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Found 3 results

  1. Dropdead - The Box Set (1993 Selfless Records) Last Rights - 10” - 2 acetates only. 4 songs Last Rights - Chunks 7" - test press (Taang!) Negative FX - Negative FX LP test press (Taang!) Negative FX - Negative FX LP test press (Fundamental UK) Slapshot - Sudden Death Overtime LP test prsss NL: Emergo/Roadrunner Emergo #9375(Taang!/Roadrunner/Emergo) Slapshot - Back to Back 7" v/a comp test press (Lost & Found) Slapshot - Digital Warfare LP test press (Bridge 9) *Rejected version Slapshot - Back On The Map LP black vinyl w/silver labels (Taang!) Slapshot - Olde Tyme Hardcore LP – test press (Century Media) Slapshot - Olde Tyme Hardcore LP test press 2012 repress (Taang!) Slapshot - I Believe 7" test press (Taang!) Slapshot - Slapshot 2014 LP (multicolor vinyl) (OldeTymeRecords) Slapshot - Slapshot 2014 LP (test press BLACK VINYL) (OldeTymeRecords) Slapshot - Slapshot 2014 LP (test press WHITE VINYL) (OldeTymeRecords) Stars & Stripes - Shaved for Battle LP test press (Patriot) White Mice - ASSPhIXXXEATATESHUN LP test press (Load records) White Mice - Do they know its Christmice LP test press (Subharmonix/Brainpatch) White Mice - BLASSSTPHLEGMEICE LP - test press (Load records)
  2. RAJOITUS/RATSTAB Limited to 350 copies: 150 - White Vinyl 200 - Black Vinyl STREAM/ORDER HERE: http://www.patacrecords.com/distro/Rajoitus-Ratstab-Split-Vinyl-EP "A shredder of a split from Swedish hardcore ragers Rajoitus and Providence band Ratstab, who make their own hard-hitting racket. Rajoitus started in the early 90s and were on hiatus until recently. They've reconvened with a revamped lineup and tear through their five tracks with a focoused fury. Ratstab play in a slightly noisier and chaotic vein--something of a Siege influence in their sound and a few Swedish nods." Al Quint/Suburban Voice (www.patacrecords.com) "Gone are the days when one side of a split got the wear…our extreme music scene(s) continue to explode with fucking awesome bands, and here are two on what has briskly become a sought after slab of duel-heaviness….Rajoitus is some killer classicist Britishesque politicore, speeding things up from there with 5 cuts of fist-shake and slam- inducing fast punk, pushing under vocalist Jani’s croaks of sincerity and outrage. ‘Maailma on Kaunis’ opens anthemic, ass-kicking to 110 mph…the band gets right to it with a head-smacking attack beyond verse-chorus-verse. Providence Rhode Island’s Ratstab spew hard on the obnoxiously noisy pummeling side of things with gut-churn adorned, larynx-stripping hatred from singer Scott, atop the band’s sickly excellent skull-bouncing hardcorebulence. Abrasive buildups to grand shrieks from rhythmic walls burning with feedback. Already receiving heavy airplay in my personal rotation." (review by Robert from SIEGE.)
  3. pre-orders are up for the new Fucking Invincible LP. Members of Daughters, Dropdead and Soul Control. Really good stuff! order/listen here: http://atomicactionrecords.bandcamp.com/album/itll-get-worse-before-it-gets-better