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Found 2 results

  1. okay, so i decided to try something here and do a raffle for this Jawbreaker painting i made. it's 24" x 18" and done with acrylic paints on a canvas in 2010. there's only one in the world. obviously it was inspired by 24 Hour Revenge Therapy. if you want this bad boy, i'd love for you to have it. it kills me that i can't find a place for it in my house. here's how the raffle will work: all tickets must be bought via PayPal by sending the money to [email protected] as a gift. 1 ticket = $5 3 tickets = $10 5 tickets = $15 10 tickets = $20 (<--- this has been the most popular option so far) 15 tickets = $25 20 tickets = $30 25 tickets = $35 as a gift, send the amount that correlates to the number of tickets you wish to purchase, and in the notes section write "jawbreaker painting raffle". i'll reply with an e-mail letting you know what raffle ticket numbers are yours within 24 hours. if you're not comfortable sending the money as a gift, please add $2 (no matter how many/how few tickets you are buying) to cover paypal fees. i made a spreadsheet on my computer and i've been keeping track of everybody's ticket numbers so i can easily find and contact the winner when they are picked. because if there's one thing i love, it's making spreadsheets. the date the winner will be picked is Saturday, January 23. i will make a post with a picture of the winning ticket, and follow up personally with the winner in case they don't happen to see the post for some reason. if the winner is located within 50 miles of Chicago, i will make arrangements to personally deliver it to you. if you live outside that radius, i will ship it on my own dime. i have shipped paintings all over the US and to the UK before that were all delivered unharmed, so please don't let the fact that you live in California or something be a deterrent to you if you're interested in owning this. all proceeds will go toward funding the next Artistic Integrity Records releases, of which there are already a few planned. if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch either here or by e-mailing [email protected] and i'll do my best to answer anything you've got. here are some more detailed pictures of the painting: by the way, I literally am using an old roll of raffle tickets for this, not some online random number generator. so if you've purchased some and I sent you your numbers, they weren't just some bogus numbers. I actually counted out your tickets and let you know which ones are yours. i don't know if VC has ever had a sales thread like this before, so if it's frowned upon or violates any rules or anything, sorry about that and the mods can feel free to take it down.
  2. Okay people, as the topic indicated, I have enough money to buy my new tv. I still have one copy of TDAGARIM that I am going to part with. It is the triple crown white version. Lets go 26ppd. Can you hang? There are a few kickers though. I'm taking the first 20 entries from the last raffle, and those entries are in, just like that. I will only be taking 20 more entries. Period. POST COUNT 200. If you can't read, it's not my problem! Post here and I will get someone from the forums who is not involved to pick a number either tonight or tomorrow morning, whichever is convenient for them. Ry Bread, I'm looking at you. (Not ppd if shipping international-will be actual shipping minus $5) List of peeps who are already in: 1-Sowingseason92 2-Kevin ! 3-eric503 4-szimm98 5-TheCosmonaut 6-tokimedo 7-ronniegwilliams 8-EyeWin8 9-Blanchard Oswald 10-Sasan 11-onlettingjoe 12-thedannychang 13-Capnzissou 14-tlr 15-ozfactor 16-sukonojadul 17-BillyA 18-yocaseycasey 19-Beta114 20-avengedcorpse 21-Isavedlatin54 22-sjb2k1 23-abovetheearth 24-derrickcook19941 25-turnstiles 26-alertthemute 27-jerseydave77 28-gkersey 29-thedillon 30-jasonskater 31-thefavoriteplay 32-brewsomething 33-marc32137 34-jeremybentham 35-Beardacus 36-Montauk123 37-searos 38-Jimmy 39-sinisterkidd 40-malonekw 41-kjkenney

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