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Found 14 results

  1. All I need is the split with Adorno, the split with Fire Team Charlie,The Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Emanuela Orlandi, the Warm demo, and the Disappear Here cd. I'M SO CLOSE PLS HELP. P.S. Also interested in the Loss Leader cassette demo.
  2. Looking for split they did with end of a year.
  3. hello, i am almost near finishing my collection of End of a year (self defense family) collection if you have the following for sale, please contact me: Split with Red Tape Parade 7" The Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Emanuela Orlandi 7" More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse 7"
  4. TAKE 25% OFF THE LISTED PRICE AND THAT`S THE PRICE. minimum is $10. shipping is $4 up to 2 lps, few 7"s. 7": Afghan whigs:conjure me 7" red/pinkish vinyl $20 AFI:a fire inside 7" black 2nd press maybe (it has AR002 matrix as the yellow one) $12 Blacklisted: war on stage...7" grey/white vinyl $12 Citizens patrol: sick routine e.p. 7" blue vinyl $5 CKY:hellview 7" clear vinyl $20 Coheed and cambria:running free 7" black vinyl $10 Draft,the:we`ll never... 7" purple marble vinyl $5 evergreen terrace:blowing chunks 7" brown/yellow splatter $10 Foo fighters:best of you 7" $20 Gojira:the "don`t fear the cookie monster " ep. 7" $5 H2O:seveninches 7" black vinyl $5 Mineral:february 7" $35 Murder city devils:dancing shoes 7" $15 Nightstick justice: claustrophobic 7" red vinyl/100 $15 Panic:s/t 7" clear vinyl b9 records $12 Mammoth grinder:no results 7" red/clear vinyl/200 $20 My chemical romance: helena 7" picture disc $22 Panic:s/t b9 records clear vinyl $10 Pitch black: s/t 7" 1st press/300 black vinyl $5 Rage against the machine: no shelter 7" red vinyl promo only press $12 Rise against:re-education 7" white vinyl promo only press $12 Rise against/anti-flag split 7" clear vinyl promo only press $12 Rot in hell/the process:the works of fate 7" $10 Second coming:wake 7" black vinyl $5 Second coming:s/t $5 Soul control:s/t 7" green vinyl $5 Spirit 84:beyond the call of friendship 7" black/white limited cover, black vinyl $12 taking back sunday:carpathia 7" black vinyl $10 Throwdown:sellout 7" white vinyl $10 Throwdown/good clean fun split 7" red vinyl $10 Toe to toe:slap of reality 7" $15 Transplants: thougs and gangsters glow in the dark vinyl with foldout poster sleeve 7" $20 Turbonegro:get it on 7" picture disc $12 Turbonegro:trbngr 7" $12 turbonegro:vaya con satan 7" $12 Unearth: endless 7" blue vinyl $10 Vision:one and the same 7" black vinyl $15 v/a:more than x on our hands -worldwide sxe comp 6x7" box $20 when seasons change:time will tell 7" black $5 LP: Afi:the art of drowning lp greay marble vinyl $50 Agnostic front:liberty & justice lp og combat press $35 An albatross: eat lightning shit thunder ! 12" tour press on red vinyl/85 $20 Austin lucas:somebody loves you lp gold/500 $20 Blacklisted:heavier than heaven...lp clear with blue haze $22 Boysetsfire: the day the sun went out lp black vinyl $25 Broadway calls:toxic kids 12" yellow vinyl/200 $30 Cattle decapitation: homovore lp white/black vinyl $20 Ceremony:violence violence lp malfunction press grey/white vinyl $30 Ceremony: still nothing moves you lp grey vinyl $12 Ceremony: still nothing moves you lp white vinyl $20 Ceremony: rohnert park lp white vinyl $20 Coco cobra and the killers:i want you lp $35 Crime in stereo: selective wreckage lp black w/ white splatter $12 Crime in stereo: selective wreckage lp gold vinyl $20 Die kreuzen :century days lp gatefold $15 Down to nothing:the most lp orange/purple vinyl $22 Exodus:pleasures of the flesh lp og press still sealed!! $35 Give:singles going confetti lp picture disc eu tour 2014 /200 only $35 First step,the: what we know lp blue vinyl 1st press $22 Gorilla biscuits:start today lp early press with old ct address black vinyl (non embossed) $40 Good clean fun: live in springfield lp purple vinyl ,3d glasses included $25 Himsa: ground breaking ceremony lp clear vinyl $25 Iron maiden:live after death 2xlp yugo press $20 Iron maiden:powerslave lp yugo press $25 Isis:panopticon 2xlp half clear/half green with splatter 3rd press/300 $70 Isis:oceanic remixes vol iv 12" clear vinyl $15 Leaving trains: well down blue highway lp og press $20 leaving trains:fuck lp testpress $50 Living hell: the lost of the damned lp grey vinyl $20 Mars volta,the: inertiatic esp 10" blue vinyl,numbered $20 Mars volta,the:frances the mute 12" green marble vinyl $45 Mastodon: hunter 2xlp limited, still sealed $60 mental:planet mental lplockin out press blue vinyl $22 Nerve agents,the:s/t lp grey vinyl $35 Pantera:hostile moments 12" gatefold maxi lp $20 Plot to blow up the eiffel tower,the: love in the fascist brothel lp clear vinyl $20 Red sparowes: at the soundless dawn 2xlp clear vinyl silver smoke/500 $40 Remembering never:god save us lp purple viny $30 Ruiner:i heard these dudes... lp white vinyl $20 Ruiner:hell is empty lp clear vinyl $20 Queens of the stone age: era vulgaris 3x 10" $30 Set it straight: live your heart and never follow lp white vinyl $30 Side by side:you`re only young once...lp picture disc $25 Sleep: dopesmoker 2xlp picture disc/1000 $70 Soul asylum: spinnin`/all the king`s friends 12" promo lp $5 Unida:coping with the urban coyote lp clear vinyl $50 Trash talk:s/t lp tt collective press red vinyl $25 Turbonegro: never is forever lp bitzcore press $25 (no insert,sorry) Turbonegro: apocalypse dudes lp bitzcore press $45 V/A: generations hc comp with blacklisted,gia,mental,dtn,lights out,etc red vinyl $20 Soundtracks (some of them are rare promotional copies with stamped sleeve and all original motion picture releases): dracula by john williams OST lp promo $35 E.T. ost lp $15 King kong ost lp with john barry with poster $35 Star wars:return of the jedi ost ,direct metal mastering edition with promo stamp $50 star wars:return of the jedi ost, with promo stamp $50 who framed roger rabbit ost lp with promo stamp $30 warriors ost lp with promo stamp $40 Posters:(got a few of both) Converge/touche amore/a storm of light euro tour poster 2013 $15 Converge/martyrdod euro tour 2014 tour poster (huge jane doe head) $10 pictures here for the posters: https://flic.kr/p/q66Ke2
  5. Trying to clear out a few records and raise some money for recording/merch/other band related stuff. All prices include shipping, I have tons of mailers ready to go and the post office picks up from my office everyday. 10” Pentimento - Inside The Sea 10" EP | 1st Pressing | Black /100 - $14ppd 7” Against Me! - True Trans | 1st Pressing | Black $8ppd 12” Bad Books - II | 1st Pressing | Clear $16ppd Balance and Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing | 1st Pressing | Opaque Yellow /4000 $16ppd Ceremony - Still Nothing Moves You | 2nd Pressing | White /1500 $14ppd Childish Gambino - Camp 2xLP | Black $30ppd Cold War Kids - Dear Miss Lonelyhearts | 1st Pressing | Black #274/500 (Hand-Numbered) $24ppd End Of A Year - You Are Beneath Me | 1st Pressing | Magenta /1000 $14ppd Every Time I Die - Ex Lives | Black $16ppd KOJI - Crooked In My Mind (Pink w/ White Marble /300) $16ppd Pentimento - Pentimento | First Pressing | (Clear Gold /300) $16ppd Sainthood Reps - Headswell | 1st Pressing | Clear Cream /300 $16ppd Self Defense Family - The Corrections Officer In Me | 1st Pressing | Transparent Red /500 $16ppd Some Stranger - S/T (Clear w/ Black /300) $12ppd Tancred - Tancred | 1st Pressing | Lavender /150 $16ppd SOLD: Converge - Live at the BBC | 1st Pressing | Transparent Green | /5304 $8ppd Tigers Jaw // The World Is A Beautiful Place... // Code Orange Kids // Self Defense Family - 4 Way Split 7" | 1st Pressing | Clear Gold w/ Red Smoke /1500 $10ppd Title Fight // Touche Amore - Covers Split 7" | 1st Pressing | Red /1000 $10ppd Touche Amore - Live On BBC Radio 1 | 1st Pressing | Transparent Blue /1500 $10ppd Devil Wears Prada, The - Dead Throne | 1st Pressing | Black/Clear w/ Green/White Splatter $16ppd The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Whenever, If Ever (Clear w/Green Smoke /1000) $20ppd Their / They're / There - Self-Titled EP (Record Store Day 2013 Release) (Clear Seafoam /1000) $16ppd Young And In The Way - When Life Comes To Death | 1st Pressing | Black & White Mix $20ppd Kittyhawk - EP (Clear /100) $20ppd '68 - Midnight | 1st Pressing | Opaque Medium Blue/White | /575 $8ppd
  6. Title says it all, willing to pay decent amount to complete my EOAY/SDF collection
  7. This is the last thing I need for my SDF/EOAY collection, so willing to pay a bit more than usual for it. Happy to buy from anywhere in the world, I just need this record very badly.
  8. Looking to get my hands on the following, let me know if you can help me out! I'm Going Through Some Shit b/w All Fruit Is Ripe Self Immolation Family b/w World Virgins You Are Beneath Me
  9. Your favorite band’s favorite band, Self Defense Family enjoys a distinct renown within the punk community. Well-respected and critically lauded but difficult and idiosyncratic, the band has done things their way almost to a fault. Eschewing sing-alongs and easy anthems in favor of personal lyrics, they stand apart from their contemporaries in punk and hardcore. Their strangely tense guitar-work framed within otherwise hook laden songs lends the band an unmistakable sound. Opting to be heavy in emotion rather than heavy in sound. Led by vocalist, lyricist, and personality Patrick Kindlon, Self Defense Family have extended their branches to organically include touring and session musicians. Allowing them to evolve into a musical collective with more than ten active members at any given time. Interestingly enough, no member of the assemblage has played every show or played on every recording by the collective. "Try Me", Self Defense Family's latest full length offering, will be released January 7th, 2014 on Deathwish.
  10. Palm Reader Records is extremely happy to announce a split between Deathwish Inc.'s Self Defense Family and Bridge Nine's Goodtime Boys. With both bands due to bring out full length records in the coming months, this 7" can be seen as a pre-cursor to those LPs. Self Defense Family bring you 'Not Considered a Flight Risk', with 'Dream of Life' being the Goodtime Boys side of the split. This 7" will include an A3 poster and come in three colours: Clear, which is limited to 100 and only available through Palm Reader Records. Blue, which is limited to 200 and is a B9store exclusive. Black, limited to 700 and available from us, the bands and other record stores (including Deathwish) This release has been in the works for a while so we are delighted to launch pre-orders today. These will be shipping in November http://palmreaderrecords.bigcartel.com/product/self-defense-family-goodtime-boys-split-7 Clear is more than half gone already. I might wait for B9 to get a blue one though.
  11. Hello everybody, I'm working on my End Of A Year / Self Defense Family and I just want to finish it haha. I've provided a list of the ones I'm missing. I'm interested in buying these records off your hot little hands but if you'd rather do a trade I'm also into that. Here's my tradelist: http://deadformat.net/tradelist/SuperRadMike Thanks in advance! Full Lengths: Disappear Here LP/CD Sincerely LP 7"s: We Understand Europeans Are Sexual People The Sorrowful And Immaculate Heart Of Emanuela Orlandi Bacha Bazi Splits: End Of A Year / Three Fifteen End Of A Year / Fire Team Charlie End Of A Year / Kids Explode End Of A Year / Adorno End Of A Year / Red Tape Parade End Of A Year / Shook Ones
  12. Self Defense Family are one of the most interesting bands in contemporary independent music. Their preferred name, Self Defense, nods towards the thematic impetus behind the band's music. The suffix they have adopted, Family, denotes the collective, multiple-member dynamic the band has adopted in the second phase of their career. This EP is the first in two forthcoming duets records Iron Pier is releasing for the band. In both records, longtime family member Caroline Corrigan takes the lead or shares vocal duties with usual 'family' singer Patrick Kindlon. This EP consists of four songs sung by Corrigan; three songs taken from Self Defense's "You Are Beneath Me" sessions and one song re-recorded soon after. All four songs are sung by family member Caroline Corrigan and have been remastered in 2013. This item will be available for order in September and will ship immediately. Sign up below on the bottom right to receive an email notification as soon as this release is available and get priority access to our limited-to-100 exclusive colorway. This item is coming soon. Red – 100 Pink – 100 Yellow – 800 http://ironpier.limitedrun.com/products/516339-self-defense-family-you-are-beneath-her There's a track streaming at AP, I dig it : http://www.altpress.com/features/entry/song_premiere_self_defense_family_jeni_leigh
  13. Self Defense Family are releasing a 7" entitled "The Corrections Officer In Me" on Family Drugs (Family Drugs 002). 3 Songs, 14 minutes, 2 sides (...straight from Family Drugs' website). Release date and pressing info TBA, though the release date on Bandcamp says July 16, 2013. New jam here.