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  1. Hi, I am always looking for releases of Cursive, The Good Life and Tim Kasher. I do have ALL the different vinyl pressings for all of these bands already but I am still looking for: - Vinyl Test Pressings - Vinyl Promo - Promo - Advance CDs Thank you.
  2. Talked to both Matt and Tim at the Conor Oberst show and they confirmed a repress of Storms of Early Summer this fall on 15 Passenger. Announcement should be coming soon!
  3. Hi everyone! most everything below is in VG+ condition or better. Some are still sealed as well! I noted any flaws you would need to be aware of and will respond to any questions you may have. Media mail Shipping is $4.95 in the states for up to 2 records. Each additional record is .50 cents. Shipping to Canada is $16.95 for up to 2 records. Each additional record is $1.00. Shipping to everywhere else is $23.95 for 1 record. Each additional record is $2.00. Double albums count as 2 records for international shipping. The more you buy the better the deal so try to get as much as possible. I can not hold anything so its first come first serve. Please do not be afraid to make an offer if you see something I priced out of sight. I do not bite I ship in proper mailers and have perfect feedback on ebay and discogs. NOT ONE negative experience in the last 18 years of selling online! My email is the best way to get to me: [email protected] Thanks! Record Pressed Price 18th Dye 'tribute to a bus' $10 Actors & Actresses 'arrows' (gray with yellow haze wax, tour edition) 100 $10 Aeges 'the bridge' (pink & black swirl wax) 300 $15 Alcoa 'bone & marrow' (1st press, clear with black & grey smoke wax) 700 $15 Alcoa 'parlour tricks' (maroon wax) 2000 $5 All The Saints 'fire on corridor x' (white wax) $10 Aloha 'little windows cut right through' (180 gram) $15 Archers Of Loaf 'icky mettle' (RE, remastered, blue wax) 2000 $16 Ash 'ichiban' 7" (letter series G, etched b-side) 1000 $3 Ash 'pripyat' 7" (letter series F, etched b-side) 1000 $3 Astrobrite 'crush' (1st press transparent red wax) 300 $60 Aurthur Baker featuring Tim Wheeler 'glow' 7" (lead singer of ash) $3 Autolux 'pussy's dead' (sealed, member of failure, SEALED) $18 Avid Dancer '1st bath' $10 Awolnation 'run' $10 Bahamas 'pink strat' $15 Band of Horses 'cease to begin' (1st press) $15 Barcelona 'not quite yours' (slight warping but plays all the way through) $20 Beachwood Sparks 'beachwood sparks' (RE, limited blue wax) 500 $25 Beatnik Filmstars 'all pop stars are talentless slags' 10" $8 Beatnik Filmstars 'apathetic english swine' 7" $5 Beatnik Filmstars 'blue noize' 7" ep $5 Beatnik Filmstars 'bridegrooms' 7" ep $5 Beatnik Filmstars 'off white noize' 7" ep $5 Beatnik Filmstars 'pink noize' 7" $5 Beaulieu Porch 'the color 55' (purple marble wax) 300 $7 Birthmark 'antibodies' (white wax) 1000 $10 Black Moth Super Rainbow + The Octopus Project "the house of apples and eyeballs" (blue & white splatter wax) 1000 $18 Black Moth Super Rainbow 'cobra juicy' (2x12 white with orange splatter wax) $25 Black Moth Super Rainbow 'eating us' (RE, grey wax) 1000 $20 Blitzen Trapper 'destroyer of the void' $12 Brand New 'the devil and god are raging inside of me' (2nd press, 2x12, orange & white swirl wax, 12 page 10x10 booklet, afs exclusive) 500 $150 SOLD. Brendan Benson 'what kind of world' $12 Bright Eyes 'cassadaga" (RE 2x12) $17 Bright 'full negative (or) breaks' (2x12, a/b black wax c/d clear wax, includes bonus cd of the miller fantasies) $10 Bright 'plymouth rock' 7" (royal blue wax) $3 Broken Spindles 'fullfilled/complete' (white wax) $10 Broken Spindles 'inside/absent' (white wax) $10 Bugskull 'communication' 300 $10 Butch Walker 'afraid of ghosts' (gatefold sleeve) $8 Candy Butchers/Mike Viola 'hang on mike' (2x12, sealed) 500 $65 Catfish and the Bottlemen 'balcony' (gatefold sleeve) $15 Comet 'chandeller musings' $10 Cookie Duster 'when flying was easy' (broken social scene members) $9 Cornershop 'wog' (12" single) $5 Cursive 'I am gemini' (with cd & 16 page booklet) $10 Daisyhead 'the smallest light' (1st press, flourescent yellow) 300 $10 Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr 'patterns' ep (rsd 2013) 500 $8 Damon Albarn 'democrazy' (2x10", limited white wax & a picture disc, lead singer of blur & gorillaz) 5000 $25 Denison Witmer 'are you a dreamer' (cyls exclusive, black wax) 100 $10 Denison Witmer 'carry the weight' (yellow marble) $10 Desaparecidos 'payola' (translucent green wax) 2000 $20 Diiv 'is the is are' (captured tracks ed, 2x12, 32 page chapbook of art & poetry, 2x12 page art books, clear+white marbled w/blue&yellow, clear+white marbled w/pink&red wax) 500 $35 Diiv 'orshin' (tour ed, silk screened sleeve, hand numbered) #373/500 $30 Doo Rag 'chuncked and muddled' (only sold on tour in 1994, stamp numbered) #469/500 $140 Dope Body 'kunk' $10 Dragoon 'this galaxy is but a nursery' (members from the grifters) $10 Dream Boat 'eclipsing' (features members from elephant 6) $8 Drug War 'aim high' 500 $8 Eiafuawn 'birds in the ground' (180 gram, sweeden import, clay parton from duster) 525 $25 Elliot Brood 'days into years' (1st press white wax with alternative screened sleeve) 500 $15 Enon 'hold on' (clear wax, hand screenprinted sleeve, inc. bonus 7") 500 $50 Ex-Action Figures 'global kid' 7" $3 Fireworks 'we are everywhere' (1st pressing, yellow wax w/flexi) 200 $20 Fireworks 'oh common life' (1st pressing orange hot topic exc) 700 $25 Fran Healy 'wreckorder' (180 gram, w/poster & download card, lead singer of travis, not flat but plays all the way through) $20 Freelance Whales 'diluvia' $15 Gem Club 'breakers' $7 Get Up Kids 'simple science' ep (vinyl collective exc, numbered baby blue wax 500 pressed) #937/2000 $20 Good Old War 'broken into better shape' $10 Good Old War 'come back as rain' 1000 $12 Good Old War 'good old war' $12 Grammatics 'double negative' 7" $4 Grammatics 'shadow committee' 7" $4 Grammatics 'the vague archive' 7" (white wax) 400 $4 Gruff Rhys 'american interior' (gatefold sleeve) $10 Gruff Rhys 'hotel shampoo' $30 Handguns 'angst' (1st press, white w/kelly green haze) 500 $15 Handguns 'life lessons'' (1st press, baby blue, milky clear, royal blue stripped ) 1600 $10 Headlights 'wildlife' $10 Heavy Drag 'sabana ghost' 350 $15 Hey Rosetta 'seeds' (cd included) $20 Holopaw 'academy songs vol 1' $12 Hooded Fang 'gravez' (red wax) 300 $22 Horse Feathers 'so it, is with us' (clear wax) 200 $25 Hushdrops 'summer people/radio 1990' 7" 200 $10 Hushdrops 'transmission/miami rap/amelia airhead' 7" 200 $10 Into It Over It '(koji split, RE clear maroon wax) 500 $15 Jacob's Mouse 'rubber room' $18 Jagwar Ma 'another day in the sun' 12" single (dreams) 500 $10 Jagwar Ma 'the time and space time machine dub sessions' 12" $20 Jayhawks 'blue' 7" (promo single) $4 Jenny Mae 'there's a bar just around the corner, asshole' $10 Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hearafter 'like, love, lust & the open halls of the soul' (2x12, no sleeve) $8 Joe Pernice 'it feels so good when I stop' $15 Joie De Vivre 'the north end' (1st press, halloween orange wax) 350 $25 Kizzy Hall 'a touch of kizz in the night' (green wax) #428/500 $10 Lcd Soundsystem 'lcd soundsystem' $17 Les Sins 'michael' (chaz from toro y moi) $12 Liars 'sisterworld' (deluxe 2x12, no cds) $15 Liars 'they threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on top' (RE 180 gram) $15 Liars 'they were wrong, so we drowned' (2nd press) $15 Liars 'wixiw' (includes cd) $10 Loney Dear 'dear john' (180 gram) $10 Loney Dear 'loney, noir' (autographed) $15 Looper 'the snare' (belle & sebastion member) $7 M83 'dead cities, red seas & lost ghosts' (1st press, 2x12) $25 M83 'm83' (RE 2x12) $15 Major League 'there's nothing wrong with me' (hot topic exc, white w/maroon & yellow splatter wax) 500 $12 Man Overboard 'heart attack' (white w/green starburst wax, cd) 1300 $15 Man Overboard 'heavy love' (1st press, clear with sea blue & red splatter, includes cd) $10 Manchester Orchestra 'I'm like a virgin loosing a child' (1st press, black wax) $38 Margot & The Nuclear So and So's 'birds/bubbleprick' 7" (#'d on clear gold wax, 100 pressed on yellow) 100 $70 Margot & The Nuclear So and So's 'birds/bubbleprick' 7" (#'d on black wax) #271/1000 $25 Margot & The Nuclear So and So's 'prozac rock/fingertips' 7" (black wax & #'d) #356 $30 Margot & The Nuclear So and So's 'prozac rock/fingertips' 7" (black wax & #'d) #221 $30 Mark Kozelek 'live at biko' (2x12, sealed) 2000 $10 Matt Pond Pa 'the green fury' $10 Midlake 'antiphon' (gatefold sleeve w/poster) $12 Mike Viola 'lurch' (includes bonus 7") 500 $30 Mind Bomb 'do you need some' (10" single) $3 Minus The Bear 'interpretaciones del oso' (RE 2016 blue & gold wax) 1000 $13 Maker 'mirrors' (black wax) 100 $7 Monsterland 'peanut butter karma' 7" $3 My Morning Jacket 'chocolate & ice' ep (1st press, gold & chocolate swirl wax) 1025 $10 Nick Piunti 'beyond the static' (transparent light blue wax) 250 $25 Noggin 'space needle' (hand screened front sleeve, sealed) 100 $10 Of Montreal 'aldhils arboretum' $15 Of Montreal 'coquelicot asleep in the poppies' (2x12) $15 Of Montreal 'daughter of cloud' (2x12 180 gram) $15 Of Montreal 'id engager' 7" $5 Of Montreal 'skeletal lamping' (2x12 180 gram w/pop up poster) $15 Ola Podrida 'belly of the lion' (member of papermoon) 250 $30 Oranger 'new comes & goes' (pink wax) $17 Orton Socket '99 explosions' (pink with white swirl wax) 500 $6 Papercuts 'fading parade' (white marble wax) $10 Papermoons 'no love' (1st press trns red wax) 100 $15 Papermoons 'self titled' 7" (blue splatter) $5 Pepper Rabbit 'red velvet snowball' (transparent red wax, former member of passion pit) $30 Permanent Collection 'newly wednearly dead' (2nd pressing, milky clear wax, sealed) 500 $10 Pete Yorn 'back & forth' (sealed) $12 Photon Band 'easy pop art research' 7"' $4 Photon Band 'superstard/sitting on the sunn' 7" $4 Prefuse 73 'the only she chapters' (2x12) $10 Prefuse 73 'rivington nao rio/every color/forsyth gardens tripech' (3 records in this set of 3, 1 lp & 2 eps on colored wax) 100 $90 Quiet Company 'a dead man on my back' (2x12 white wax, signed by the band) $25 Regina Spektor 'solviet kitsch' (rsd 2016, red wax with bonus 7" large hole) 3000 $25 Relient K 'air for free' (2x12, white wax, No cover) $10 REM 'wendell gee' (UK 12" single) $9 Rodan 'how the winter was passed' 7" $5 Rollerskate Skinny 'shoulder voices' (2nd press medical 180 gram red wax) $20 Set Your Goals 'burning at both ends' (180 gram black wax) $10 Slow Runner 'new monsters' (slight warp but plays through) 300 15 Son, Ambulance 'someone elses déjà vu' (2x12) $10 Sone 'sone' $7 Sonny & The Sunsets 'talent night at the ashram' (red wax) $15 Sound Sleeper 'a perfect sea for drowning' ep (150 gram cut @ 45rpm, hand numbered, 213 pressed in black wax) #194/300 $10 Spiritulized 'amazing grace' (RE) $10 Spiritulized 'songs in a & e' (RE, 2x12 white wax) $15 Stay Ahead of the Weather "we better get goin', if we're gonna" 7" (white wax) 300 $10 Strapping Fieldhands 'the caul' 10" ep $10 Sunset Rubdown 'randon spirit lover' (2x12) $10 Superconductor 'bastardsong' (2x12, ac newman of the new pornographers) $20 Supreme Dicks 'the emotional plague' (2x12) $10 Swag 'catch-all' (hand numbered on the spindle label, members of wilco, sixpence none the richer, the mavericks, and cheap trick) $15 Teenage Fanclub 'man-made' (RE) $12 Teenage Fanclub 'shadows' (180 gram) $12 Tenement 'blind wink' (RE) $10 Tenement 'taking everything/daylight world' 7" ep (black wax) 390 $10 The 1975 'I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it' (CD signed sleeve by all 4 members, target exc.) $30 The Acorn 'no ghost' (180 gram, silk screened sleeve, transparent red wax) 300 $20 The Album Leaf 'in a safe place' (1st press city slang) $30 The Antlers 'undersea' ep (clear sea blue wax) 500 $50 The Ataris 'end is forever' (2nd pressing, hot topic exc red w/yellow) 1500 $10 The Besnard lakes 'the besnard lakes are the dark horse'' $10 The Besnard lakes 'the besnard lakes are the roaring night' $10 The Darcys 'warring' (180 gram) $12 The decemberists "what a Terrible world" (Newbury exclusive on teal wax 2x12) 1000. $24 The Dismemberment Plan 'change' $20 The Drowning Men 'all of the unknown' (translucent gold wax) $10 The Elected 'bury me in my rings' $7 The Flaming Lips 'clouds taste metallic' (RE, RM 2011. Slight warp but plays well) $15 The Flaming Lips zaireeka' (4x12 colored wax) 7200 $25 The Helio Sequence 'the helio sequence' (die cut sleeve) $10 The Hotelier 'goodness' (1st press, 2x12, spins @ 45rpm, fawn & field wax) 725 $25 The Long Winters/Spiral Stairs split 7" (clear wax) $10 The Long Winters 'ultamatum' 12" ep $15 The Mommyheads 'acorn' (1st press, fang records) $15 The Posies 'blood/candy' (180 gram w/poster) $15 The Replacements 'all shook down' (1st press, german 1990, skipping for a minute of track 1)) $25 The Shivas 'you know what to do' $10 The Sidekicks 'runners in the nerved world' (includes a cd) $10 The Story So Far 'under soil & dirt' (RARE gatefold sleeve version, black wax) $35 The Weakerthans 'fallow' $17 The Wonder Years 'no closer to heaven' (2x12, etched a/blue b/burgundy wax) 5050 $20 The Wrens 'secausus' 100 $450 The Wytches 'crying clown' 7" $8 Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 'bob dinners and larry noodles' 1500 $20 This Time Next Year 'drop out of life' (1st pressing coke bottle clear was) 750 $10 Toro Y Moi 'campo' 7" 300 $25 Toro Y Moi 'what for?' (2x12, blue & white starburst wax, sealed) 2000 $30 Tuns 'tuns' (includes members from sloan, super friendz & inbreds) $20 Uncle Wiggly 'jump back, baby' $10 Various "comp for mom" (red wax) #334/1075 $20 Vertical Scratchers 'daughter of everything' (lead singer of enon & guitarist from brainiac) $10 Vetiver 'complete strangers' $10 Von Hemmling 'jw kellogg' ep (single sided etched, elephant 6 collective) $10 Wavves 'king of the beach" (RE, glow in the dark wax newbury comics exc, SEALED) 750 $75 We Shot The Moon 'love on' (yellow wax) 100 $20 Weaves 'weaves' (neon pink wax) $15 Wingtip Sloat 'if only for the hatchery' 500 $10 Wondermints 'proto-pretty/silly place' 7" (transparent clear wax) 200 $25 Woods 'at echo lake' $10 Woods 'sun and shade' $10 Woods 'with light and love' $15 Yo Gabba Gabba 'the super music friends show' (uo exc, 2x12 one orange & one yellow wax, gatefold sleeve, spins @ 45 rpm) #250 $50 Zammuto 'anchor' $15 Zeus 'classic zeus' (white wax) $10 Zookeeper 'pink chalk' (coke bottle wax, lead singer of mineral) 300 $6 Guided By Voices Guided By Voices 'Donut For Snowman' 7" 1000 $5 Guided By Voices 'Chocolate Boy' 7" (chocolate ) 1000 $10 Guided By Voices 'Keep in Motion' 7" (usa, red) 1000 $5 Guided By Voices 'Jon The Croc' 7" (usa, blue) 1000 $5 Guided By Voices 'Class Clown' 7" (usa, clear) 1000 $5 Circus Devils 'When Machines Attack' (SEALED) 700 $15 Circus Devils 'My Mind Has Seen The White Trick' (SEALED) 700 $15 Circus Devils 'Escape' 500 $12 Circus Devils 'Stomping Grounds' 500 $25 Nightwalker 'Sponic' 7" ep (nightwalker) 1000 $10 Nightwalker 'firehouse mountain' 7" ep (smokey black wax) 1000 $10 Airport 5 'Life Starts Here' 500 $15 Teenage Guitar 'Force Fields at Home' (SEALED) 1000 $10 Hazzard Hotrods 'big trouble' CD 1000 $10 Ricked Wickey 'I sell the circus' $12 Childrens Crusade 'scorpio moon' 7" #1341/1500 $5
  4. Looking to round out my collection Cursive - Storms of Early Summer | White Cursive - The Disruption | Yellow Paper Cover Cursive - The Disruption | White Paper Cover Cursive - The Disruption | Saddle Creek Repress Cursive - Sucker & Dry 7" Small Brown Bike / Cursive 7" Cursive/Silver Scooter 10" Tim Kasher - Delirium Tantrums 7" Cursive - Domestica, original pressing
  5. Hey all. Huge sale! Any record with a bolded $ sign next to it is for sale. Please send me offers for anything you are interested in. I am in the states so shipping is cheap. I will ship worldwide so message me for rates. Cheers. https://deadformat.com/collection/Jtm1967
  6. All records PPD, and will adjust based on number bought. Boys Life / Christie Front Drive ‎- Boys Life / Christie Front Drive 10" (2nd Press, #127) $15 Cursive / Ladyfinger (NE) ‎- Cursive / Ladyfinger (NE) (Picture Disc 10", RSD 2009 /1500) $10 Look Mexico - To Bed To Battle (Black) $10 Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow (Black) $16 Portugal. The Man ‎- Waiter: "You Vultures!" (2011 Repress w/The Devil & The Pines bonus track) $35 Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 2 (Teal Sealed) $22 Sunny Day Real Estate - How It Feels To Be Something On 7" $10 Also for sale is a Schiit Modi Optical DAC. I've not been listening to digital music much lately, and when I do it's through my DAP so I have no need for this anymore. It's in great shape, and works great with a Airport Express for a cheap wi-fi lossless set-up (might be up for selling my Airport Express and cable if you need them). $90ppd obo. Grado Black (untested, no stylus) $15
  7. I have a couple posters I'm trying to get rid of. I bought these when MTB was touring with Tim Kasher in 2010. Tim Kasher, Dylan Ryan and Patrick Newbery signed The Game of Monogamy silk screen tour poster. It was printed by Ink Tank and is hand numbered 64/100 Message in bottom left corner is autograph from Tim Kasher. Message reads: "Hey Ya, Thanks for hanging around. T Kasher" And he underlined his name on the poster Poster is in good condition except it was (stupidly) cut a little off the left side to fit into a frame. This is barely noticeable in person and NOT noticeable in a frame. Minus the Bear poster was designed by Jordan Butcher. He designed the OMNI artwork. If interested shoot me an offer! Thanks for reading!
  8. $4 flat rate for shipping. Beach House - Teen Dream (2xLP/DVD) $14 Boys Life / Christie Front Drive ‎- Boys Life / Christie Front Drive $12 Cursive / Ladyfinger (NE) ‎- Cursive / Ladyfinger (NE) $8 Drive Like Jehu ‎- Yank Crime LP+7" $18 The Get Up Kids ‎- Automatic 7" $7 Silver Scooter / Cursive ‎- A Crank! Split 10" $13 The Sound Of Animals Fighting ‎- Tiger And The Duke (Transparent green /700) $30 Sunny Day Real Estate - How It Feels To Be Something On 7" $13
  9. Just selling some things that I never touch anymore. I also just bought Riot Fest tix for Chicago and I'm a bit broke since I waited. All prices ppd, willing to make deals. Only trades I'd be interested in is Margot's "Animal". US only. Spend at least $10. Everything has been played once or twice or not at all. Thanks for taking a looksy! Now taking some offers on my trade list: https://deadformat.net/collection/carmognole Send offers on things you're interested in. Not selling Weakerthans/Brand New/Every Time I Die/As Tall As Lions/Margot ATNSAS and a few other things, so don't be offended if I say nah. 7" Band of Horses - Acoustic At The Ryman (Black Friday 2013) SOLD Defeater - Lost Ground (2x7" Translucent Maroon /1000) $8 Surfer Blood - Floating Vibes (White /1000) $5 Surfer Blood - Swim (White /1000?) SOLD 10" Yellowcard - A Perfect Sky (RSD 15 /1000 Sealed) $10ppd 12" Angels and Airwaves - We Don't Need To Whisper (Purple /500 Etched D Side) SOLD Animal Collective - Peacebone EP SOLD As Tall As Lions - As Tall As Lions (Blue /500 Die Cut Jacket Sealed) $25ppd Cursive - Mama, I'm Swollen $15ppd Finch - What It Is To Burn $13ppd (Tiny scuff on front cover. Can provide pics if necessary, came from HT that way, otherwise condition is EX) Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways (Chicago Cover Sealed) w/ Bonus Flexi Disc $55ppd (will sell separately) The Format - Dog Problems (Black Misprint) SOLD The Format - Dog Problems (1st Press /1000) Offer The Hold Steady - Heaven Is Whenever $15 Mae - Destination: Beautiful (Blue/Gold RSD 14 /500 Sealed) SOLD Thursday - Five Stories Falling (Clear Single Sided /2000 Hand Numbered) $14
  10. Looking for the following: Tim Kasher - Delirium Tantrums 7" Tim Kasher - Cold Love 7" The Good Life - Heartbroke 7" Small Brown Bike/Cursive - Split 7" Silver Scooter/Cursive - Split 10" Cursive - Disruption 7" ​Cursive - The Icebreaker 7" Cursive - Sucker and Dry 7" Cursive - Bad Sects 12"
  11. Unfortunately I am having to unload my record collection. This list is just part of it more will be added. At the moment I need to raise $500. These prices are on a "Best offer" basis so shoot me a PM with any offers. Shipping is $5 in US and will have a confirmation number, combined shipping is offered. Thanks in advance! ADDED TODAY Blood Brothers - Young Machetes (Orange and Black) $32 Beastie Boys - Some old Bull Shit (first press) $30 Beyoncé - Beyoncé $35 Glassjaw - Stars (2nd press) - offer Glassjaw - Lennon (2nd press) - offer Glassjaw - Junkies (2nd press) - offer Glassjaw - farmer (2nd press) offer Far Cry 3 Blooddragon Soundtrack - Offer Mars Volta RSD Puzzle - Offer At the Drive in - Relationship of Command (Orange RSD) $40 Taking Back Sunday - Tell all your friends (Solid Red) $25 Taking Back Sunday - Where you want to be (Clear Green) $14 Taking Back Sunday - Where you want to be (Clear with black smoke) $25 Straylight Run Prepare to be wrong (Red RSD) $12 Straylight Run - Straylight Run - Straylight Run (Yellow RSD) $40 letlive - fake history (White Vinyl) $30 letlive - The Blackest Beautiful (Clear Vinyl) $30 Thrice - The Artist in the ambulance (Green Hot Topic) $35 Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues (Blue) $35 Green Jello - Triple Live Möther Gööse at Budokan (Green Vinyl) - $60 Bayside - Cult (Black/White Splatter Vinyl) - $50 My Bloody Valentine - MBV - $22 Alkaline Trio - Crimson - $30 New Found Glory- New Found Glory ( Picture Disc Storm Trooper) - $40 New Found Glory- Sticks and Stones ( Red Vinyl) - $20 New Found Glory- Nothing Gold Can Stay ( Hot Topic Yellow) - $30 Minus The Bear- Planet of Ice ( Clear purple) $75 Pending Metric - Synthetica - $15 Metric - Old World Underground - $15 Mazzy Star - Among My swan ( 180g) - $15 Mazzy Star - So Tonight that I Might See ( 180g) - $15 Mazzy Star - She Hangs Brightly ( 180g) $15 Mars Volta - Bedlamn in Goliath -$30 Jimmy Eat World - Damages - $10 HRVRD - From the Bird's Cage - $10 Pending Hot Rod Circuit - The Underground is a Dying Breed ( Grey/ Autographed by Andy Jackson) -$30 Head Automatic - Decadence (Hot Topic variant) - $20 Pending Elliott - False Cathedrals - $15 Cursive - The Ugly Organ (180g Green) -$65 Cat Power - The Covers Record - $10 Cat Power - What Would the Community Think? ( Original) - $15 Anthony Raneri - New Cathedrals ( Clear with screen print ) - $35 Bayside - Covers (Red Vinyl) $20 Bayside - Live @ The Bayside Social Club ( Record Store Day White) - $25 Bayside - Shudder ( Yellow Vinyl) - $50 Bayside - Acoustic - ( Mint Green ) - $25 Bayside - Bayside ( White Vinyl ) - $35 Bayside - The Walking Wounded (Yellow Vinyl) $20 Alice in Chains - Jar of Flies/SAP (Music on Vinyl/Black) $30 I also have over 100 WWE DVDs for sale if anyone is interested in a list
  12. http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/110548-sale-new-and-old-vinyl-and-tapes/
  13. Set Sale. Free shipping if you send gifted payment through Paypal. If sending as payment for goods/services add $4. 7's Silverstein - Support Your Local Store [RSD Exclusive] $5 Young Guv - Cindy's Gonna Save Me/Cannabanoids (Black) $5 Young Guv - Bedtime Stories/The Cutter $5 $10 FOR ALL OF THE 7's 12's All Pigs Must Die – All Pigs Must Die EP (Black) 1st Press $20 All Pigs Must Die – All Pigs Must Die EP (Black) 2nd Press $10 All Pigs Must Die – Nothing Violates this Nature (Black) 1st Press $10 Bane – Give Blood (Black) 2nd Press $10 DRI – Dirty Rotten LP (Green) $10 Mutoid Man – Helium Head (Green) 1st Press $12 Mutoid Man – Helium Head (Red) 1st Press $12 Young and in the Way - Amen/I Am Not What I Am (Black) 1st Press $15
  14. Sooooo, I have decided to stop mass collecting, and just collect my major wants. My change of heart, is your gain! Just $4 shipping in the U.S except on the MeWithoutYou box set which is $6.50, the Cake box set will be shipped faster with insurance so its shipping would be $25!!! I am picking up mailers from work maybe by tomorrow, no later than Sunday. Browse my trade list, hard to let go of a lot of that which is not listed. Maybe you can make me an offer I can't refuse? I am also willing to trade for horror movie soundtracks!!! I hold stuff for up to 2 days for anyone with positive feedback, and positive rep points. 9" Nine Inch Nails - Only 10" Cursive/Ladyfinger Split 12" A Perfect Circle - eMOTIVe (Translucent Orange) - 17 A Perfect Circle - Mer De Noms - 23 A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step - 16 Andrew Jackson Jihad - Christmas Island (Blue and Purple Marbled) - 14 Andrew Jackson Jihad - Holiday Inn Gainesville - 8 Beck - Sexx Laws (Clear) - 16 Ben Folds Five - Live'- 13 Benji Hughes - Love Extreme - 13 Cage the Elephant - Cage the Elephant - 13 Cake - Box Set (8xlp Colored Vinyl) - If you want to know what it looks like, they used my picture on their website, and newsletters. - 160 because I waited in line for 3 hours, and this is still less than I paid! Coheed and Cambria - The Afterman: Descension (Turquoise) - 13 Come - Last Mistake, Submerge/ Car - 7 Cursive - Domestica <<<SOLD>>> Cypress Hill - The Phunky Feel/How I could just Kill a Man Glassjaw - Worship and Tribute (Black) - 25 Gravediggerz - 6 Feet Deep - 10 (DJ Copy/ Clean Version LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem - 16 LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening - 16 Local H - Hallelujah! I'm A Bum - 13 Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything to Nothing - 25 MeWithoutYou - It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright ( A/B Green Marbled, C/D Blue Marbled D side etched) - 16 MeWithoutYou - Ten Stories Box Set ( A/B Green Marbled C/D Blue Marbled D Side Etched w/ 7" Julius the Onion) - 25 Neutral Milk Hotel - In an Aeroplane Over the Sea - 14 Nirvana - Bleach - first two tracks skip - 10 Owls - Two (Pale Blue) - 13 Porcupine - The Sensation of Being Somebody (Blue Translucent) ?/100 Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese - 13 Rob Zombie - Mondo Sex Head - 14 Sex Robots - Night Moves - 7 Starting Back - On - 7 Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends (Aqua Blue/Black marbled) 6th press /600 The Halo Benders - Don't Tell Me Now - 12 The Lovely Feathers - Hind Hind Legs The Mathletes - Excalibur The Poison Control Center - Sad Sour Future The Postal Service - Give Up - 17 The Robot Ate Me - Good World - 8 Tool - Lateralus (Picture Disc) - 30 Tool - Opiate - 8 Tool - Undertow - 12 Classic Rock/Oldies: Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - 8 Elton John - Greatest Hits - 8 Elton John - Honky Chateau - 8 Eric Clapton - Timepieces (The Best of Eric Clapton) - 8 Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac - 10 Fleetwood Mac - Rumours - 10 Foghat - Live - 7 Michael Jackson - Thriller - 12 Neil Diamond - Gold - 6 Neil Diamond - Stones - 6 Neil Diamond - You Don't Bring Me Flowers - 6 Phil Collins - No Jacket Required - 7 Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - 15 Pink Floyd - The Wall - 15 Steve Miller Band - Fly Like and Eagle - 6 Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense - 8 Ted Nugent - Double Live - 7 The Cars - The Cars - 7 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Damn the Torpedoes - 8 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - 8 Tommy Roe - Greatest Hits - 6 Willie Nelson - Greatest Hits and Some that will Be - 7 ZZ Top - Tres Hombres - 7 Combined shipping for everything that fits in a mailer, additional 2 dollars for each mailer after that! I ship on Fridays all day and Tuesday mornings.
  15. Hope all is well. I am very new to the site amd just wondering if anyone was interested in selling a couple Cursive albums. These are the two I am interested in particular: Cursive - Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes LP 1997 Cursive - The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song LP 1999 Also if you have any of the older 7"s feel free to let me know what you have!
  16. I am hoping that I've built up enough good karma* that someone can help me out. I am wanting to get my hands on Cursive's 'Ugly Organ' on vinyl. I am buying this record for a dear friend who is always so good at giving gifts. I finally found a record she wants but doesn't yet have in her collection, and I want to be the person to give it to her!! If you have this record and don't listen to it, consider selling it to me for a decent price... THANKS! *I helped a bunch of people on the interwebz get their RSD wants and I returned a purse I found at Costco that was literally exploding with 50 dollar bills.
  17. Who has a copy of the Ugly Organ that they want to unload? PM me with price and condition. I am located in Canada. Thanks!
  18. Anyone else see this? http://saddle-creek.com/news/2013/05/calling-all-cursive-fans/ If this is an album that means alot to you, they want you to send in a video telling a story about this album specifically, and if they end up using your clip, they'll give you a free copy of the repress. Pretty cool!
  19. Bloc Party - Four (Unopened) - $10 Coldplay - A Rush of Blood To The Head - $18 Cursive - I Am Gemini | Picture Disc (43/500) - $35 fun. - Aim & Ignite (2LP w/ Etched D-Side) - $20 Menomena - Moms (2LP) - $13 My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (2003 Plain Recordings) - $35 Sleigh Bells - Treats (Picture Disc) - $14 Wolf Parade - Apologies to the Queen Mary - $8
  20. Looking to add The Disruption 7" by Cursive to my collection, any condition will do. $20-50 price range Also Looking for Cursive-Sucker and dry 7". Price range also 20-50
  21. I've searched the internet for an unopened copy of Cursives Storms of Early Summer and can only find used ones. I am offering $80, but willing to negotiate price. Thanks, DJ
  22. I need $2000, goddamnit. I know that this sale won't get me there, but it will really help out. These prices are the prices that I bought them for. I hope they are accurate. Please, PM me with any interests. I really REALLY need money right now. Thank you all so much. You can also look at my tradelist and ask about stuff there. http://deadformat.net/tradelist/Kevinuts Beirut - Rip Tide - Clear ($40) Ben Folds and Nick Hornby - Lonely Ave - Black ($10) Ben Folds Five - The Sound - Black ($15) Blood Brothers - Burn Piano - Black ($40) Bright Eyes - The People's Key - Clear Red ($80) Cursive - Domestica ($30) Cursive - I Am Gemini - Handnumbered pic disc ($50) Fall of Troy - Doppelganger - Red/Black bone splatter ($60) fun. - Aim and Ignite - Rainbow (Offer or something) Glassjaw - worship and tribute - black ($40) HRVRD - From the Birds Cage - coin flip (offer or some shit) Maps and atlases - Perch Patchwork - signed ($60) Maps and atlases - Beware - signed ($60) mewithoutyou - brother sister - white signed (offer) mewithoutyou - ten stories - black boxset ($50) mewithoutyou - ten stories - icy blue boxset ($60) minus the bear - planet of ice - clear magenta signed ($80) minus the bear - OMNI - blue/green signed ($70) minus the bear - infinity overhead - blue signed ($80) minus the bear - interpretations - clear blue w/ black splatter ($40) Panic! at the disco - a fever - black ($50) Psychic Babble - Brother/Sister - blue ($30) Say Anything - anarchy - red ($15) Straylight Run - Prepare to be wrong - red - ($20) Thank you all, again.
  23. 12" Jesu - Jesu [Hydra Head Records] // 2XLP (Black): $20 The Ergs! - dorkrockcorkrod [Don Giovanni Records] (Black): $15 Cursive - The Ugly Organ [saddle Creek Records] (Translucent Green): $20 Small Brown Bike - Our Own Wars [No Idea Records]: $20 Verse - Aggression [Rivalry Records]: $20 7" The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Higher Than the Stars [slumberland Records] (Clear): $6 The Locust // Arab on Radar:Split [Gold Standard Laboratories] (Vomit Green): $5
  24. Sup, chups. There may or may not be a crazy life crisis coming up real soon. It's an interesting situation. IF the shit hits the fan, I'm probably going to have to send all these out. Really sad cause I'm actually pretty proud of my collection, but you know. FI. SH. So, what I'm going to do is put up my list for y'all to take a gander. If any of you are interested at all, send me a message. We'll talk things over. http://deadformat.net/tradelist/Kevinuts Ain't she pretty? I'll be letting all you know if I need these gone, soon-ish so keep an eye out! THANKS THANKS THANKS.
  25. Alright, I need a lot of money now so, please help out if you can! PM if you're interested in any of these. All are near mint and have been taken care of. If you have questions or, need pictures PM me about that too. Ben Folds & Nick Hornby - Lonely Avenue (Black and unplayed) Ben Folds Five - The Sound of the Life of the Mind (2LP Black) Cursive - I Am Gemini - Picture Disc (Numbered 369/500) mewithoutYou - A ---> B Life (Black) SOLD mewithoutYou - Catch For Us the Foxes (Black) SOLD mewithoutYou - Ten Stories (Boxset on Black and numbered 965/1000, comes with everything) mewithoutYou - Ten Stories (Boxset on garbage mix colors, comes with everything) Minus the Bear - Infinity Overhead (Black with Hardcover Booklet, numbered 244/1000) Say Anything - Is A Real Boy (Maroon w/ White Splatter) SOLD Say Anything - Anarchy, My Dear (Transparent Red) Please let me know if you're interested in any of these as soon as possible. I need some cash now. I'm pretty reasonable. Thanks a bunch.

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