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Found 2 results

  1. About a month back, I started blogging about the things I have learned since I began my journey into the world of vinyl. The blog is called "The Rings of Vinyl" inspired from the a pic I found which reminded me of the Rings of Saturn. I am hoping the content will be helpful to those who are new or about to dive into the world of vinyl. Appreciate your thoughts/comments/feedback. https://theringsofvinyl.com/
  2. Looking to upgrade my phono stage (just using a crappy Behringer PP400 at the moment as the phono stage in my Yamaha CR-440 receiver is not working correctly). These were the options slinch listed in the beginners' thread (with updated/current prices): Parasound Zphono ($200) Musical Fidelity V90-LPS ($230) Cambridge Audio Azur 651P ($230) Pro-Ject Phono Box DS ($200) Are there any others that should be considered/are better than the above? Would I be better off just having the phono stage in the CR-440 fixed? I prefer a warmer sound over more sterile/clinical. The rest of my setup is a Music Hall MMF2.2 table (with the stock MH Tracker cart), some older/vintage Dynaco speakers (I think they're A-10s but not sure, picked them up at a garage sale for $5), and Grado SR125e headphones. Thanks in advance for the help/advice!