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Found 1 result

  1. I'm selling my purple copy The Lawrence Arms - Buttsweat and Tears. Information about this copy: - I was the first owner of this - It has been played once or maybe twice on a Denver player in 2009, but never played since. (It resembles Crosley, and yes, I have since upgraded my player). - It has dust on it (never cleaned it) - It has a few light scratches, my guess is from lack of inner sleeve, which was the way it came - It has two deeper scratches on side A track 1. Don't know where it came from, noticed it the first time I played it, so my guess is manufacturing. - The glue on one side of the cover has let go, so it has opened. I guess it can be glued again, but I'll leave it to the new owner. So no, it's not mint, I know that, but there are the details. PM me questions or offers, or post offers in the thread. I will bump the thread with the current bid every 24 hours (I will not post fake bids, trust me). When no new offers come in I will close the thread and contact the highest bidder. Bidding will start at 50 USD, if I don't get that I will take it to eBay instead. The record will be sent from Sweden, and won't include tracking, since we do not have that option when sending internationally. No package that I have ever sent has gone missing. This is my first time selling on here, but been a member since 2010. This is my reputation on Tradera (Swedish eBay, owned by eBay): http://gamla.tradera.com/MyTradera/Feedback/ViewFeedback.aspx?ftgnr=891847 (Mods: If the way I'm selling this is not allowed, please delete the thread and PM me what exaclty was unallowed, so I will know in the future). All the money from this sale will go to ECPAT. The money I get to my bank account via paypal is what I will donate. That means I will pay for shipping. I do not work for ECPAT but fully support their work. I will provide you with information that I have made the donation, in the form of a print screened page from their website, if you want me to. I will make the donation as soon you PM me you've received the record or three weeks have passed. If you do not contact me within three weeks (either with information that you've received the record or you haven't) I will make the donation. If you do not receive the record within three weeks and contact me within that time, we will work it out. http://www.ecpat.net/what-we-do "ECPAT International is a global network of organisations working together for the elimination of child prostitution, child pornography and the trafficking of children for sexual purposes. It seeks to ensure that children everywhere enjoy their fundamental rights free and secure from all forms of commercial sexual exploitation." These are my pictures: