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Found 11 results

  1. Anyone interested in trading for either of these? Foo Fighters is still sealed and Breaking Bad is in perfect condition. I'm willing to trade for whatever- really lol. Just trying to pass these on to someone who might want them!
  2. Picture Disc for the soundtrack to AMC's The Walking Dead coming next Tuesday, December 13th exclusively at Hot Topic. Standard vinyl version packaged in gatefold jacket with full color inner bag and 18" x 24" poster coming late January, colored vinyl variations TBA. We have some cool ideas for the colored vinyl but we'd love to hear yours as well. Lots more cool stuff in the pipeline, follow Twitter @SPACELAB9 for the latest updates...Facebook and other links can also be found at http:www.spacelab9.com Breaking Bad Double LP Pic Disc was released today but that's a different thread...
  3. My best friend passed away recently she loved coming over and listening to my collection that I unfortunetly had to get rid of I am trying to slowly piece back together what my collection was before she passed in memory of her. Thank you! Story So Far/Stick To Your Guns 7" Split - Tour Variant with screen printed jacket - Tri-Color, Beer Splatter, (Prefferably Tri-Color) - This 7" has so many great memories attached to it and has alot of sentimental value to me. Would definetly make my year to get this variant back in my collection. (Someone awesome got me the brown/black Starburst variant Thank you so much) Would still collect the other variants if anyone has them. But I am extremely grateful for the variant that was picked up for me already!!! La Dispute - Wildlife - Brown/Black Starburst/Pink/Forrest Green Starburst Tried to buy the brown and black starburst from Jeremysi but he wants up to $75 but he is the same guy who blackmailed me over $110 worth of records I sold him that he said showed up with the right side top of the mailer ripped off and the jackets smushed in and the records were fine (clearly done himself). Told me that if I didn't give him $55 back or my Coheed And Cambria - In Keeping Secrets Grey Swirl he would open a paypal claim and get the total $110 and not return the damaged records (damaged jackets) So I sent him Coheed so he would leave me alone. Every Time I Die - New Junk Aesthetic - Pink Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon - Hot Pink/Black Half and Half first pressing Blink 182 - Grestest Hits Blink 182 - Self Titled - Pink/White Swirl First Pressing Circa Survive On Letting Go - 3rd press Purple Or 2nd press Black and Blue Swirl (preffferably the swirl like I used to own) Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise (Deluxe prefferably) Childish Gambino - Because the Internet with 72 page screenplay (I ordered this on Urban Outfitters with a coupon it only cost me $40 but I got an e-mail saying it's not now backordered until august then got another e-mail saying it's backordered until October so I'm kinda concerned they won't end up even having it) Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave - Random Color Coheed And Cambria - No World For Tomorrow Coheed - The Afterman Deluxe (Gold/Silver) Vinyl Set. Coheed - In Keeping Secrets - Grey Swirl Deftones - White Pony (Silver) Defontes - Saturday Night Wrist (Green) Deftones (Around The Fur (Orange) Senses Fail - The Fire (Any Variant) Senses Fail - Let It Enfold You Senses fail - From the depths of dreamss Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon - White, Light Blue Or Clear. Paramore - All We Know Is Falling Hot Topic Marbled Teal Variant Moneen - The Red Tree either Pressing I already have the demo's for the RSD pressing minus the bear - acoustics ((the first one) the mars volta - bedlam in goliath w/ bonus 7" The Story So Far - Under And Dirt Early Cream with splatter or clear with green splatter Pressing. MxPX - Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo MxPx - The Ever Passing Moment Breaking Bad Original Soundtrack - Jesse Pinkman Edition - With Certificate and poster if possible. Linkin Park - Meteora Hot Topic Gold Variant the Wonder Years - Suburbia - Baby Blue, Half grey/orange or Hot Topic Orange Variant The Used - Self Titled The Used - In Love And Death (Black) Underoath -- Define The Great Line Underoath - Chasing Safety Underoath - Lost In The Sound Of Separation Deluxe Boxset - 2X10" Sawblade shaped vinyl complete with certificate and everything. I definetly don't expect to find all of these anytime soon if at all but any help is greatly appreciated. I am mainly looking to trade but will definetly buy if i have the money that is. So if anyone does have some of these please PM me or leave a message on here thank you so much!
  4. Hello! I am looking to purchase/Trade for the following: Die Antwoord Tension Fall Out Boy Infinity On High blue splatter Hot Topic and From Under The Cork Tree Plus 44 Anything. Really want the 12 inch Hot Topic but would consider some singles and such Box Car Racer: Same as above. Would love the 12 inch Hot Topic but would consider singles Blink 182: Mostly looking for their 7 inch picture disc singles. Perhaps another copy of TOYPAJ Splatter Also (Not in a hurry) Breaking Bad volume 1 picture disc, Dexter Blood Splatter and any Angels and Airwaves except their newest releases. Don't have much to trade. The ones i do have to trade do NOT have the sleeves. Got them like that. Orange pressing of Lost In Translation soundtrack. 2 LP Korn RSD edition with D-Side Etching Grateful Dead Houston Texas 1971 2 LP RSD American Hustle 2 LP 1 Red 1 Blue RSD Green Day Tre! Danny Brown 2 LP Instrumental (Does have sleeves) Again none of those have art sleeves. Local record store gave me a deal on them all because the art was ruined in shipment. These next ones are a little rough. They all play perfectly but are very aged. These have sleeves. Walt Disney Presents the Story and Songs of The Jungle Book Peter Pan Vinyl – 1963 Walt Disney's Babes in Toyland (Exclusive Original Version) Walt Disney's Fun with Music - 30 Favorite Disney Songs Story and Songs About Walt Disney's 3 Little Pigs: How They Fooled the Big Bad Wolf and The Three Little Wolves and Invented a Wolf Spanking Machine Walt Disney Presents - Dennis Day in the Story of Johnny Appleseed Mad "Twists" Rock 'N' Roll PM me all prices/offers/trades Thank you!
  5. So I had bought the Hot Topic exclusive Breaking Bad picture disc a few months ago and just recently bought the standard gatefold edition. I just wanted to see if anyone would want to do a trade for my picture disc version? I'm really open to what I'd be willing to trade for. Anyway, hope someone wants to trade!
  6. Like the title says, I want to trade my Ver. B Amber for the Ver. A Dilophosaurus variant. Wanted both, but no luck. I'd much rather have the Dilophosaurus variant. Also, I have an open copy of Ver. A (Black) for sale. SOLD If you're interested, please let me know!
  7. So the job starting cutting hours hardcore, then pretty much said we were out of luck if we wanted more than about 8 per week, then "let go" half the staff. Meanwhile, my car's approaching 230k miles and held together with positive thoughts. An asterisk denotes that it's still sealed, because I just haven't had time to spin much. Most prices are just a few bucks above cost, and don't include shipping since I know some international people might be interested, etc. Have a problem with a price? Let me know. This is just a rough list I'll be adding more to. fun. - Before Shane Went To Bangkok - OFFER Acceptance - Black Lines To Battlefields - Thunderbeard Clear - 9 Breaking Bad - Walter White version OST - OFFER The Format - Dog Problems - black misprint - 14 (two copies) Blood Brothers - Young Machetes Black/White/Red - 26 Green Day Uno!/Dos!/Tres! Hot Topic presses - 65 as a set, would prefer not to split them up A Day To Remember - Old Record - 9 Limbeck - Self-titled Gold - 18 All American Rejects - Move Along - 9 Patrick Stump - Truant Wave - OFFER Eisley - The Valley - Signed by all members - OFFER Jack White - Blunderbuss - 15 Black Keys - Tighten Up / Howlin For You - 10 KISS - Monster - 16 Chamberlain - Fate's Got A Driver - 14 Hawthorne Heights - Silence In Black & White - 11 Hawthorne Heights - Skeletons (green) - 15 Against Me! - The Eternal Cowboy -13 Now Now - Cars - 20 Pianos Become The Teeth - Lack Long After (black) - 14 Knuckle Puck - The Weight You Buried EP 2nd press splatter - 19 - PENDING AFI - Decemberunderground 7" box set - 30 -PENDING *Circa Survive B-sides - Green/white - 8 (two copies) *Frightened Rabbit - State Hospital EP - 7 *Defeater - Letters Home Hot Topic Ltd. Ed - 20 *Dance Gavin Dance - Acceptance Speech (Green) - 20 *Dance Gavin Dance - DBM1 (Blue) - 20 *A Day To Remember - For Those Who Have Heart - 15 *Kevin Devine - Circle Gets The Square - 20 *Allison Weiss - Say What You Mean - 15 *Fall Out Boy - Pax AM Days - 14 *Now, Now - Neighbors EP 2nd press - 15 *My Chemical Romance - Danger Days - 26 *Vampire Weekend - Contra- 12 *Sucre - A Minor Bird - 25 *fun. - Point and Light 2014 RSD - 26 *Sleeping With Sirens - With Ears To... Merchnow Variant - 16 *Sleeping With Sirens - With Ears To... Hot Topic Variant - 21 *Hot Rod Circuit - The Underground is a Dying Breed - 9 *Underoath - Sunburnt 7" Also if anyone's interested, my failing clothing endeavor at redbeardapparel.storenvy.com still has stock, if anyone wants a shirt, $8ppd, or I could package them in with any records. Get this shit out of my living room, please.
  8. I'm trying to get rid of my crazy amount of posters and buy more prints that I can frame and pretend I'm an adult but I need mony for frames because I have at least 10 already and plan on ordering around 4 or 5 from shows I went to or just cool prints. I want to do $5ppd folded and then add like $0.50 - $2 for each extra including shipping depending on what is is and how big. that way the price should be the right amount with the weight. I could probably do it cheaper but then I'd have to buy flat poster mailers and I already have a buttload of record mailers that I'll just use. if you want them rolled in a tube add like $5 extra and I will do that. ZI've noted which ones are folded and the size. 11x17ish wampire the black keys beach fossils (folded) beck Tommy castro and the pain killers spinal tap (folded) the thermals (folded) the music tapes wild mocassins radar brothers tennis let's wrestle richard buckner foster the people (kinda bent) ben kweller the dodos (2, one with a show date one without) kishi bashi (folded) someone still loves you boris yeltsin (2 different ones) ladybug transistor(folded) smith westerns (12x12) the rosebuds(folded) 2 different ones japandroids (water damage ish?) this is free with other ones ida (folded) mates of state (folded) 21 knots (folded) french exit (folded) the m's (water damage) magic kids (water damage) King khan and the shrines larger ones of Montreal false priest andrew Bird (folded) saturday looks good to me (folded) shout out louds (folded) volcano, i'm still excited!! (folded) sunday's best (folded) crooked fingers (folded) dr. dog m. ward (water damage) dum dum girls (kinda folded) R.E.M. Prince (folded) shearwater (freakin huge) other too large for a car washed out window cling Aldo rise shoe poster (folded) juicy coture (folded) Albert einstein looking awesome walk hard pop up chorus! (durham, NC) little mermaid broadway show the postal service specific show poster the pinhook flyer with astronaut on it (clockwork kids, lilac shadows, zack mexico) elvis presley walk the line spoon doctor who exploding van gogh tardis $8ppd little posterish things wavves iron and wine flaming lips franz ferdinand I guess that's it. the others I had all got ruined by my leaky storage space PM me and we can work something out. if you buy a record too (hint hint) a folded poster will just be $1 extra
  9. Selling some LPs, all are in M or NM condition. August Burns Red | Rescue & Restore | 2LP clear | 500 | $25ppd Black Flag | My War | black | $12ppd Breaking Bad soundtrack | 2LP picture disc | 2000 | $55ppd Building Better Bombs | Freak Out Squares | purple | 500| $15ppd Deep Dark Woods | Jubilee | 2LP black | $20ppd D.R.U.G.S. | Sex Life 7" | black | tour exclusive | $20ppd Mike Andrews (known for Donnie Darko soundtrack) | Spilling a Rainbow | black | $12ppd Loney Dear | Citadel Band | green w/ mixed colors | 1000 | $12ppd Paramore | Brand New Eyes | yellow w/ black swirl | 1800 | $40ppd Parkway Drive | Atlas | 2LP black w/ etched D-side | $20ppd Suicide Silence | The Black Crown | red w/ black splatter | $15ppd The Who | Who Are You | picture disc | $15ppd XBXRX | Wars | black | $12ppd There are other HT exclusive LPs at my local Hot Topic I could pick up for anyone, such as Linkin Park's Meteora, another copy of the Breaking Bad soundtrack, Citizen's Youth, Green Day's International Super Hits & Shenanigans, and more. Just send me an offer on them and I'll check if they're still in stock ASAP. WTB AGBPOL | Have You seen My Prefrontal Cortex? | Any variant AGBPOL | Boom! | any variant The Chariot | Music of a Grateful Heart 7" | any variant Into It. Over It. | Proper | black | 250 Neck Deep | Rain In July/A History of Bad Decisions | any variant Panic! At The Disco | A Fever You Can't Sweat Out | any variant Say Hi | Oohs & Aahs | black Thanks for looking!
  10. I picked up two copies of the Breaking Bad picture disc at my local hot topic if anyone is interested in them shoot me a pm. Thanks.
  11. I picked up the last copy of the Breaking Bad 2LP pic disc at my local Hot Topic today and I'm selling it for cost+shipping. If anyone wants it, PM me. Thanks! Sold. Thanks!