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  1. Alternative pop experts Maxïmo Park today announce the forthcoming release of their sixth studio album, ‘Risk To Exist’, available on Daylighting/Cooking Vinyl from April 21st. ‘Risk To Exist’ sees Maxïmo Park on blistering form, bringing together their trademark hook-laden melodies and sense of urgency with off-kilter rock, soulful grooves and pop sensibilities. Informed by the dire state of world affairs in 2016 and crumbling political systems, their latest body of work is a vital record for our times. Frontman Paul Smith says: ‘The album is, ultimately, about empathy. Some songs are simple messages of solidarity and others are fuelled by anger at the elitist, established order of British society. There’s a questioning of power throughout and a feeling that there must be a different way of structuring our society in order to alleviate inequality. Musically, the songs reflect more soulful and groove-based influences, allowing more space in the arrangements than ever before. The central idea is to align great pop melodies with songs that reflect the state of the nation.” With 1,500,000 albums and four UK Top 10 albums under their belt to date, Maxïmo Park have once again shifted seamlessly into a higher gear. They have expertly crafted an infectious pop album for our time, confronting the crucial issues track by track, one monstrous hook at a time. https://maximopark.tmstor.es/index.php?page=products&menu=Music EDIT: That double-post thing seems to be happening again...
  2. Bleep Exclusive Clear Vinyl Vinyl 3×LP$34.99 Add to Basket Bleep Exclusive Limited to 500 Clear Vinyl MP3 delivered on release date MP3 download of vinyl tracks is included with vinyl purchases. Jaw-dropping disco LP from Luke Vibert under his Kerrier District alias given a much-needed reissue by Hypercolour, originally out in 2004 on Aphex Twin's Rephlex label and criminally unavailable until now. Praised by all who hear it, Kerrier District is a melting pot where deep acid, New York garage and dub-disco all blend together to create one of the best modern electronic funk albums of the past twenty years. Taking a wedge of influence from Black Devil Disco Club's 1978 self-titled LP/EP (depending on who you ask) and originally issued on Rephlex the same year they reissued BDDC, Kerrier District instantly became something of an underground classic, providing a border crossing for fans of library rooted deep disco and the more electronica referencing drill 'n' bass fans of Rephlex/Vibert/Aphex. Using an army of analogue synths, drum machines and boogie rhythmic samples, Kerrier District is an LP almost out of time with all else in this style, while it has that old school edge it sounds neither new and modern (not in a bad way, mind) but also isn't a retro sound, more than anything it truly has it's own unique sound and character, that twelve years after first hearing it has still got us in the groove and with the newly remastered job its properly sounding fresher than ever. Every track is pretty much flawless and the keen-eared out there will hear occasional echoes of other Vibert projects (there's a well-placed sample in exactly the same place and track number as used on the Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke LP - go search!) upon its original release Rephlex hailed Kerrier District "a kaleidoscopic ride through disco, funk and MPC beats" and we can't really argue with that. An essential piece of electronica history right here, stick it on, play it loud and everybody get on the disco bus! Vinyl Track List A1. Let’s Dance And Freak A2. Silhouettes B1. Illogan C1. Disclix C2. Disco Bus D1. New York E1. Yesco E2. Negresco F1. Wide Vice F2. Squaredance.
  3. Hey guys trying to sell my most valuable vinyl in my eyes My clear vinyl of MO & Thrice doing covers. MO cover "Don't Speak" by No Doubt over 14 1/2 minutes Thrice cover I Want You (She's So Heavy) by the Beatles. Mint condition and out of 400 copies. Open to offers but looking for at least 150. Got a baby girl coming in October and need to save some money lol
  4. Yep, got stuck in traffic and missed the PRE-ORDER. Very bummed. I know it was one per customer, but if anyone has regrets buying it, wants to sell it on or simply wants to make a quick profit, I would be very obliged to take it off you. Thanks
  5. I collect being as an ocean and this is the last piece i need to complete my collection. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I have the Touché record and want the Deafheaven one. TA is unplayed and mint. Only trades please!
  7. I have the sublime Date Rape clear vinyl for sale. It is still in the plastic NEW! There is corner wear because of the sheer age of this vinyl. Shoot me offers, if you need pictures let me know!
  8. If anyone has the mispress of Something To Write Home About (its Clear/Coke Bottle-ish out of /5) i would like to buy it off of you please.
  9. Anyone looking to sell their copy of Knuckle Puck's US release of "The Weight That You Buried" on cassette. Prefer the clear variant, but I would be interested in any color. Thanks.
  10. Hi guys! I've been trying really hard to track down "I Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business Gold Rush vinyl clear with blue gold splatter" /out of 75 I met Ace at a show a few years ago-nicest person I've ever met-and this record has one of my favorite songs on it: Lame Duck so I was hoping someone might be trying to sell one Thanks
  11. Perfect Pussy are one of the boldest and most intriguing projects to surface in recent years, garnering widespread critical acclaim following the release of a four song EP, titled I have lost all desire for feeling. Veiled beneath layers of exquisitely abrasive noise, frontwoman Meredith Graves’ lyrics are disarming, brutally honest and poetic, possessing a feverish intensity that can only be matched by Graves’ electric stage presence. Hailing from Syracuse, New York, the 5 piece band are set to take the world by storm. Black LP and CD $11http://www.capturedtracks.com/shop/_ct-release/ct-192-perfect-pussy-say-yes-to-love-lpcd/ BOX SET $30 (CLEAR W/ BLOOD) or $27 (WHITE) • Comes with a clear vinyl made with Meredith’s very own blood • Both ‘Say Yes to Love’ and ‘Say Yes to Live’ cassette • Perfect Pussy enamel button • Perfect Pussy poster • Encased in a white box • Download code comes with bonus live recordings • Not available in stores, direct only! • Clear is limited to 180 copies! White is limited to 380 copies! http://www.capturedtracks.com/shop/_ct-release/ct-192-ltd-perfect-pussy-say-yes-to-love-special-blood-edition/ http://www.capturedtracks.com/shop/_ct-release/ct-192-ltd2-perfect-pussy-say-yes-to-love-special-white-edition/ Had to get the clear w/ blood, I love this band.
  12. Hello all - Small mishap - accidentally ordered two copies of this album and I do not really need them both. My loss = your gain. Currently going for $26.00 shipped - I will sell for $20.00ppd. Please PM if interested - thanks for looking!
  13. Hey guys, Looking for My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco/Bastille Vinyl Specifically if you have any of these: My Chemical Romance: "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" Clear or other variants Panic at the Disco: "A Fever you Can't Sweat Out' Gold Vinyl Bastille: Anything if you've got a decent price! (If you have anything signed that would be cool too)
  14. Like many other people Periphery is not coming to my town and unfortunately the copies pressed of Clear are tour exclusive. If anyone is going to a Periphery show and wouldn't mind picking a copy up for me as well message me and we'll work out a good deal.
  15. I was wondering if anyone on the board is going to see Periphery on their current tour. They are selling an tour exclusive pressing of "Clear" and they are coming nowhere near me on this current tour. I was wondering if anyone would consider grabbing a copy for me. Please let me know, i would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  16. Maybe kind of a long shot right here but I am looking for the pink /w white starburst or the clear /w black smoke first press of that specific record. Will pay good. Hit me up!
  17. Hey guys, I have a mint 'Is Survived By' copy by Touché Amoré on clear vinyl (directly from the label) and would like to get 'Guilty On Everything' on clear. Only direct trades please. Also please do not contact me with sale offers - not interested. If you know someone who knows someone please hit me up. Thank you.
  18. Help me complete my Underoath Collection. I have ALL their releases but I am missing this variant of Disambiguation. Would love to get it to say I have a complete collection, at least in my eyes ha. Would love to get this in the 20-35ppd range please. PM me or post if you are willing to sell/trade me your copy. *update* would love a test press of any of their albums. I missed out on the 10" test presses of Lost in the Sound earlier this month because I forgot when the listing ended. I am referring to the Tooth and Nail charity auction on eBay. Take a look at my tradelist, let me know if anything can be done
  19. We had a large over run of both variants for our #Cartel #Chroma vinyl re-issue so we had 30 copies of each color variant (clear with red splatter & solid red). Alll copies are still sealed but we are not sure which copies are which so this product is for a copy "Chroma" on vinyl but we cannot guarantee which color variant. These will not be repressed by Etr so this is your last chance to pick one up from us http://enjoytheride.storenvy.com/
  20. http://pinecone666.tumblr.com/image/83221067833 Clear!!!!!!!!!!! Im into emo/punk/lo-fi/hip-hop. I am mostly looking to trade. If you're interested in this record, just pm me!! any brand new records, along with any first pressing snowing albums, or anything limited shit would be great!! Also P!ATD- A Fever You Can't Sweat Out vinyl. But my music taste differs, so even if youre interested in it, and you may not have those exact genres in your collection, thats fine! I have an open mind, and im willing to bargin.
  21. I'm not kidding, I'm fucking sick of looking for this. If you have it or if you know someone has it, PM me and I'll make you rich beyond your wildest dreams... (Ok, maybe not that rich, but I'll still pay you a lot).
  22. Picked up a 1st press copy from someone on the boards here, and I'm not a variant collector. So for sale/for trade is a 2nd press copy of Make Do And Mend's "Everything You Ever Loved" on Clear with Black Splatter. Only played once and in near mint condition. Will send pictures if asked. I know it's not worth much but I'm willing to throw in extra cash into any trade if necessary. Looking for $10+shipping for this record. PM me!
  23. I have a copy of The National's Trouble Will Find Me limited deluxe box set, sealed. Asking $80, but will negotiate. Shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  24. Heavily interested in owning one of these records. If you're willing to part with yours, let me know! thanks