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Found 3 results

  1. I really apologize if this is something that's been discussed extensively on this board already, but I'm having trouble keeping up with this whole ADTR lawsuit. I get they're releasing Common Courtesy themselves. I'm just wondering if anything has been said about their release of it on vinyl. Any info would be great. Thanks! -Dan
  2. So I'm trying to get every vinyl variant from a day to remember. I have the Shark Attack version of common courtesy. This was a gift from a relative that didn't realize I already had it. It's literally the only variant for common courtesy I have. I would like to trade the one I have (Which I personally haven't used, doesn't look like it has ever been, but I don't know how my relative got it.) for any other color. I would be willing to pay a little. I'd like to have the red one preferably, the green one if not available, beyond that I don't care. So long story short, I would like to trade my Shark Attack version for any other version. If you have any color for common courtesy and you want the shark attack version, message me. Update: Ended up selling it on ebay. Thanks!
  3. I'm looking to buy any A Day To Remember Albums, but it needs to be a first or second pressing of the albums for those who have a heart and homesick. And Preferably first pressing for common courtesy and what separates me from you. For those who have a heart - First or second pressing Old Record - First pressing Attack of the Killer B-sides - First or second pressing All I want (7") - First pressing Homesick - First or second pressing What separates me from you - First pressing Common courtesy - First pressing