1984 7" and Jacksonville 7" to trade. Just throwing that out there. Thanks!!
  21. I'm looking to purchase The Contortionist's Exoplanet Picture Disc! Message me if you are willing to part with it, thanks!
  22. Hey guys, getting rid of a few things I don't listen to anymore. I'm open to offers and trades. PM or comment if interested. We'll work out shipping depending on how much you want. All are LPs. Things in red have been asked about, but not taken yet. Through the Eyes of the Dead- Bloodlust $10 The Prodigy- Invaders Must Die $15 The Atlas Moth- An Ache for Distance $10 Black Sabbath- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath(reissue) $10 Boris- New Album $15 Avenged Sevenfold- Waking the Fallen(Grey and Purple) $50 Impending Doom- The Serpent Servant $17 Lamb of God- As the Palaces Burn(picture disc) $30
  23. I have A TON of LP mailers that I'll sell or trade if you need. PM me and let me know if you need any!
  24. Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle ‎– Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle Label: RCA ‎– 88697 08191 1 Format: LP Country: Europe Released: 2007 I want this album so bad!
  25. For me vinyl creates an atmosphere all on its own but there are many ways that vinyl can be played in conjunction with another type of atmosphere (solo, candle lit, community, drugs, alcohol, etc) lol My personal favorite seems to be late at night after the wife has gone to bed i go into the music room, search the shelf for something that calls my name... pour a whiskey, drop the needle and lean back in the recliner. Whats your favorite way to EXPERIENCE vinyl?