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Found 22 results

  1. I desperately want Seeburg's The Sound and Color of Christmas album, but can't find it anywhere. Hopes are slim, but if anyone has a copy they would be willing to part with, let me know!! Thanks so much in advance!
  2. Hey VC! A group of friends are trying to make my best friend's Christmas very special. We're looking to buy him a copy of TDWP Zombie EP on vinyl. We're willing to pay a pretty penny and I've been unable to find any for sale online. If you have it and you're looking for some good ca$h or you know someone willing to sell it hit me up! Variant does not matter. edit: I got a copy! On a side note, I'm looking to buy Space EP and the South of the City 7" for cheap. Variant doesn't matter. If you wanna get rid of your copy hit me up for that too!
  3. Another new Bad Religion variant. Christmas Songs on gold vinyl. Guessing it's a US indie exclusive https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32294039/bad-religion-christmas-songs-metallic-gold-vinyl-
  4. I know this is readily available but I figured maybe there's someone on here that doesn't spin it any more and would like to sell it for a few bucks cheaper than cost. If so, let me know. Can pay asap. I don't really care which variant you have and wouldn't even mind a kind of beat up one. In all honesty, I'll actually just listen to it................
  5. Please share links to any holiday sales/discounts/deals below!
  6. How'd your xmas go? What'd you get? What did you get for people? I got: - Mittens knit by my wife - Dune novel - two hockey books - Red Wings jersey Got my dad a Bose bluetooth speaker, my wife earrings and a shirt she wanted, sister some jewellery and her boy friend a TC Electronics reverb guitar pedal. Christmas day was a bit of a bummer. Wife was really sick and she's 7 months pregnant so it required an emergency room visit just to be safe. Been lounging all day crushing Netflix and eating pizza. World Junior championship starts tomorrow though, STOKED. How's yours going?
  7. Looking for any pressing of this. Willing to buy or trade.
  8. so I bought both variants of the latest repress and am keeping the translucent red variant. for sale I have the sold out clear with blue swirl variant out of 285. brand new and unplayed Make me an offer for the holidays.
  9. Was tired of hearing the same 7 songs covered by 20 different artists each year so I made a continuous mix & forced them upon people instead of just Christmas cards this year. There are a couple songs that aren't so soul/funkish but I needed them to connect the dots. Some of the transitions are a little wonky since this is my first mix in 9 years or so. https://www.mixcloud.com/BangElDesh/super-merry-mutha-funkin-christmas-mixtape/
  10. Ex-Vivian Girl Cassie Ramone will be releasing here 10 track album of Christmas covers on Dec. 11. "Christmas in Reno" is being released on Burger Records, which means it'll be available in nearly every format available. The first track was posted over a Pitchfork, and subsequently most of the other major blogs yesterday. I can't seem to find any pressing info anywhere... so I have no clue how limited this is, but Burger stuff can be pretty limited, and often does not come with a complimentary download. Colored Vinyl & All Formats: Burger Records Black Vinyl: Amazon (cheaper, free shipping, possible auto rip?) Cassette: Amazon (cheaper, etc, etc.)
  11. Just in time for Christmas, here's some music I know you'll all love this Holiday Season. The full 16 song album is available for $3 at BandCamp. It makes a great gift. Coke 4 Xmas I Want U 2 Die 4 Xmas U.R.X. Xmas Summer
  12. i only found a mention of this inside the Black Friday RSD post so i wanted to add more information. I was looking around the nets for some offbeat xmas tunes this year and discovered this film all about collectors who search for offbeat xmas tunes all the time. How neat! Plus, it's got some interviews with some pretty interesting fellows. check it out if it's coming to your town... trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wUIIssu9_E website: http://jinglebellrocks.vhx.tv/
  13. Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a colored variant of Explosions in the Sky's Take Care, Take Care, Take Care. I'm not looking for any particular variant. If you have one that you're willing to part with, or know someone that does, please shoot me a PM so we can work something out! Thanks, Ben
  14. The Vandals - Oi to the World LP red/green split colored vinyl $20.50 It should start hitting stores later this week but most likely most stores will be receiving it next week. It should be up online next week as well.
  15. 100% of the proceeds from the limited-edition split will go to Toys For Tots, who's primary goal is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters. The split features Christmas Covers from You Blew It, Dikembe, Have Mercy, and Kittyhawk and is limited to 250 copies on split red and green vinyl. Records are expected to ship December 18th http://softspeakrecords.storenvy.com/collections/155787-all-products/products/4185335-christmas-split-7 ------------------------------------------ http://softspeakrecords.storenvy.com/products/3050574-fest-12-split-10 This years Fest Split available online for an exclusive 150 Copy Pre-Order on 10" Jack O'Lantern Orange Vinyl. Split features exclusive songs from.. Empire! Empire! The Hotel Year Dikembe Old Gray Modern Baseball Pentimento This Split is out of 400 copies exclusively available at Fest, besides this pre order. 100% of proceeds benefit The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. All of these bands have amazing releases available from their respective labels. Please support them all. This product will ship the weekend following Fest. Due to the nature of this product and its charitable outreach, we ask that if you are looking to flip records on eBay, you refrain from purchasing. Thank You for your support.
  16. Hey dudes! Just thought I'd share this Christmas compilation I put together with you all. It's free if you like, or you can donate. Or you can get a cd. I do this every year, I just love Christmas music. If you've got any feedback at all, please let me know! http://music.rawrockmilitia.com
  17. Is nothing sacred? No one wants this and this could only tarnish the classic! http://screencrush.com/its-a-wonderful-life-sequel/ Thoughts?
  18. Hey y'all. I've seen this floating around and I'm actually not sure what the pressing information is. It's not on Dead Format and I've seen two different album artworks for it so, could someone maybe explain how the pressing went? And of course... If you're looking to sell your copy, shoot me a PM! Thanks.
  19. Yes, this is from this past year (the green one). I bought it and wore it twice (about 2 hours each time) for Christmas related family stuff. No stains or tears, I just really need the money and don't collect Descendents stuff. I'll do $45ppd. PM me
  20. We started the year with a release (TILTS) and now we'll end the year with one... SURPRISE: four of Justin K. Broadrick's incredible sonic personalities within one impressive 12" EP, simply titled Christmas. JESU lays the foundation with the initial hymn, along with brilliant remixes from related projects PALE SKETCHER and FINAL, plus an exclusive and brand new remix by the oppressive JK FLESH entity. Originally self-released as a digital-only EP for Xmas 2010, the 35+ minutes of music within have been sonically upgraded by mastering wizard James Plotkin specifically for the two physical formats. Vinyl edition comes on complimentary ice-blue color wax housed in a glorious high-gloss full color jacket, CD edition also comes with high-gloss artwork and has an exclusive lyrics page. * Each format is limited to a one-time pressing of 500 copies * Stream the full release now over at SPIN Magazine * Available to pre-order NOW at the Robotic Empire - Online Store We are expecting these to arrive at RoboHQ within the first week or two of December and plan to rock all the pre-orders right back out the door hopefully just in time for the holidays. If all goes according to plan, folks should be receiving their packages right around Xmas itself. However, because the entire postal system gets bogged down around the holidays, it is impossible to guarantee things at this time of year... that being said, Priority Mail is recommended for affordable semi-expedited delivery. This release has been in the pipeline for ages and we're glad it's finally (almost) in existence, even if so damn close to the wire. We're thrilled to work with Justin K. Broadrick again and have plans to announce another JKB release in 2013. Beyond that, it's been a wild year with a lot of changes for us but we're happy to say that some stability is finally on the horizon with new roots being put down (and/or in motion) after long periods of flux. We keep chugging along with the Robotic Empire - Online Store and want to genuinely thank everyone who's ordered from us this year, or... ever! We couldn't keep this operation afloat without the direct support of our mailorder followers, and we really appreciate all of those who've stuck with us through the years or just found out about us recently. It's getting increasingly difficult to run a label like ours in this "landscape" and blah blah blah, the same thing you've probably heard a lot of times by now... but at the end of the day, we are a small operation and sincerely appreciate everyone who's helped. Enough emo year-end-sentimentality, let's get to the MUSIC: lots of cool new stuff joins this update, including a rad NEIL YOUNG t-shirt (the same image infamously connected to LYNYRD SKYNYRD), OLD MAN GLOOM's appropriately-timed Christmas re-presses, BONGZILLA, PROTESTANT, THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT, and BASTARD NOISE / MAN IS THE BASTARD vinyl, SUTEKH HEXEN's new album and collections release on wax, sinister tapes from NIHILL and HALLOWED BUTCHERY and surprisingly/awesomely a fantastic new TAIGA cassette which is Bryant Clifford Meyer's solo project, our old dawg who is/was in such acts as ISIS, RED SPAROWES, PALMS and more! On the re-stock tip we've got extensive Denovali vinyl imports aplenty, Magic Bullet essential re-ups abound, LSD AND THE SEARCH FOR GOD, more OLD MAN GLOOM on cassette and vinyl, plus some other random jibba jabb. Here are the full lists: NEW ITEMS: * Amarok / Pyramido - Split 12" (Orca Wolf) $9.99 * Arktika - Symmetry - CLEAR WHITE COLORED VINYL 12" (Nar Shardaa) $14.99 * Austrasian Goat, The - Paved Intentions 2x12" (Vendetta) $24.99 * Bastard Noise - The Progression Of Sickness 10" (Deep Six) $9.99 * Bongzilla - Gateway - GREEN COLORED VINYL 12" (Hydrophonic) $19.99 * Hallowed Butchery - Hymns Of The Apostate Cassette (Adagio830) $4.99 * Jesu - Christmas CD (Robotic Empire) $7.99 * Jesu - Christmas - ICE BLUE COLORED VINYL 12" (Robotic Empire) $12.99 * Man is the Bastard / Aunt Mary - Split 10" (Deep Six) $9.99 * Neil Young - Tonight's The Night - Size: EXTRA LARGE T-Shirt (DIY) $14.99 * Neil Young - Tonight's The Night - Size: LARGE T-Shirt (DIY) $14.99 * Neil Young - Tonight's The Night - Size: MEDIUM T-Shirt (DIY) $14.99 * Neil Young - Tonight's The Night - Size: SMALL T-Shirt (DIY) $14.99 * Nihill - Woesteniij Cassette (Tartaus) $7.99 * Old Man Gloom - Christmas - BLACK VINYL 2x12" (Tortuga) $25.99 * Old Man Gloom - Christmas - PINK COLORED VINYL 2x12" (Tortuga) $25.99 * Protestant - Reclamation 12" (Halo Of Flies) $10.99 * Sutekh Hexen - Behind the Throne - PINK COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $14.99 * Sutekh Hexen - Empyraisch 12" (Adagio830) $14.99 * Taiga - Musikecassette Cassette (Manatus Musicus) $6.99 RESTOCKS: * Audrey - The Fierce And The Longing 12" (Denovali) $16.99 * AUN - Black Pyramid 12" - BLUE AND BLACK COLORED VINYL (Denovali) $23.99 * Blueneck - Scars Of The Midwest 12" (Denovali) $16.99 * Disappearer - The Clearing 2x12" - VINYL (Magic Bullet) $19.99 * Doomriders - Black Thunder 12" - COKE BOTTLE CLEAR COLORED VINYL (Magic Bullet) $14.99 * Heirs - Fowl 12" - WHITE COLORED VINYL (Denovali) $23.99 * Iroha - Self-Titled 2x12" - VINYL (Denovali) $29.99 * Jeniferever - Iris 12" (Denovali) $19.99 * Jesuit - Discography 12" +7"' - GOLD COLORED VINYL (Magic Bullet) $9.99 * Les Fragments De La Nuit - Musique Du Crepuscule 12" (Denovali) $16.99 * LSD And The Search For God - Self-Titled 12" (Deep Space) $10.99 * Made Out of Babies - The Ruiner 12" - PURPLE COLORED VINYL (Magic Bullet) $9.99 * Majority Rule - Emergency Numbers 12" - AQUA COLORED VINYL (Magic Bullet) $9.99 * Majority Rule - Interviews With David Frost 12" - THC COLORED VINYL (Magic Bullet) $9.99 * Meet Me In St. Louis - Variations On Swing 12" - CLEAR WITH BLACK SPLATTER COLORED VINYL (Deno... $14.99 * Mouse On The Keys - Sezession 10"+CD - VINYL (Denovali) $24.99 * Old Man Gloom - No CASSETTE (Sige) $9.99 * Old Man Gloom - Seminar II 2x12" (Magic Bullet) $19.99 * Pageninetynine / Majority Rule - Split 12" - PUKE COLORED VINYL (Magic Bullet) $9.99 * Revok - Bad Books And Empty Pasts 12" - 180GRAM CLEAR WITH RED COLORED VINYL (Denovali) $11.99 * Sleep - Volume 2 T-Shirt Size: EXTRA LARGE (DIY) $14.99 * Sleep - Volume 2 T-Shirt Size: LARGE (DIY) $14.99 * Sleep - Volume 2 T-Shirt Size: MEDIUM (DIY) $14.99 * Sleep - Volume 2 T-Shirt Size: SMALL (DIY) $14.99 * Switchblade - Self-Titled 200 2x12" - BLACK WITH SCREENPRINT VINYL (Denovali) $21.99 * This Will Destroy You - Self-Titled 2x12" - COLORED VINYL (Magic Bullet) $19.99 * Weekend Nachos - Unforgivable 12" - RED COLORED VINYL (Deep Six) $9.99 We are also extending our "fire sale" on CDs through the holiday season, with 20+ titles on sale for UNDER A BUCK! This is madness. In addition, all VLING recycled-vinyl-jewellery and related items are currently up to 50% off as well. And last but clearly not least, we have picked a winner for our most recent contest: congratulations to Björn Bauer for his incredible and intricate tree drawing that wins our shirt-design-contest. We received some seriously amazing submissions (either for content, skill and/or ability to make us laugh) but Björn's fantastic image hit the nail on the head. Check out his website for an extensive portfolio and more info on this great artist. Big ups to everyone who took the time and effort to submit something for this, it was a lot of fun going over all the entries, and (with their permission) we may post a few of the "runner up" images as well. We will post a larger version of Björn's graphic when we announce shirt ordering info in the coming weeks... stay tuned! BOOM! Great way to end the year. Hope everyone reading this can reflect on all the good things that have happened to them these past 11-12 months and let it percolate and overpower any bad elements of the year. OK OK enough hippy nonsense, don't trample your fellow man or anything but Robo-capitalist scum still say "go buy our rotatable plastic circles!" - Robotic Empire - Online Store
  21. Hey guys, So this is my project I've been working on the last few weeks, it's a Christmas album with music by me, my friends and a ton of other folks we know (whether personally or by association with other friends) from all over the States and Canada. It's available for free download at http://music.rawrockmilitia.com, but if you like it, you can also choose to donate, or if you really like it, you can buy a physical CD, hand numbered out of 200. I've released these albums for the past two years as well (you can get those on the site as well), but this is the first time I'm getting cds made. I'm a little worried about not breaking even, but yolo. There's some great songs and some alright songs. There's also a couple not so great songs.. But that's okay. It's a community project and I don't like turning people away. (maybe next year will be a little different though). Anyways, I just thought I'd see what you guys think. Be as honest as you like.
  22. Every Christmas, I hear songs off of this album thinking "Oh, I should get that on vinyl.." then I continue living life. I would enjoy picking this up from someone! Thanks.

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