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Found 2 results

  1. available free download ! showcasing new / unreleased songs and choice cuts from releases get it at Bandcamp or TGIC STORE then tell a friend Brighter Arrows - Submission Cassilis - Bloom Brigade Puig Destroyer - Destroyer of Baseballs Seventeen Again - Around the Edges Gatekeeper - Then there was Hiding Kaddish - End, As In Aim Toska - Pound of Flesh Gillian Carter - The Storm мища - Joyless act 2 Edhochuli - Dude, Here Comes the Sweet Part Tigon - The Great Machine Regret, the Informer - Send in the Clouds Creeper - Mother Alta - Sorting Rooms Canyons - Double Enchandra Districts - The Giver Locktender - Visions of the Daughters of Albion Boy Parts - Joshua Holloway Fit For Battle
  2. 4 brand new releases announced today, all of which are available for pre-order right now. Details below. Locktender - "Kafka" Tape - SL-004 - Out July 25 Locktender are a concept focused hardcore band concentrating on artists and their works interpreted through music, lyrics & art. Every album is an artist, every song is a different work. "Kafka" is the band's first proper full-length release and one of two to be released this year. Pressing info: 100 clear tapes with white imprinting. Pro-dubbed and hand-numbered. Includes download code. Pre-order // Stream Brighter Arrows - "Dream Journal" Tape - SL-011 - Out July 25 Brighter Arrows have changed their sound from bright and clean to dark and abstract with their new LP, "Dreamliner." What led to the drastic change? Where did it all fall apart? It didn't. It was coming all along... "Dream Journal" is a curious and cohesive mixtape of sorts, featuring demos, early recordings, and a "Dreamliner" B-side that all allude to the full-length. Experimental to say the least, this tape will leave you both riding white puffy clouds and shaking in fear all in a single pass. 100 pro-dubbed, hand-numbered tapes. Includes download code. Pre-order // Stream Scowler - "How To Find Light" Tape - SL-010 - Out July 25 Scowler are a 4-piece non-denominational hardcore/math/punk from Milwaukee, featuring (ex) members of Alta, 2194, and more. With influences ranging from Fugazi, Refused, and At The Drive-In, and fresh and forward-thinking dynamics, Scowler showcase the potential to take the Midwestern underground by storm. "These five songs are tense, urgent, dynamic, and energetic as hell. Overall, How To Find The Light is a killer EP and people looking for progressive/forward thinking dynamics in a punk/hardcore band will totally dig Scowler." -The Elementary Revolt 100 copies on red tapes with white imprinting. Pro-dubbed and hand-numbered. Includes download code. Pre-order // Stream Elesh Norn - "All The Pain I Built Up" Tape - SL-009 - Out July 25 Ear crushing, soul sucking screamo from Denton, TX. Featuring members of Father Figure, Two Knights, and more really good bands. "Well…Elesh Norn is a new 4-piece screamo band from denton, tx with members of father figure. Take a seat. I mean…that sound. Fuck. This. is. amazing. It crushes through your ears with a blend of old-school screamo, dreamy 90′s-emo-like interlude guitar-parts and vocals which remind me of Jayson Green (Orchid), Rich Lombardi (Cloacal Kiss, The Sawtooth Grin) and some depressive black metal bands. Sounds kinda fresh and like something where I feel pretty comfortable. A warm but very aggressive and massive sound." - Missthestars 100 pro-dubbed smokey colored tapes with handwritten A/B sides in white ink. Pro-dubbed and hand-numbered. Includes download code. Pre-order // Stream More info: www.skeletallightning.net

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