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Found 5 results

  1. 2016 stuff up now! 2013 April Fools Stuff: Copied from the BWM tumblr: APRIL FOOLS DAY SPECIAL! Late night post the weirdos still awake. All of these fucking stupid bad ideas will be available for one day only. We will only make what we sell today. All products taken down at Midnight (Eastern time). Dads - Dank Not Stank lathe cut 7” TWIABP - 4’33” cassettes TWIABP - “ssensselmroF” cassettes Dads - Phillip at the Handsome Woman T-Shirts TWIABP - Phillip upside down t-shirts Make a terrible decision today! http://brokenworldmedia.bigcartel.com/ EDIT Here is 2014's Info: APRIL FOOLS DAY 2014 MERCH IS NOW LIVE We at Broken World Media are dedicated to bringing you the dumbest shit possible every year on April 1st. For our 3rd annual sale I feel like we really stepped up our stupid game. TWIABP - Complete Discography 2009 - 2014 CS Every song TWIABP recorded from 2009 - 2014 on one 9 minute cassette. The World is a Beautiful Cat Lathe Cut Square Picture Disc 7” A whole new level of audio stupity from the same idiots that sold you essentially blank cassettes last year. Plus some terrible t-shirts. ***APRIL FOOLS DAY ITEMS INFO*** We will only be making as many of these items that are sold during the 24 hours of April Fools Day. These items will most likely start shipping out at the end of April. We place the orders to manufacture these items as soon as the sale is over. http://brokenworldmedia.bigcartel.com/ 2015 Stuff @ http://store.brokenworldmedia.com
  2. So I'm not a huge cassette fan. I have a few, but I'm about to get some more. Taken from Tumblr. NOVEMBER 24, 2015 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ We’ve got a lot of ~*cool stuff*~ happening on black friday but today friends, I want to talk to you about one special thing in particular. We will be offering a cassette subscription series for 2016 called the Broken World Cassette Club. It is a subscription series for those ultra nerds who are stoked about what has been called “music’s worst physical format.” Here is the gist of this thing; joining the BWM cassette club gets you a tape copy of everything new release we put out on cassette for a year and in some cases and exclusive variant of the release only available to club members. This won’t include represses of older releases mostly because I don’t want you to end up with the same thing twice. You can always put a note in your order that is like “YO IF YOU REPRESS THIS RELEASE I DON’T HAVE IT AND WOULD LOVE TO HAVE IT” In addition to our regular releases you will receive: - exclusive distro titles that I pick up from other labels and think are rad and need to be fucked with. - exclusive BWM releases special to this subscription series. For example, a weird sound collage of TWIABP demos from the last 6 years that I’ve been working on for a bit. - i will make you a personalized mixtape for your birthday or xmas or something. everyone will get 1. The series will start for the remainder of 2015 and last until the end of 2016. UNFORTUNATELY, this subscription series is only available to US residents due to the nightmare that would be shipping multiple packages a year to international addresses. We are also working on a vinyl subscription series for 2016! (damn I'm gonna be so broke after this) Oh, and it goes live on Friday.
  3. Awesome band of guys from New Haven. Can't believe there isn't a thread for this already, searched with no luck. It's their first album, and it's being pressed to /500 black vinyl on Broken World Media. Really good stuff. Comes out on February 19. Stream here: http://www.halfcloth.com/full-album-stream-loner-chic-year-of-the-goth/ Buy here: http://store.brokenworldmedia.com/products/564892-loner-chic-year-of-the-goth-lp
  4. In the hopes of clearing some much needed space in the house, I've made up a list of a bunch of records I'm looking to part with. A good few I don't have a set price for, including some I've thrown in that I'm just considering letting go, so I'll be hearing out reasonable offers on those. US only, $4 shipping for any amount of records. 7" Basement - Further Sky (purple /1500) /// 7 -----SOLD-----Citizen - Silo (camo splatter /500) Citizen - Young States (Black/Gold Marble /200) Citizen/Turnover - Split (Oxblood/Orange split w/ Black Splatter /200) Dads - Woman EP (Red) /// 6 Defeater - Lost Ground (Camo /1500) /// 7 Dikembe - Chicago Bowls (green /200) Glassjaw - Natural Born Farmer (Black 2nd Press) Glassjaw - You Think You're (John Fucking Lennon) (Black 2nd Press) Stay Ahead of The Weather - We Better Get Goin If We're Gonna (Dark Forest Green /500) /// 4 -----SOLD-----Tigers Jaw - 2008 Summer EP (Black /1000) /// 5 Tigers Jaw/Tiny Empires Split (Blue/White /300) Tigers Jaw - Acoustic Series #2 (Black /400) Tigers Jaw - Spirit Desire (Transparent Pink /125) 10" Crosses - Pink, Blue, Yellow (RSD '14) /// (48 for the set, all sealed except yellow) You Blew It! - You Blue It (Cyan Blue/White Color in Color /400) 12" A Great Big Pile Of Leaves - You're Always On My Mind (Clear w/ Y&R Splatter /200) Baroness - First & Second (Olive Green Marble /1500) Bayside - Covers Vol 1 (Blue /800) /// 10 Bayside - Cult (Clear, Looney Tunes Excl. /266) /// 24 Bayside - Live @ the Bayside Social Club (Clear w/ Black Smoke /113) /// 22 Bayside - Shudder (Clear/Black /169) /// 15 The Bled - Pass The Flask (HT Black 180g /500) 13 Boys Night Out - Trainwreck (Yellow/Black Swirl /1000) Braid - No Coast (Blue w/ Black Haze /200) Brand New - Daisy (Black) /// 14 Brand New - TDAGARIM (Seafoam Green /500) -----SOLD-----Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon (Black) /// 14 Cartel - Chroma (Clear w/ Red Splatter /500) /// 28 Cartel - The Ransom (Green /400) /// 10 Circa Survive - Descensus (Clear w/ White/Blue Splatter /2000) /// 19 -----SOLD-----Circa Survive - Descensus (Transparent Yellow /1500) /// 16 Counterparts - The Current Will Carry Us (Solid Blue /110) Defeater - Empty Days & Sleepless Nights (Copper /1000) /// 18 Defeater - Letters Home (Clear w/ Black & White Splatter /700) /// 17 Defeater - Travels (Muddy Yellow /1000) /// 10 Dikembe - Mediumship (White Green Starburst /250) The Early November - TMTMTP (Black /50 OR Oxblood/Mustard Yellow A/B Side /177) (only selling one, want to keep one) -----SOLD-----Finch - What It Is To Burn (Turqouise /1500) /// 17 -----SOLD-----Green Day - Dookie (HT Green) /// 18 Green Day - Insomniac (HT Blue /1500) Man Overboard - S/T (Coke Bottle Green /1000) /// 12 -----SOLD-----Manchester Orchestra/Grouplove/Frightened Rabbit RSD /// 10 Mineral - The Power of Failing (Black Single LP) /// 17 My Bloody Valentine - MBV (Black) /// 20 New Found Glory - Mania (Pink/Black Swirl /500) /// 25 New Found Glory - Nothing Gold Can Stay (Yellow Marble /1500) Old Gray - An Autobiography (Black /200, BWM) Polar Bear Club - Death Chorus (HT Orange /500) /// 10 Prawn - Ships (Navy Blue /125) Real Friends - Everyone That Dragged You Here (Maroon /150) /// 14 -----SOLD-----Real Friends - Everyone That Dragged You Here (Royal Blue /250) /// 12 Sainthood Reps - Headswell (Cream /300) /// 14 Sainthood Reps - Monoculture (White /100) /// 20 Thrice - The Artist In The Ambulance (Red /1000) Thrice - Vheissu (Peach/Tan Marble /2000) Tigers Jaw - Belongs To The Dead (Black /1000) /// 12 Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds (White /500) /// 12 Touche Amore - Is Survived By (Deluxe /2000) /// 25 The Wonder Years - The Greatest Generation (Orange Banquet excl /300) You Blew It! - Grow Up Dude (Black /200)
  5. Rozwell Kid - I Pledge Allegaince to Sheetz 7" lathe picture disc Mystery 7" lathe Jnasty on LSD cassette TWIABP - The Tool Part cassette Theres also some TWIABP spoons + Forks, shirts, and a flag.